Curious Minds (Knight and Moon #1)



After finally getting her dream job, Riley Moon is excited to start her career. When her boss goes missing and his brother sends her to try and talk Emerson Knight out of withdrawing all his gold from the bank, he life is turned on her head. Now given the task to babysit Emerson who is determined to get into as much trouble as possible, Riley can’t seem to get a hold of the situation.

This is not a surprise that I loved this book. I listened to the audiobook so I didn’t only get the fantastic writing from Janet Evanovich, but also the lovely reading from Lorelei King. I actually picked up the audiobook because I had seen the 2nd book to this series come out on Audible. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. It was hard to tell what Pheof Sutton brought to the book, but as his writing flows seamlessly into Evanovich’s I will see if any of his books can draw me in.

Similar to all of Evanovich’s books, her characters are quirky and interesting in their own right. Emerson Knight is cocky and quirky enough to have inherited the family mantle of Mr Mysteriouso. Rylee Moon is also an interesting character in her own right, but mainly because she puts up with Emerson’s shenanigans. Rylee is also a voice for the reader, and who says things that any sane person would say.

The plot was well thought out and made sense in a warped way. Though the plot was weird and outlandish. The authors managed to make all of the situations that the characters get in to follow a fully thought out plan.

I really like this book, and will pick up the second book in this series.


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