In Austin Texas, there are rumours of a group of women who have made it their mission to make abusers pay for their crimes. With each one having something in her past to beings her to the shelter, they work together to get the abused women to safety. When an influential sports personality’s wife seeks out the shelter, they are in for the biggest fight yet.

This book was ok. Not one of my favourites but not the worst. The concept is interesting, a group of women who all have some type of trauma in their past banding together to help abuse victims. All the victims are women in this book, and though there are defiantly more female victims of domestic violence, it would have been interesting to have at least one case of a male victim.

I did enjoy all of the main characters. They were all flawed and affected by their past in different ways, however, they all rise above it to help others. They are all really strong women and though they have their differences, they work together very well.

I felt like the overarching story showed both sides of the story. The interactions between the two sides of the conflict were very calculated, which I found a little odd. It almost felt like I was reading about a game of chess rather than the main conflict in the novel.

It’s a fine book, it does deal with very sensitive topics stop this book will not be for everyone.

I received a copy of this book from the author via Voracious Readers Only.

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