50 Ways to Hex Your Lover (Hex #1)



Jazz is a witch living in the Human realm, in relative peace. But, when her one again off again lover of 300 years shows up on her doorstep to ask for her help in tracking down a serial killer who is currently focused on Vampires. Though Jazz doesn’t  want to help Nick, she does agree that the missing vampires are a threat to the supernatural community as a whole, so she reluctantly agrees.

Ok so I had fun reading this book. We get to see a not so nice reunion between 2 immortals who have been in an on again off again relationship for centuries. Jazz is really feisty but the again she has to be after being banished to the human realm for so long. Given their history together I can understand why Nikola went looking for her to help him with the case of the missing vampires. However, given Jazz’s personality, I’m kinda surprised she held her grudge for so long and then suddenly forgot about it.

I love the two characters together, the chemistry is excellent. The only thing that really bothers me is Jazz’s wishy-washy attitude towards her grudge. Regardless, I think I will be continuing this series.


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