PodCast Time!


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Category : Society and Culture > History

I’ll preface this with if you like the creepy, occult and strange that this will be a podcast for you. The hosts, both have youtube channels on the subject of the creepy. The first episode is just an introduction of who they are and when their backgrounds are. They also go off on tangents. Each episode has a specific topic that they will be talking about, whether it be a mysterious death or an urban legend. The episodes are fairly well structured, but as previously stated they can go off on tangents. So if you like the creepy and the weird this may be podcast for you. I know I will definitely be listening to it.

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Creative Writing Career Podcast
Category: Art > Liturature

As a writer going into this podcast I was already pretty sure that I would enjoy it, and I was right. This podcast is very good. The hosts interview writers from all walks about their job. They discuss everything from writing a novel, tackling a screenplay, and even getting into writing video games, to name a new topics. I would definitely recommend this podcast to anyone who is looking into making a living as a writer. The one thing that is explained multiple times is how much work it is, but they give tips as well.

The authors are not all big names and they give different aspects. Each episode is only 30 minutes which is perfect for my commute. They are focused and well put together. I can’t suggest this one enough, I will continue listening to this one.


Tea time of Horror

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Tea Time of Terror

Category: TV & Movies

My first podcast about tvs and movies! Sadly this podcast isn’t for me, but only because I am not a person who is into the horror genre. If you like horror movies, tv shows and internet series, this would be the podcast for you. The two hosts are indie horror producers and they invite other people from the industry onto the show. The most recent episode that I listen to had scream queens Devanny Pine and Erin Marie Hogan on the show to talk about their projects.

They pretty much talk about anything and everything when it comes to indie horror. It’s a casual discussion between colleagues. Even though it’s not for me, it’s still a very good for horror fans.


Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – Tested

Category: News > Technology

Ok, I’ll come clean. This isn’t a new podcast but it’s one I love. This is a general conversation about new, movies and techy stuff. I have been watching Mythbusters since I was a little girl, so when I found out that Adam had a podcast I had to listen. My father introduced me to this podcast last summer and I’ve been hooked ever since. If you like geeky and nerdy conversations then this is the podcast for you. They are normally only about 30 mins which I had previously explained that I loved. They talk about everything from Adam’s new builds, movies that just came out, and the news technology.

I recommend this podcast to anyone who is a little geeky or just enjoys Adam Savage as a person.


More PodCasts!

Useful Science

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Useful Science

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Catagory : Science & Medicine > Social Sciences

So this podcast is interesting for me. I do have a background in biochemistry so that makes this podcast right up my alley. The host brings on 4 different scientist and they talk about different sciences articles that were in the news that week. They break down the articles, discuss the science behind them and debate about whether or not the science is sound. The episodes are not as focused as I would like them to be, however it does take me back to my university days when my friends and I had these type of conversations. This podcast is definitely not for everyone but I would suggest it for people who enjoy scientific debates between colleges.


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Fearless and Healthy

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Catagory : Health > Self help

I will say that I was very skeptical about this podcast, I don’t find that I am a person in much need for self-help, but maybe everyone who really needs it thinks this way. I listened to this podcast and it shed light on a few aspects of my own life. I will not say it changed my life, but it peaked my interest. This is a very good pod cast, the episodes are short but are uploaded regularly. They’re focused and well organized. The host is a personal trainer, and he invites on other trainers. They discuss the topics about working out as well as mental and emotional healthy. Now this isn’t some quack telling you to use such and such product, it really is just a guy basically telling you to let go of the negativity, surround yourself with positive people, eat healthy and work out. This is a podcast I will continue listening to.

Piano with willie

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Piano with Willie

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Catagory : Music

I must say that this is not a very good podcast. I’m not saying that the information of the show is bad, it’s just the wrong medium. It is obviously audio taken from a video. It references seeing things, and work sheets that you need to buy. I had really high hopes for the podcast but sadly it was poorly produced. I don’t have anything else to say about it.

