Carrot Cake Murder (Hannah Swensen #10)



Hannah gives Lisa a day off to be part of her family reunion. Everyone was happy when Lisa’s long-lost uncle, or were they. When Gus is found dead the day of the reunion, Hannah has a long list of suspects to go through. As no one has heard from him in over 25 years, Hannah has to dig into the past of some of the Lake Eden citizens to figure out who would have had the motive to kill him.

I loved this story. It adds a lot of depth to some of the characters in the Lake Eden universe. Jack, who I’ve come to love, has finally gotten a love story past having Alzheimer’s and being Lisa’s father. Through this book, Lisa has also gotten more of a background and history, we also get a glimpse of what kind of person her mother was. This book really built up the world of Lake Eden more and makes it feel like a more real place. I enjoyed the teamwork between Lisa and Hannah in this book, though they always have great chemistry, I enjoyed seeing Lisa get her hands dirty in this case. All in all, this was a great addition to the series.

Candy Cane Murder (Hannah Swensen #9.5)
Cream Puff Murder (Hannah Swensen #11)


Rhubarb Frosted Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #10) + Chocolate Revolution Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #11)


I am never going to catch up with one book a week so let’s double it up!


After an attempt on Kent’s life leaves Amy shocked and with one of Heather’s rhubarb frosted doughnuts laced with cyanide beside him, a serious case of deja-vu occurs. Tension is high between Heather and Ryan and she just won’t drop the case until it’s solved. This case is personal, as someone is using her doughnuts to scare Amy.

Though I enjoyed this book, there were a few things that she didn’t understand, or get. First off, what did the copy catting of the cyanide in the doughnut’s frosting have to do with anything. It was an unnecessary flourish in the story that was never brought back to. Secondly, the use of doughnuts as a way to used to cause tension between Heather and Amy was a little weak. The type of relationship that they have wouldn’t have wavered that much. And lastly, Ryan getting so made at the fact that Heather is investigating is a little weird. I mean he did marry her…. He should know that by now. It’s a fine book, not the best but not the worst. Hopefully it gets back up to good very quickly.


After a childhood friend came back into town, she is quickly found dead at the bottom of a bonfire pile. Now armed with what little she learned in her classes, Heather begins to snoop to get to the bottom of Cherry’s murder. All while trying to get run the store so close to the 4th of July.

Ok, so Heather is back to the snooping, but she’s part way through her PI course. Ryan seems a little more at ease with her in this book in comparison to the other book. I still don’t know why the character was given her such a hard time, because once they met she was looking into the murder of her assistant. The chemistry between the characters are back to normal, so it’s back to the quick read. I’d say that if you have read too many mystery novels like me, you’ll spot the murder quite quickly. It almost feels like a where’s waldo at this point. After the little bump in the last book, the series is enjoyable again.

Chocolate Tiramisu Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #9)
Pistachio Lemon Glazed Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #12) + Candied Maple Bacon Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #13)

Murder in Dragon City



After a serial murder case is assigned to Qin Ming and his team, the killer’s mental state becomes obvious as body parts from previously killed people are appearing on the body. While following the clues, the killer continues to taunt the police and seems to have a personal vendetta against Qin Ming. The case drags on while they also have to solve other active crimes around the Dragon City.

I picked this book up because there is a really good Chinese drama that was based off of this book. Since I have only read the translation, I don’t know if my grips with this book are because of how it’s written or how it was translated.

This book has a really interesting story line it is based off of the life of the writer who is a forensic pathologist. However, the book doesn’t spend a length of time on any of the crimes that are presented in the book. I understand that the overarching story is more important than the individual cases, but I also feel that a little more time should have been given to each case. Also the writing is very basic in comparison to what I’m used to in English written mystery books. I enjoyed the characters in the book, and you did get to know them fairly well, but it does lack some character development.

I still enjoyed the book and would read another novel written by Qin Ming, if it is ever translated into English.

