I’m Sorry… But I’m on Vacation


Hello everyone,

So… I’m going to Japan!!!! However, that means this blog will be on hiatus for 2 weeks. I’m sorry. I tried really hard to get my books read and posts written in advance. However, I failed. Therefore, I got no back log. I will be reading on my vacation and writing reviews, so I should be able to have posts up when I get back.


This trip has taken up all of my waking hours, and I’ve been really studying my Japanese to make sure that I can get around with ease while there. Leaving me very little time to read.

I feel really bad about this, but I want to enjoy my vacation and not stress about the posts.




Seduced by Moonlight (Merry Gentry #3)



The third book in the series and it’s still going strong. I’m going to blame this novel series for sending me into the erotica kick that¬†I’ve been in recently. This book is about events over like a week.

We meet with Merry and her protectors again. She’s been invited to her uncle’s ball, however, they all know it’s a trap. Merry’s power seems to be increasing after she brought Kitto into his Sidhe power and they defeated the nameless. Her protectors have¬†been given back some of their powers and they are now living in a larger abode thanks to Maeve. Obviously, things are not going to¬†calm down anytime soon for the Princess.

I love this series. Though it is erotica, it has a very substantial story that allows you to become¬†invested in the characters. Each of the protectors¬†gets to grow a lot more in this book than in the other ones. We also find out about frost past which is nice. It’s well written and the sex still doesn’t overpower the rest of the story. Can’t wait t read the next book.

A Caress of Twilight (Merry Gentry #2)

Random Thoughts in the Rain


I will warn you that this is a very sporadic. I wrote this after getting home¬†earlier this week.¬†It was written as a train of thought so it bounces around and doesn’t make much sens. I ¬†needed to get this on paper, and for some reason I wanted to share. This isn’t depressing, just it helped me get my¬†head on straight with my impending move.


Walking in the rain with no umbrella while listening to soft music is very cathartic. With a blazer over my backpack to keep the contents dry and my glasses off, I let the rain hit my face with out a care in the world. The stress of the week seems to be rinsed away with the light shower. The rain, though cold, bring me comfort and peace with the constant pitter-patter around me. People trying desperately to get out of the rain, yet here I was embracing it.

With my vision blurry and “Something¬†Just Like This” playing in my ears, the world seems to change around me. The path that I walk daily seems new and teeming with colour. Umbrellas and raincoats in a rainbow of colors buzz pass me while I walk in no big rush.

Being prompted by the lyrics “Just something I can turn to Somebody I can miss” in the song, I start to think about my relationships and the people close to me. My plan to move away are suddenly coming nearer and more real. My concerns about my mother and my friends being a 13 hours flight away come to the forefront of my mind. The thirst of travel and to experience something else draws me to moving to Asia, but my mothers advancing age holds me back.

My thoughts drift to my love life, or lack there of. Since my last boyfriend I swore to never be in a relationship again just for the sake of being in a relationship. This has led me to being single for 5 years, but I’ve never been lonely until recently.¬†The closer I get to 30 the more I’m realizing that I would really love to settle down, but I haven’t found the right person. I love my life and love the freedom of moving 1/2 around the world because I want to, but I hope that I can find someone to support me one day.

The rain lets up a little and it pulls me from my thoughts. I notice that I’m close to my car. I slipped my bag from my back and open my car. My reality slips back into place and I focus on the near future. My move off the island is the first step to my longer journey and what will be will be. I just hope the universe doesn’t pull any more tricks on me.


Thank you for reading.

Totally Been Sick and will be Moving


I meant to write a anime review for yesterday and a drama review for Today. Sadly I have been really sick. I’m starting to feel better. This weekend I will be writing everything for the next 3 weeks to 1 month so that I can focus on my move.

I know that I haven’t been consistent lately and I apologize for that. I will get back on track I promise.

As an apology Here is a picture of my kpop bias:


Like Father Like Son



This is not an easy movie to watch, mainly because it deals with suddenly finding out that your child is not your biological child and the ramifications of it.

