Unfinished Business (Angela Panther #1)



When Angela gets woken up in the middle of the night by her dead mother, she starts questioning her own sanity. When other ghosts start seeking Angela out to help them with their unfinished business, Angela starts freaking up. Trying to come to terms with her new abilities with the support of her husband.

If my mother died and suddenly I could see ghosts everywhere, I would probably act exactly like Angela. Denial is the name of the game and Angela is excellent at it. All the characters react to this change is very realistic ways. Though slightly unrealistic, the story is offset by how well the characters are depicted.

The sequence of events that happened in this book is a little unrealistic, but it was handled well. Emily’s character took a drastic change near the end of the book is normal for a teenager, but it was still really weird. The overarching story involving Emily was never really resolved so I hope that it’s brought up again in the next book, but only time will tell.


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