Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs (Jane Jameson #1)



After a freak hunting accident, Jane Jameson wakes up as a vampire. Though her sire tries to explain the basics, she still needs some time to warm up to the idea. Going from unemployed librarian to vampire is already a big step, but when someone is trying to frame her for vampire murders, she knows she’s in really big trouble. She not only has to keep her head low but her eyes peeled for who might be out to get her.

The words librarian and vampire do not seem to be compatible but Harper proved me wrong. Jane is a very interesting and quirky character. She is a fun character, as is Gabriel. I did feel like the relationship between Gabriel and Jane was a little instant, however, it kinda works well on with this story. A little murder mystery mixed in with the getting used to being used to being a vampire.

Each character was given very unique and interesting personality. Not only the vampires were graced with personalities but even the humans too. The world is well developed, as is the vampire world. I enjoyed the interpersonal relations that were developed in this book. I can see this becoming a very good book series.


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