Hot Stuff



While trying to balance school, work and her family trying to marry her off, Cate’s life is never boring. Now with her roommate in the wind and a mysteries new man in her life, her life is about to become far more interesting.

I love Janet Evanovich, but this wasn’t the best. I loved the characters and I loved the signature comedy in it, but I’m used to her characters taking charge of the situation. Cate isn’t a weak character but she just gets pulled along with everything that is going on. Kellin is awesome, and a very good fit for Care, he’s also a very typical man in most of Evanovich’s books.

There is only one book, so I can’t even say that I hope it gets better as this seems to be a stand-alone book. On the upside, it is a quick read and if you like just a light comedy this would probably be for you.

I think I might just be a little spoiled with Evanovich’s new books as this is an older one. It’s a good book just sadly not one of my favourites.


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