Born in Fire (Fire and Ice Trilogy, #1)



Being a supernatural bounty hunter isn’t the most normal job, but it’s the one that Reagan has. When the vampires stills one of her marks then comes to her to offer her a job she can’t really refuse. Stuck between a rock and and hard place, Reagan joins together with vampires to find out who has been leaking their secrets to a rogue mage faction.

This was a nice refreshing take on the supernatural world. Though I do have a little issue with the random sexually explicit sentences in the book. It has a really nice flow, however, the phrases threw that out the window and it took several pages to get back into it.

This book shows vampires in a different way then most books which is nice. We do get to meet Vlad (Who I assume is the impaler) and sadly the character isn’t really expanded on much in the book. The vampire hierarchy could have been expanded on more, but there are 2 more books in the series.

I enjoyed this book and the butt kick that it entails. Reagan was built with interesting characteristics. She is also very well balanced and knows her limitations. This is a very interesting take on a bounty hunter when they are actually proficient.

I enjoyed this book and if it wasn’t for the random sentence it would have gotten 5 stars.


Raspberry Coulis Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #38) + Creme Brulee Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #39)



When the chef is killed in the kitchen at the Bella Vita Restaurant while Heather and Amy are there, everything gets a little wild. Ryan is quickly called to the scene and they notice that everyone is pointing their fingers at everyone else. Not only does Heather need to keep her good name, thanks to Kate, but she also has a murder to solve.

Welcome to the dysfunctional family Kelly Lemon, I now dislike 2 people in this book. Kate has now a tabloid writer working with her. I feel like the ill intent of Kate is seeping further into the book and I dislike that. Though Kelly seems like an ok person, I don’t like his introduction to us in this book.

The mystery was interesting and understandable when you look at it from all angles. It was a simple mystery but it still had its challenges thanks to Kate.

I sadly don’t really have much more to say. It was an ok book but nothing fantastic.


When Grayson Stark is found dead, shortly after visiting Heather’s store, everything is looking a little odd. Between Kate’s argument with him, and fans who are a little too close for comfort. Amy, Heather and Ryan have to work together to figure out who killed him and what the motive could have possibly been.

This was a fun book to read. We get to expand the universe a little by looking into a beloved author’s death. We also find out that Amy likes to read, as she knew who the victim was and loved his books. Kate places a very small role in this book, so it was nice to not have her in the book for any length of time or even mentioned.

Though the murder was interesting, I wish we had gotten a few more hints on who could have done the crime. Also, I would have loved a little more information about the killer and why they did what they did. I felt like the ending was a little weak.

I really want to like this book more than I did, but it’s a fine addition to the series.

A Donut hole Cozy Mystery 36 – 37
Kiwi Lime Surprise Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #40) + Peaches and Cream Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #41)

Senoia Cozy Mystery



While throwing, essentially, a block party to increase the buzz around the new apartment complex that is being built downtown. However, on the night of the party, there was an accident and a teenage girl plummeted to her death. Felicity doesn’t think much of it until Her ex-boyfriend Jack comes to her needing help. They look into it together before there is no trace of the murderer.

This book is better than the 1st book in this series and I’m happy that I gave it a shot. Like with the first book, I like the characters and the interactions between them. Felicity and Jack have some background given to them, more than they dated. Jack’s family is filled out and we get to see the connection that he has to Felicity, even though they aren’t together anymore.

The murder in this novel was a little convoluted. I can say that I guessed wrong but given the clues that were given, I don’t believe many people would have guessed right. It makes sense though, and we do get some background as to what their motive was.

I enjoyed this book more than the first, so I’ll probably try to finish this series.


Felicity is holding a Halloween night at the local hospital to raise money for the new wing. However, when an older woman was found dead in the morgue’s Haunted house, things changed a little bit. Now, Felicity and Jack work together to find out who killed her while the murder is still on the grounds.

Ok, so this was actually a fairly good book. Everything happened on one evening, as far as the murder mystery was concerned. I found that the murderer was a little obvious, but then again I say that a lot. Though the plot was a little predictable, I still liked the interactions between the character.

I didn’t understand the end of the book very much, but that might be a personal opinion. I don’t want to say too much about it, but I felt like it came out of nowhere and should have had a bit more of a build up. Even just a paragraph about what happened during the 6 months leap from the end of Halloween till May.

Overall it was a fine book, I’m just not sure how they are going to work on the new character.


When her friend is murdered, Felicity it pulled into yet another murder mystery. With 3 under her belt, she works together with Jack to figure out who would have wanted to hurt Wanda. Could it be something from her past has come back to haunt her? Or was it something a little more recent.

