Plum Spooky (Stephanie Plum #14.5)



Yes, another between the numbers book and as you can tell they are not in order. This is the first time we meet Wulf and I absolutely love Diesel’s creepy cousin.

Diesel’s back and hot on the trail of his cousin Wulf. He’s rolling with on of Stephanie’s FTAs. In order to get Munch back, Stephanie must pair up with Diesel and step back int the cooky side of Jersey though on can argue that she never left. Between Lula’s engagement to Tank and sightings of the Jersey devil. With Ranger at her back, nothing could possibly go wrong right? Yeah right, this is Stephanie we’re talking about.

As always I love Lorelei King’s reading of the book. This book is hilarious and we get to see Tank as a cat lady and he talks more in this book than any other. I love the chemistry between Diesel and Stephanie. There is no sexual tension between them, but every time that Diesel is in town, Stephanie gets closer with Ranger who is totally my OTP. This book we get introduced to even more unmentionables which expands Diesel’s world even more. The unmentionables in Jersey are all a little whacky but in a lovable way. It makes me really want more between the number books, but Diesel has his hands full in his spin-off series. Also, I love Carl the monkey who plays a huge role in this book.

Plum Lovin’ (Stephanie Plum #12.5)


Strawberry Cream Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #1)



After Heather’s former assistant is found dead in her own doughnut shop, she finds herself as the prime suspect in the suspected murder. With no one believing her that something is off with the investigation she embarks on finding out who actually killed Christa.

If you like The Hannah Swensen Series then you’ll like this. The doughnuts that are described in the book just sound amazing. The character development is a little shallow in this book, but it’s a nice quick read so it’s forgivable. I still wish that there was more depth to the characters, but with 45 books I’m sure there will be more development.

Since it’s free on Amazon Unlimited I’ll probably be reading the entire series.

Maple Frosted Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #2)

BanG Dream!



Looking for an school idol slice-of-life anime? Then this anime is probably for you.

One day, Toyama Kasumi follows a path of star stickers to an old, rundown pawn shop. Inside she meets Ichigaya Arisa, the daughter of the owners, who happens to me a girl from her school. In the back of the store, a star-shaped guitar happens to catch her eye. She suddenly is overtaken by the urge to form a band and perform with her friends.

This is a typical school idol anime. This is a light-hearted anime, with bright colours and some good music. This isn’t going to be an anime if you don’t like the school idol genre. I feel like this anime also played up a lot of the same anime trops that are used in this anime. This was not an anime for me, but it is a good anime for people who like school idol animes

Sugar Cookie Murder (Hannah Swensen, #6)



What happens when there is a murder right outside of the community service where everyone in town is having a meal together? Mike investigates and finds an excuse as to why everyone needs to stay in the building. Thankfully the weather takes a turn for the worst and the citizens are all suggested to remain inside except for emergencies. Hannah and her sisters aim to find the murderer before they slip away into the blizzard.

I was a little surprised that 1/2 of the book was recipes, so don’t go in expecting a 300 pg book. The concept of the book isn’t new, however, Fluke puts her own little spin on it. We also get to be Winthrop for the first time in this book and I must say he’s quite a character. Hannah must navigate the party as well as her mother while she tries to find the murderer. Mike is a little abrasive in this book and I feel like he’s a little too all over the place for me to enjoy. Personally, I aim rooting for Norman in this book series because he’s the nicer, more level headed of the 2 men. I am still loving this book series.

Fudge Cupcake Murder (Hannah Swensen Mystery #5)




I was looking for another eerie anime and I had high hopes for this one and it came through all the way till the end.

Six years after a series of murders and an earthquake that destroyed a portion of Shinbuya. A string of similar deaths have started to pop up. Miyashiro Takuru and the new paper school in his school takes notice to the odd events. They pull themselves deeper and deeper into the events then they would have expected when they started to look into the events.

What I really like about this anime is that the first episode is that background to the anime’s situation. It gives you more background to the New Generation Madness that is returning. This allows people who have never played the videogames to know what’s going on. Though dark, this anime was really good. The character development is really good and we really get a good connection to the character. The dark colours that run throughout the anime really draws the watcher into the subject matter that they are exploring. I would be weird if we were talking about human experimentation and everything is very bright. Overall, I loved it and think that it’s worth a watch for anyone looking for a darker anime to watch.

Blood, Body and Mind (Aaron’s Kiss Series #1)



I don’t tend to read these books much, but as you can see by the cover it is a racy women’s book. Now the reason I picked it up is because the concept was interesting, but I was sadly disappointed in the flow of the book.

Sara Temple is one of the Queen of Magic’s royal guards. After an explosion that claimed the life of the Queen’s unborn child, Sara takes the Queen to the human world to protect her. While working one day, a batch of rogue vampires come in with orders to kill Sara’s boss. While protecting them, she meets Aaron MacManus the vampire lord. He takes her in after the altercation to heal her wounds. Meanwhile, Aaron figures out that Sara is his mate and now he has to break that news to her.

I loved the concept of this book. I enjoyed the characters and all their flaws. I even like the plot structure and the direction that the story was going. I, however, couldn’t get over was the gaps, the odd pacing and the swings in the characters’ personality. The lack of consistency ground on my nerves a tad. These are all things that should have been caught in editing but I checked out that this book was published before the publishing house was opened, I doubt that a certified editor read this book. I do like the characters enough to try and read the next book in the series that was released after the publishing house. My hopes are high that the consistency will be there. This is such a good concept that I want this series to be good so bad.

Koro Sensei Quest!



If you like the anime Assassin Classroom, then this little short spin-off might be for you. Except, instead of it being in the real world they are in an RPG. So the entire gang is back for a new ad

So the entire gang is back for a new adventure. The class is all brought together because they all have some type of glitch that changes their characters in some way. Koro sensei, or big bad, believes that this would let them defeat him.  So the class struggles to figure out how to kill Koro sensei.

This is like a light little reboot for the assassination classroom. It uses the same characters as the other anime series.  Though the trails and tribulations are similar the series is really short so it runs quickly. I enjoyed this anime more than assassination classroom, but I think that’s because it doesn’t touch on the same types of dark subjects that the first anime series did. Overall though, I really like this anime.