One Week Girlfriend (One Week Girlfriend #1)

When Draw needs a fake girlfriend to bring home from his father’s house for spring break so her turns to Fable. Fable works in a bar just to make ends meet and take care of her little brother. When Drew offers her a job to be his fake girlfriend the money is too good to pass up. Though she knows that it’s only her history that drew him too her, but who is she to say no to money that could help her take care of her brother. Little did they know that these two broken people would help heal each other.
This book was a little odd but enjoyable. The two main characters are imperfect in just the right ways, and both come from very different but equally screwed up backgrounds. The chemistry between the two main characters is quick and a little rocky. Mind you, throw anyone into the life that Drew’s grown up in and anyone will have issues with some social interactions.
I feel like Fable managed to do what anyone in her situation would do for Drew. The end was a little annoying and I almost felt like the 2nd book could have simply been added on to the end of this book instead.

Regardless, this was a nice quick read but be warned that this book is not for all audiences.


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