Lemon Chiffon Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #8)



While away for their marriage, Ryan and Heather get caught up in a murder investigation. Someone had poisons Heather’s Lemon frosting and used it to kill a reporter. With Angelica’s life in the balance, Ryan and Heather work together to find out who really killed the reporter.

We get to see Ryan and Heather working together to solve the mystery of the death of a report that had come to her wedding in France. The chemistry between the two is so cute, especially when they are on the same side. Heather goes all out with her sleuthing in order to save Angelica from wrongful prosecution. Though I feel like it’s a little soon for the marriage between Ryan and Heather, I’ll wait and see how Gillard plays out their relationship in the books.

Also, on a side note, as a french speaker, I find that the idioms that Gillard uses in French were a little bizarre. The only reason I can think of that she chose those idioms is because they had to do with food.

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Chocolate Tiramisu Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #9)


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