Chocolate Tiramisu Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #9)



What would Heather’s honey moon be like without a murder to solve. After a minor altercation with renown actor Gino Ginelli, he’s found dead and the Shepherds are on the suspect list. Heather must again clear their name in another murder investigation.

I like this series, but I have a grip with how foreign people are depicted in the books. It makes sense for the plot however, I don’t particularly like it. Also… there is an inconsistency in what Ryan’s plans were for their honeymoon and where they actually went… which bugs me. Other then that, this is another book where Heather is up to her elbows in a mystery but hopefully she learns a every important lesson from this book, but probably not. The murder was easy to spot fairly quickly, however, it may be because I have read many a mystery book. There wasn’t anymore building in this book, character wise. I would have loved to see a little more depth to this story. Over all it was an ok book and it continue the story nicely.

Lemon Chiffon Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #8)
Rhubarb Frosted Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #10) + Chocolate Revolution Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #11)

Candy Cane Murder (Hannah Swensen #9.5)



After agreeing to be an elf for the annual Christmas gala, she regrets it slightly. She works with Wayne Bergstrom, the owner of the Bergstrom’s Department store. However, when Hannah finds him dead behind a snowbank. Hannah has to find out who would have killed him, however, there is a very long suspect list.

Hannah seems to work well with Mike in this book. I feel like Fluke doesn’t have any consistency with how well Mike and Hannah work together. The chemistry between Hannah and Norman really increase in this book, and they work really well together, but then again they always did. I wished the book was a little longer because Wayne has such a complicated past that I wanted to delve deeper into it. This was a cute little short to add to the story line.

I haven’t read the other 1/2 of this book because I haven’t read the Jaine Austen series yet but once I do, I’ll let you know how the other short it.

Key Lime Pie Murder (Hannah Swensen #9)
Carrot Cake Murder (Hannah Swensen #10)

Lemon Chiffon Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #8)



While away for their marriage, Ryan and Heather get caught up in a murder investigation. Someone had poisons Heather’s Lemon frosting and used it to kill a reporter. With Angelica’s life in the balance, Ryan and Heather work together to find out who really killed the reporter.

We get to see Ryan and Heather working together to solve the mystery of the death of a report that had come to her wedding in France. The chemistry between the two is so cute, especially when they are on the same side. Heather goes all out with her sleuthing in order to save Angelica from wrongful prosecution. Though I feel like it’s a little soon for the marriage between Ryan and Heather, I’ll wait and see how Gillard plays out their relationship in the books.

Also, on a side note, as a french speaker, I find that the idioms that Gillard uses in French were a little bizarre. The only reason I can think of that she chose those idioms is because they had to do with food.

Red, White and Blueberry Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #7)
Chocolate Tiramisu Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #9)

Full House (Full #1)



I had a nostalgia attack and I missed my father so listened to this book again. My father would use to play this in the car on road trips so I brought me a little comfort during the hardest time of the year after someone passes. It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a year now… enough about my sappy story let’s get into the book.

This book is narrated by the wonderful Lorelei King, who seems to narrate all my favourite books. This is the first book in the full series. We follow Billie Pearce, a single mother who tries to learn polo while her kids are away. However, as soon as she meets Nicholas Kaharchek her life goes sideways. While sharing her house with his crazy cousin Deedee, who’s weeks away from her wedding, weird things start happening around the neighbourhood and Nick’s farm. While Nick and Billie are drawn together, outside forces seem to want them to stay apart.

This is a really fun book. The characters are wild and quirky, especially Deedee. I would not envy anyone who lived with someone even the fraction like Deedee. The story takes a twist near the end to a place that I would have never guessed it would. This is one of the things that I always love in the books I read. This is written a little like a harlequin, or at least closer to a harlequin than the rest of the books in her series. The romance is not terribly believable but it is a good base for the rest of the series so it’s worth having a little more of a light novel than the others. It’s worth a listen or a read, it’s a good story.