Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse #1)



So this is the book series that True Blood is based on. Now I will admit that I have never watched True Blood so I can not compare it to that, but since there is a TV series I had high hopes for this book. Possibly my hopes were too high.

We follow Sookie Stackhouse, psychic and waitress at the local bar. One day, Bill Compton roles into town. He’s inherited a plot of land in the town. He’s also the only vampire in town and Sookie quickly finds out that she can’t hear a word that is coming from his mind and she relishes that silence. However, shortly after Bill’s arrival women start showing up dead and they have vampire bites somewhere on their bodies. Even though Sookie knows that Bill didn’t commit the murders she has to prove him innocent.

This was a quick book to read. However, it wasn’t very thought provoking. I’m grateful that even though there was sex in the book they didn’t make it unnecessarily graphic. The relation between Sookie and Bill progressed far too rapidly for my liking but if I pretended that this was a harlequin I could accept it. The characters didn’t have a stable personality which made it hard to pin down their image and relate to them. I enjoyed the concept of the story and how the plot progressed but I really wish there was more to sink my teeth in with this story there it was given. This book series has such great potential that not liking it more makes me sad.


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