Ok, I think out of everything that annoyed me about this book it was the lack of being able to count months. We find out in May that Felicity and Brian are dating, come thanksgiving they apparently only knew each other for 3 months. With some basic math, we know it’s been 7 months. I feel like that was a bit thing that was missed. It annoyed me more than I care to admit.

The character of Brian is not one I like. I can’t see Felicity dating a defence attorney that actively gets criminals out of jail. We see him as two-faced in the book since we get to see how he acts with Jefferson and Jack.

The mystery was straight-forward, and I did have a guess of who killed the victim early on. Though I wasn’t 100% sure ’til later in the book.

I did enjoy it and would have enjoyed it more had the amounts of time added up properly.

Cinnamon Roll Murder (Hannah Swensen #15)



After just missing being in a multi-car accident, Hannah and Michelle find a tour bus that was overturned in the ditch. After making sure that the members of the Cinnamon Roll Six Jazz band were all ok, they are brought to the hospital for a check up. A short while after Buddy Neiman was found murdered in his hospital room. Hannah must mow track down the murderer while also trying to break off Norman’s and Dr. Beverly’s wedding.

I must say I’m glade that we just finished this arch with Beverly… I really hated that character. But I digress. I loved how all of the people in Lake Eden worked together to break up Norman’s wedding prep. They worked really had to figure out if he was really Beverly’s baby daddy. The part that I found funnier is that Hannah and Andrea go undercover to get DNA from Beverly’s daughter and they worked harder on that than figuring out who killed Buddy. It still works out in the end, and the killer incriminates himself.

I really enjoy that Michelle is starting to have a more prominent role in the books, I love her as a character. Also, since she is so similar to Hannah it gives her someone to help her out with the investigation as well as other places in her life. I loved this book, and it’s a good continuation to the series.

Passion Fruit Punch Murder + Pecan Nut Crunch Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #34 + 35)



Heather finds herself with another mystery on her hands when Col is arrested for a murder that he didn’t commit. She doesn’t believe that he had anything to do with his neighbour’s untimely demise. She’s determined to clear his name as the evidence is just not adding up at all for her. Col also leans heavily on Heather as he is determined to not be blamed for a murder he didn’t commit.

I’m starting to really like this series again. Heather is starting to really get into the groove of being a real PI. She is starting to investigate better and smarter. She works a lot more with Ryan in this book than previous. They worked together to figure out 2 mysteries in this book. We also get a little more background with the Owens. We get to see how the donut delight is working with the other businesses in town.

Overall I am still liking this series.


When Eva is late for her daily stop at Donut Delight. She is shocked when Ryan tells her that she was at a scene of a murder and though she was rattled she is fine. When they find out that the newest librarian was just killed by the aid of a bookshelf full of books, there are many questions that arise. The main problem is how can some topple a sturdy bookshelf that is full. Heather on the case but she seems to have stumbled onto something that may have lead to the victims’ demise.

Oh… hello Kate… I had almost forgotten that you were in this story, so sad that you’ve returned. Given that the books are focusing on the shop again, I guess that it’s only natural that Kate would make an appearance in this book. I, however, do not have to like it. I was enjoying the joint venture between Col and Heather. They have a nice chemistry together, but since Kate has decided to throw a wrench in it, I can’t wait to see how Heather puts her in her place.

This murder definitely puts a damper on love, which is not new in murder mysteries. Also, it plays with the traditional love triangle that we have all become accustomed to in romantic comedies. I had a hunch of who did it before Heather did, but then again I’ve read far too many mysteries.

I  did enjoy the focus on the donut shop this book, it was quite refreshing. I hope Gillard continues to incorporate the shop into the stories because I love the characters that work at the store.

Lavender Grape Dust Murder + Neapolitan Delight Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #32 + #33)
A Donut hole Cozy Mystery 36 – 37

Craft Circle Mysteries



When the annual crafts fair arrives, George is still getting used to life in the small town. When one of the Crafters is found dead, George is suddenly a suspect. Between finding out who killed her, and finding Casper, George’s hands are filled. She doesn’t have any time on her hands.

This was an interesting little book to add to the series. the little town is interesting and has it’s own defining characteristics. We also get to see a little bit more of the town with the craft fair, and meet a few more people in the town. We also got to know Brenda a bit more, and her families which is very interesting. I like how calm her husband in comparison to Brenda.