The Noir Factory.jpg

The Noir Factory

Not on listed on soundcloud
Catagory : Society & Coulture > History

I like this podcast, it is focused on the crime world as it explains in it’s summary. It makes the history fun to listen to. The host has the perfect voice for this type of podcast. Each episode explains a very interesting history in the Noir tone, making it an enjoyable learning conduit. However, the fact that they advertise their website 3 times in 30 mintues drives me up to wall. It takes you out of the story that they’re telling and tries to sell you something; whether it be their book or to get you to visit their website. Other then that gripe, I like this podcast quite a lot.

My Introduction to Podcasts


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I have only recently started getting into podcasts, and I must say it’s hard to find good ones. I have tried to find lists of interesting podcasts but they always give me the same ones, the big ones. I wish some one could have comeĀ  up with a list of the smaller, unheard of podcasts. So I have decided to start going through the podcast lists on itunes and sound cloud and see what I can find. And because I want to keep a record of the ones that I have listen to and whether I liked them I will be making a quick note of the ones I’ve listened to here. I’m going to try an listen to one podcast from 4 different categories each week, whether I would normally listen to them or not.

Source : Mattew Santoro Padcast Soundcloud

Matthew Santoro Podcast:

Followers on Sound Cloud: 1306
Category: Society and culture > Personal Journals

Though Matthew Santoro is a well known Canadian YouTube and SnapChat personality and he recently started a podcast. He states in the first episode that he was excited to start a new project after so long, and he is right to be so. The first episode was just really him talking about his life, where he’s been and where he’s going. It got me excited to see what he does over the next year. I listened to a total of 3 episodes and it is really does seem to be a look into his life in audio form. He has his friends on and you listen to their conversations. There isn’t a set topic per episode but since it’s just started it may change in the future. If you’re into a free form podcast then this may be a good show for you. Also, if you are a fan of his you will quite enjoy it. As a fan, I find it very interesting but it’s not for everyone.

read more

Source : Soundcloud ReadMore Podcast

ReadMore Podcast:

Followers on Sound Cloud: 11
Category: Art > Literature

I am already a book worm, so picking up this podcast was a no-brainer. Though this is a newer podcasts, the host is not new to the game. The episode format is interviews with writers. It’s very focused but flows very well. They discuss the author’s work and the author’s recommendations. It is very interesting and it introduces the listeners to new artists and books that they wouldn’t have necessarily picked up on their own.

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Source: Soundcloud Artist Empowerment Podcast

Artist Empowerment:

Followers on Sound Cloud: 104
Category: Business > Career

Now I don’t tend to listen to Business shows, or read magazines or articles, but as part of me experiencing new things I decided to listen to something that might help me in the future. I have always thought about going into business for myself so why not listen. The first episode is just an introduction about what the series will be and the back ground of the host. Though I feel like it could have been done in a more timely manner I do also understand that there will be some growing pains with most smaller podcasts. So I only managed to get through 3 episodes of this podcast. It is a good podcast, but it is a very loose show. There is 15 episodes so maybe it gets better, but I find that the show is not focused enough as is should be at the beginning. The 2nd episode, though it was interesting, she interviewed Kim Katrin Milan and I felt like the conversation went all over the place, which I don’t feel like it did justice for this show. I hope that over the series the growing pains have gotten better. I will try to get through the rest of the episodes but I may not make it. Overall this podcast is a brilliant idea and the host is fantastic, I just hope that the episodes get a bit more focused in the future.


Source: Soundcloud no one talking about nothing podcast

No One Talking About Nothing:

Followers on Sound Cloud: 4
Category: Comedy

I don’t feel like this podcast should be found in comedy. It really just is a talk so where the host and his guests really talk about anything an everything. There is no episode structure, it is just them talking about things. Similar to Matthew Santoro’s Podcast, you need to be a fan or just enjoy listening to peoples conversation to enjoy this podcast. Sadly I did not enjoy the host’s voice nor do I find the conversations interesting or new. This will not be a pod cast that I will come back to.