My name is Dawn. I am a Montreal based cosplayer, anime enthusiast and book worm. I felt like I needed to write more so I wanted to try my hand at blogging.

I don’t know what my blog will be about so, if you’re reading this then expect anything and everything. I read, watching shows and craft a lot. I’m starting to play the piano again and still trying to find a new past time.

This blog will have a minimum of 5 posts a week that you can be sure to expect, so here’s the schedule:

Monday: Book Review
Tuesday: Short Drama Review
Wednesday: Anime Review
Thursday: Asian Drama Review
Friday: Anime Review for last completed season

When there will be Special posts that will probably show up over the weekend. Currently I am doing a post in Collaboration with Soju Night where we do weekly reviews of a new drama.

If you have anything you want me to review, recap or talk about just leave me a comment here, twit me on twitter, leave it as a comment on my facebook fan page or you can even email me at Otakuconfesses@gmail.com.


You can follow me on :
Soundcloud (I started hosting a podcast)


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