We get to see how serious this town takes crafting. The fair’s contest is intense, and it makes me wish we saw more of it than we did. Sadly, Georgina was a little busy during the fair and couldn’t attend.

I liked how the roles were reversed with Ryan and Georgina in this book, it continued one of the arches from last book and puts them on even footing. Their relationship was a little rocky in this book but it was an interesting story line to follow. It’s a fun to watch a budding relationship. Also, we never found out how old Ryan is, and I’m curious.

Overall it was a fun little book.


George is finally settling into her new live in Pottsville when her ex-husband, Adam, comes knocking. The memories of the start to resurface after the rival craft story’s owner was found dead in her own store. Suddenly Adam is in the hot seat, and George is not trying to exonerate her ex-husband… again… talk about deja-vu.

Ok… I’m really liking this series. The fact that we get to meet George’s ex-husband is really fun. We get to find out more about her past and what she was like up to the time that she moved to Pottsville. Her relationship with Ryan is pretty much at a standstill at this moment but I think this is partly because Adam is on time.

This murder investigation is interesting, simply because we get to see the strain between Brenda and George, as well as seeing more of Pottsville. Though we do get to know the victim and her family well through out the book. The background story is even more interesting than the murder investigation.

I would really like to know more about the Hills than we already learned in this book. There seems to be a lot more that we can learn and can be expanded on in future books.


After George witnessed a local amateur musician stealing cats in the middle of the night from the local shelter, she’s on a quest to find them. However, when she finds him, he’s not exactly available to answer he question. After calling Ryan, she’s starting to looking into why he was stealing the cats in the first place.

Well this was really fun. I could see myself working in a shelter as a volunteer, however, I would probably end up adopting far too many animals that can’t find homes. George is very relatable in this book while she is trying to hide away from her problematic ex-husband. I would be able to relate if I was trying to not be anywhere near one of my exes.

This book entailed 2 different mysteries that are also connected together. We do get to find out more about the shelter that George got her dogs from, and learn a bit more about Brenda. George definitely takes a more aggressive approach to this investigation. Even though this character was never really a passive investigator really.

Over all this was a really fun book, and I enjoyed it.


When a loyal customer is getting married with a DIY style wedding, George offers to help. However, when her new car is delivered with a body in the trunk, her hopes of having a new car is dashed. Now she has to find out who killed the man in her trunk, and finish getting this wedding ready with out access to a car.

Well this is an interesting little turn of events. This also shows the issue with not knowing when to say no. Little did George know that agreeing to help prepare a DIY wedding was in her future. I will say though, I don’t know why anyone would agree to that in the beginning.

Similar to so many of these series, murder just seems to follow George around like a bad omen. So much so that she can’t even get a car without something bad happening. I personally wouldn’t wanted to be in the same town that she lives in.

I do enjoy that the relationship that is developing between Adam and George. I was a little against it at the beginning because I don’t believe that you should get back with your exe no matter what. (Been there, done that, got the t-shirt) but at the same time they are really cute together. I’m interested in seeing what is in the future for these two.


After starting a blog, George becomes close with people in the community. However, when one of her online friends stops posting, she gets worried. She takes an impromptu road trip to check on her and falls into the middle of a murder investigation. With her friend as a main suspect things are looking dire, so she sticks around and does what she does best, finds the true murderer.

So I caught up with this series and I a little sad about it. This is a really fun book series that has some quirky characters that seem to fit together perfectly. We meta new character that I happy will no longer be in the series, one book was long enough.

This time George is in a different town which added variety to the story and the world that it happens in. I really loved the little town that she visites in this book. She meets a lovely woman and starts blogging in this book, which is a nice addition to this book series.

I will say that I don’t understand why everyone lies to George when she first asks a question. I mean no one cares if you know a murder victim. Other then that I enjoyed the book and it was a good book.

Guilty Pleasures (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #1)



Anita receives a summons from the master vampire of the city to take a look into the recent vampire murders. As she’s already looking into it for the police she refuses. Anita soon finds out that even though most vampires are scared of her, the master vampire doesn’t take no for an answer. So Anita not only has to looking into the case but also balance her work has an animator.

I was pleasantly surprised with this book. I was looking for a fun urban fantasy and though I wouldn’t call this book fun, it was interesting. Anita is a very strong character, and though she gets beat up, she just bounces right back. I enjoyed how she was written as the character who is respected, not just by default, but because she has earned it.

The only thing that I don’t like about Anita is how stuck to her prejudges that she is. Jean Claude has does almost nothing wrong but she treats him like the run of the mill killer. I hope that this series will get better in the future.