Betrothed: A Faery Tale



This is the only book that I’ve read that we can talk about Gay Faeries and not mean anything offensive about it. Welcome to the first urban fantasy book that I’ve read about faeries.

Thanks to faery law Prince Chrysanths is thrown into a marriage to keep all of the faery courts bound together. However, he has other plans. Thanks to his human father, Puck has seen what a gift it is to be with someone you love. When Prince Sky heads to their kingdom, Puck flees to the Human world thinking that no one would follow him there. He was wrong Prince Sky comes and he’s determined to get Puck to come back.

Though this is a relatively short book it is fantastic. Woodson develops the characters nicely in the short time. You really get a feel for Puck and Sky. Their relationship is completely believable, which I find is a hard feat for most writers when the timeline is so short. This entire book occurs in a time frame of less than 1 month. Though this is my first time reading this author, I would love to read more from her. It’s a very easy read so it’s good for most reading levels.


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