Koro Sensei Quest!



If you like the anime Assassin Classroom, then this little short spin-off might be for you. Except, instead of it being in the real world they are in an RPG. So the entire gang is back for a new ad

So the entire gang is back for a new adventure. The class is all brought together because they all have some type of glitch that changes their characters in some way. Koro sensei, or big bad, believes that this would let them defeat him.  So the class struggles to figure out how to kill Koro sensei.

This is like a light little reboot for the assassination classroom. It uses the same characters as the other anime series.  Though the trails and tribulations are similar the series is really short so it runs quickly. I enjoyed this anime more than assassination classroom, but I think that’s because it doesn’t touch on the same types of dark subjects that the first anime series did. Overall though, I really like this anime.


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