The Devotion of Suspect X



Unless you follow the Galileo series, you’ve probably not seen this story before. This movie stars Wang Kai, an actor I adore who also played in ‘Love me if you dare’. This movie isn’t the best but given that there was no background to the story like the Japanese movie did, but it’s still really good as a whole.

We follow Chuan Tang (Wang Kai), a physic’s professor who helps the police with complex murder investigations as he can provide a different perspective. After a man was found murdered next to a Levee, suspicion falls on the victim’s ex-wife. While investigating Miao Luo (Ye Zuxin) mentions to Chuan Tang that he had met a man that was subscribed to the same publication as he. This leads Chuan Tang to find his friend Hong Shi (Zhang Luyi). The more Chuan Tang Looks into the case the more that he worries that Hong Shi is involved.

This is a fun movie. It’s not the best rendition of the story but it’s not horrible. Wang Kai did an excellent job portraying Chuan Tang. Zhang Luyi also got the aloof intelligent man down as well. The actors really make you feel for the characters as well. The original story gives the complex parts of people with higher intelligence also the intricate way that everything was planned out. I would suggest watching it when you can, I say this in theaters so it might be a little while till it’s out on the internet, or dvd.


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