Arctic Dawn (The Norse Chronicles #2)



A little disclaimer at the beginning and this will be at the beginning of the 3 posts attached to this book series, I did get this book for free from the author as a review copy… Well, really I got the omnibus that contains the first 3 book. I will say that this book already is right up my alley which is why I agreed to review it. It’s an urban fantasy. Now given what my review is and how much I like this novel, it might not seem like I am giving this a glowing review because I was given the book… However, that is not the case, I will try and write my reviews as objectively as possible… But I will tell you off the bat that I absolutely love the book.

After everything that has happened in Las Vegas, Solina has gone in hiding. She doesn’t know who she could trust to keep her alive. While she hides, she tries to figure out how to wield her powers better. However, when she’s found, she can only think of one person who could keep her safe, Thorin. Things start to get a little weird when the Valkeries seem to be up to something, and Skyla can’t figure out what it is.

I really enjoyed this book, similar to the last book. We got to learn more about all of the gods. At the end of the last book, we were starting to get a better image of Thorin and his life. We also get to see how connected Solina and Thorin have become throughout the series so far. Each character develops nicely through this book. Though Thorin and Solina are the main characters, all the secondary characters grew in this book. We find out a lot about Skyla and Val in this book. We also get a validation about why Skyla doesn’t like Val. Also, I can normally tell when a plot twist is coming and I totally didn’t see the twist near the end. I loved how Laurel managed to write in that twist so it worked seamlessly and didn’t make it seem forced. I found that it actually explained some things from the previous book.

This book’s storyline felt a little segregated from that last book. Though it’s a direct continuation from the previous book, Helen barely mentioned. It seemed to focuses mainly on the Valkeries and the mysterious man who found Solina before she reaches out to Thorin. Though they do go after Skoll in this book, however, he does manage to get away. Or at least that’s what they believe. I felt like, though this book does build the storyline, it was mainly focused on character development. There were some lovely action scenes, however, some of them were glanced over because Soline wasn’t present for the fights.

Overall, I loved this series. I still find it similar to the Charlie Davidson Series. I will say though that this book also seems to pull from Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson Series. This is a really interesting book series so far.


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