The Silver Eyes (Five Nights at Freddy’s #1)



I will preface this review that I am an extremely big fan of the Five Nights At Freddy’s (FNAF) franchise. I have play all the games, watched multiple let’s players play the games, and even watched the Game Theorist’s series on the games. I really like the lore that is behind this series a lot. However, that doesn’t change what I think about this book.

This book follows Charlie and her old childhood friends that have reconnected again after being apart for many years. After a mutual friend was kidnapped and never heard from again, they all went their separate ways. Charlie is coming back to town for the reunion for the first time since her father passed away, and she insists on visiting her old house, as well as the old pizzeria that he father once owned. However, after she and her friends visit the pizzeria, they find out more about what really happened to their old friend on the day he was taken.

I will say, that though I like the story, the writing has much to be desired. Though you get a good feeling to the surroundings, and interesting back story the characters still feel flat some how. I did enjoy them attempting to give a least some personality to Charlie, it just didn’t quite make it. Coming from a literary stand point, that really makes the store drag in some parts because we don’t really get to connect to the characters. Knowing that one of the writers comes from a gaming background, I can see how this mistake was made but it didn’t help the story. The awkward attempt at a mild love interest was just that, awkward. I didn’t really enjoy that aspect an felt like the book could have done without. I will say though, is that you can walk into the book with out knowing a thing about the FNAF series and still mildly enjoy it, if you are the type of reader who really likes that novels to have a lot of back story and descriptions of the environments. There was a few aspects of the book that might go over a new comer to the series head, as a lot of information is given to Micheal Afton in the game series.

All in all, it was an ok book, not something that I would write home about, but if there is nothing else to read this isn’t a terrible option.


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