Magic Bites (Kate Daniels #1)



After finally breaking from the pack Curran and Kate are trying to live a quiet life. However, when their friend goes missing and the pack isn’t doing anything about it. Kate takes it upon themselves to track Edwardo while also trying to figure out why there are so many ghouls coming to the city.

I really liked this book. I will have to admit though… I have a special connection with this book because I would struggle to explain this book to my Japanese Teacher… In Japanese… yeah it was hard.

I’m really sad that this is the first book in the series. The book makes you want to explore the world even more and has books about what happened before the story starts. You want to know more about Kate and Julie’s bond, I want to find out how Curran and Kate fall in love. I also want to know how the pack works. I love the chemistry between Curran, Kate and Julie. They have a very strong family bond that makes them relatable.

I love the way that they incorporate the mythos from out time, and explains the background of the myths and where they come from. The mythical creatures that are in the book all have their origins and are linked together.

Kate is a very self-aware character who is also a little headstrong so she gets into trouble. However, Curran isn’t much better. This is definitely a series that I’m going to be continuing.


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