Dangerous Minds (Knight and Moon #2)



After everything that happened during the last adventure, Reiley left the bank to work with Emerson. Though instead of working on the accounts of other people, she’s up to her eyeballs with the Knight family’s bank accounts and nothing is making sense. When Emerson’s old friend shows up because his island is missing, Riley is pulled into yet another mystery that Emerson is embroiled in.

I really love this series and the wacky characters that are in this series. I found this series by seeing it in the recently released books. The Lorelei King fangirl in me is so happy listening to her voice again.

Emerson was fantastic in this book, and since we know him, it was even better. Rylee, though still the most normal of the bunch, has really started to loosen up a bit more. We really get to know Vernon in this book. Due to Vernon being in the book a lot more, this gave Emerson a larger history than we had in the last book.

Similar to the last book, Emerson and Rylee are looking into a large and long-running mystery. A missing island is not a mystery the Emerson could ever pass up. He was so wacky while looking into the mystery, but then again he always is. The relationship between Rylee and Emerson is maturing nicely and they are becoming closer throughout the book.

I would also like to mention that the women are the only ones using the guns throughout the book. Emerson has never even touched a gun in this book.

It’s a fantastic book to read.


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