Mint Chip Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #6)



After a local hairdresser is killed in her own shop, Heather really wants to find out who killed her. Amy and Heather discuss what could have been the reason for someone wanting to kill Kelly. Meanwhile, Ryan asks Heather to keep it on the down-low as it looks like she’s running her own investigation and since they’re dating it doesn’t look good. She tries her hardest to go by his wishes.

What I love about amateur detective books is the sleuthing. I have come to grips that Heather doesn’t so much as sleuth but just happens to have everything fall into her lap. Thankfully, being the girlfriend of a detective will helps the police tremendously as the information gets passed to them. This series is currently more of a short romance novel with a little bit of a mystery in the back ground. I don’t dislike it, it’s just not what I expected walking into this series. I will say that I do like the depth that is being built through the series, however.

Chocolate Frosted Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #5)
Red, White and Blueberry Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #7)


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