Tree’s Hollow Witches



After her life as a gossip writer in the city wears Lenny out, she’s high tails it to her aunt bed and breakfast in Tree Hollows. When the local handyman is murdered right after she becomes the papers investigative reporter she takes a look into it. After meeting the hot forest ranger, her life seems to be on the right path. Also, she only finds out that she’s a witch when she arrives in Tree Hollow, talk about a whole new life.

I was really liking the book, until I actually stopped and thought about it a little more.

As a mystery book it is a fun quick story with lovable though eccentric characters. The cat was worked in seamlessly as an interesting character with out any assistance from other characters. Being new at something makes everything harder, especially being the new girl in town. Lenny has the odds stacked against her as the new girl in town. Nathan is the sweet and protective guy in this story, however, I feel like  he might want to put his foot down a little more about the situations that Lenny gets herself in.

Now for the part that threw me for a loop. How  is it that Lenny just accepts the fact that she has a talking cat and is suddenly a witch? I had to go back and make sure that I didn’t miss anything. It’s a really good thing that I’m a speed reader when I have to be. Needless to say that I really didn’t like that aspect of the book. I’m still going to read the other 2 books because I like the characters so much.


When Aunt Kara decides to rename the bed and breakfast, she didn’t expect the winner to turn up dead. Nathan and Lenny decide to look into it, and when a Russian ghost won’t leave her alone, she decides that there is probably something there. However, Lenny also has to figure out how to tell Nathan about her witchy persuasion.

Ok so I’m just sure how to feel about this. Nathan’s reaction to Lenny being a witch seems to be completely blase about it and it mimics her reaction to finding out. It’s like everyone is just going around half believing that witches actually exist. I will say that the ending was just mean, but that’s all I’ll say about it.

I do love the book the mystery line of the book is interesting. How Lenny’s magic helps her in the investigation is a fun little twist to the other books that I’ve read in the mystery genre. The characters are just so adorable especially Esme and Brad when they are together.

This is still a really cute book even if the characters aren’t realistic.


After a hit and run, Nathan is fighting for his life, while Lenny watches helplessly. When his psycho ex-girlfriend comes back into the situation, things get a whole lot weirder. With amnesia and demons haunting the neighborhood, Lenny has a lot to deal with.

I really wanted to like the end of this trilogy more than I did. The writing style is fantastic and the characters are quaint. However, the story just made very little sense to me and I felt like it needed more explanations. Multiple different plot points were just dropped into the story with no explanation or continual use. Some characters were just kind of put into a scene and then went no where. I don’t mind having a few holes but there were too many in this one that I just couldn’t figure out.

I feel that if the book was longer or maybe edited in a different way I could have enjoyed it a lot more that I did. It’s still a quaint little story though.


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