The Untouched Crime



The citizens of Hangzhou, China have been plagued by a serial killer for the past 3 years. The same clues were left with the victims were: a jump rope, a cigarette, and a slip of paper that says, “Come and get me.” Meanwhile, Luo Wen happens to wander into a park just as a young woman stabbed a local thug to death in a desperate act of self-defense. He helps the woman cover up the murder. Yan Liang, a former criminologist, is brought into the investigation to find the serial killer. 

This book is a very interesting and the way it’s written you get to see the incidences from both sides. half of the book is written with Luo Wen, the serial killer, and we get to see what makes him tick. The writing style is very interesting, and I haven’t read any other book like this. I wanted the book to be longer than it was, but at the same time, I think it would have dragged in on.

The idea of a former criminologist and a former forensic tech was very interesting. The battle of the minds who both use the police procedure to try to get the upper hand over each other. Luo Wen was a really well-built character, and though he has killed multiple people, we can really feel for him. I was surprised to feel so much sympathy for a serial killer, but he’s a relatable character.

This is an excellent work of police procedures. I really would suggest this book for anyone who likes police procedurals.


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