Malice on the Menu (Sky High Pies Mysteries #22)



Ryan isn’t particularly well liked in Crescent Creek, between being a gambler, adulterer and, apparently, a crook, it’s not a surprise. However, after he’s found dead in his shop, proteome start to wonder. Katie starts looking into the mess and tries to figure out what lead up to his death.

This mystery wasn’t very interesting, to be honest. I know that you don’t have to like the character, however, at least make it so the readers can tolerate him. There was a lot of evidence pointing towards one person as al the killer, but it just didn’t feel right. Maybe I just read too many novels with gangsters too know that you don’t kill the person owing you money.

I loved seeing Kate more active on the case this book. With Trent’s kind words, he got her into the case because the local police officer trusted her. I enjoyed how much she worked with the police officer. I also enjoyed how we got to explore a little of the neighbouring town in this book. It’s always fun to explore a new town with characters that we know.

Overall it was an ok book but not great.

Murder on Sunset Trail (Sky High Pies Mysteries #21)
Sixty Minutes for Murder (Sky High Pies mysteries #23)


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