Born in Fire (Fire and Ice Trilogy, #1)



Being a supernatural bounty hunter isn’t the most normal job, but it’s the one that Reagan has. When the vampires stills one of her marks then comes to her to offer her a job she can’t really refuse. Stuck between a rock and and hard place, Reagan joins together with vampires to find out who has been leaking their secrets to a rogue mage faction.

This was a nice refreshing take on the supernatural world. Though I do have a little issue with the random sexually explicit sentences in the book. It has a really nice flow, however, the phrases threw that out the window and it took several pages to get back into it.

This book shows vampires in a different way then most books which is nice. We do get to meet Vlad (Who I assume is the impaler) and sadly the character isn’t really expanded on much in the book. The vampire hierarchy could have been expanded on more, but there are 2 more books in the series.

I enjoyed this book and the butt kick that it entails. Reagan was built with interesting characteristics. She is also very well balanced and knows her limitations. This is a very interesting take on a bounty hunter when they are actually proficient.

I enjoyed this book and if it wasn’t for the random sentence it would have gotten 5 stars.


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