Full House (Full #1)



I had a nostalgia attack and I missed my father so listened to this book again. My father would use to play this in the car on road trips so I brought me a little comfort during the hardest time of the year after someone passes. It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a year now… enough about my sappy story let’s get into the book.

This book is narrated by the wonderful Lorelei King, who seems to narrate all my favourite books. This is the first book in the full series. We follow Billie Pearce, a single mother who tries to learn polo while her kids are away. However, as soon as she meets Nicholas Kaharchek her life goes sideways. While sharing her house with his crazy cousin Deedee, who’s weeks away from her wedding, weird things start happening around the neighbourhood and Nick’s farm. While Nick and Billie are drawn together, outside forces seem to want them to stay apart.

This is a really fun book. The characters are wild and quirky, especially Deedee. I would not envy anyone who lived with someone even the fraction like Deedee. The story takes a twist near the end to a place that I would have never guessed it would. This is one of the things that I always love in the books I read. This is written a little like a harlequin, or at least closer to a harlequin than the rest of the books in her series. The romance is not terribly believable but it is a good base for the rest of the series so it’s worth having a little more of a light novel than the others. It’s worth a listen or a read, it’s a good story.




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