An Imitation of Murder (Sky High Pies Mysteries #9)



Kate just finds out that her client and friend Pia is going to marry the local artist who just moved into town. However, when she receives a few odd phone calls and Pia, along with her fiance go missing, Katie is on the trail. However, this time Trent and Dina encourage her as the race time to find them alive.

the mystery was interesting but got confusing the closer we got to the end of the book. There were a lot of different potential theories floating around crescent creek which are incorporated into the story that makes things very mucky. Normally, Kate and the police work at about the same speed, but this time Kate was finding a lot more information probably because everyone knows that Kate is Pia’s friend. I do find the imbalance off-putting, especially in this kind of case.

We got to learn more about the relationship between certain people in town. As Kate is looking into Pia’s jobs, we get to meet more people from around town than we normally do. We also find more out about Pia in this book, her background, her family and even why she would want to marry someone that she only just met recently. Trent becomes a little more fleshed out in this book. We find out how he feels about his past with Katie, and how it’s affecting his current life.

This was not my favourite book in this series, but it was an interesting journey.

Skeletons & Scones (Sky High Pies Mysteries #8)


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