The Nonomiya family is living their life like normal when one day Midori (Ono Machiko) gets a phone call from the hospital where their son Keita (Ninomiya Keita) was born. They are requested to be met. Midori and Ryota (Fukuyama Masaharu) go and are told that their child was swapped at birth. The Nonomiya family and the Saiki family meet and together they must decide whether or not to swap their children.

This movie really tugs on the heart strings. I can not even imagine what the people in this situation would really do. The actors were perfect and really brought the mixed emotions to the audience. This is a really good movie to watch if you want a more emotional movie.

Spring Day – BTS


I love BTS and their news M/V didn’t disappoint me. Given their¬†photo shoot, the mv¬†has a lot of bright colours throughout the video even with its sad content. I watched the video first without subtitles to get the feeling of the M/V. Even without knowing what the boys are singing about you can tell it’s going to be a sad song. With Kookie staring out of the window and V leaning onto train tracks, the slow melody invokes sadness.

After listening to the music video again with the subtitles¬†I realised that they were talking about the sadness of missing one’s friends when you’ve grown apart. As Suga’s lyric stats, sometimes you can tell who’s changed that makes the relationship drift apart. However, the song makes a promise that¬†they will get back together no matter how long they are apart.

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Now change friends, which the imagery suggests, and introduce the idea of a girl. The lyrics work just as well if not better. The lyrics about hold each other’s hands and wanting to be together¬†works perfectly for a difficult relationship. If you take out the word friend that Rapmon¬†says than this could be a love song.

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It always amazes me how much BTS grow in such a short period of time. I am so happy that there are these 7 hard working individuals in my generation. I can’t see how they continue to grow in the future.

Also, my little secret is I would love to sit down with Rapmon and talk about books. He seems like a really chill book lover. Only in my dreams sadly.

Edit: I just watched the video again for the 3rd time and who else feels like the visuals of the lean heavily towards suicide. We see a group of close-knit friends suddenly pulled apart with only their memories tieing together. We have V on the active train tracks at the beginning of the video with the sound of a train. We have Jin with a pair of shoes by the ocean¬†like someone would do then they committed suicide. We have those same shoes with laces tied together hung over a tree branch at the end of the line of the train. In some places, this signals the death of someone and is normally the shoes of someone who’s passed. This can either represent Jin or V. If you link it to Blood Sweat and Tears, Jin met with a fallen angel and his perception of the world began to crack. But, then again, V is a fallen angel and his sin could have been committing¬†suicide. I know I’m thinking about this far too much. But this is my life.

Red Velvet Rookie


Now I will preface this with I love Red Velvet… but what was the person you thought up this music video thinking. Red Velvet normally has out there music videos but this one took the cake. I don’t normally like saying that something is bad, but I really can’t find any arguments to counter some people’s opinion that this isn’t their normally catchy melody.

Though this music video was vibrant like their others, the song left something to be desired. Their previous title tracks have all been very catchy but this track seems to not have this quality. I’m hoping the track grows on me because I really love this group.

To the actual music video. The video has an alice in wonderland theme. We have Irene acting like the puppet master to the girls as well as a marionette made of flowers. The first time that I say this, all I thought was WTF. This person was head to toe flowers and I felt so bad for the actor in the outfit.

Screenshot 2017-02-03 12.32.57.png

I will say that costumes her on point for the music video, though. I love the bright colours of the set and their clothes which is¬†iconically Red Velvet. The outfits are very fun and are catered to each of the¬†girls’ personality.¬†I enjoyed the set as well with it’s fantastical feeling.

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This vides didn’t change how I feel1 about Red Velvet but it isn’t catchy like their other song which saddens me. After listening to the mini album, I would say that Happily Ever After has the iconic Red Velvet sound but I can understand that they may want to move away from the type of song.¬†They¬†could have also used Talk to Me but again it is not the title track of the album. This album contains a few ballads that work with their voices even though they are known for their catchy¬†upbeat tunes. Overall, I like their album just wished the MV was another song.