Murder for Millions (Sky High Pies Mysteries #7)



Life seems to have gotten back to normal for Kate, however, when her father’s old friend comes into Sky High Pies drunk things get a little weird. When a threatening poem is delivered to several of the businessmen around town. Kate is now looking into who is would want to blackmail the men in question, however, she is being blocked by a PI from Utah.

This was pretty much the standard for this book series. Someone knows about Kate’s past and comes to get her help in a mystery that normally caused by a threat to their family member. This book series is becoming a little formulaic, however, this is the downfall of too many cozy mystery books. The mystery isn’t that complicated and you can easily figure it out within a short time at the beginning of the book. Sadly this wasn’t the best book in this series when it comes to its plot.

We get to see more growth in the relationship between Kate and Diana. There have quickly become best friends again in this series. I’m surprised that Kate’s and Trent’s relationship hasn’t grown at all, and I feel like it’s almost stale. I get that they’re not getting back together, but I feel like there should be at least some advancement.

I did enjoy seeing the expansion of the city in this book. We got to learn some more about some of the citizens and their backgrounds. We also get to learn more about Blanche and Kate’s parents this book.

It was an ok book but not my favourite in the series.

Deadly Desserts (Sky High Pies Mysteries #6)
Skeletons & Scones (Sky High Pies #8)


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