Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid



This I a little bit of weird anime, but a fun one. If you have been anywhere online over the last few months, then you’ve probably seen the lolli-dragon, Kanna, pop up on your screen. Don’t worry there is more to this that just Lolli Dragons.

Kobayashi might have made a mistake one drunken night when she invites a dragon to come live with her and be her maid. Well, that’s exactly how Tohru the dragon came to live with her. Tohru is seemingly in love with  Kobayashi, but she works hard to fit in in the human world. Slowly Tohru is followed by more and more dragons. Kobayashi might have bite-off more that she can chew.

I adored this slice-of-life anime. Though it looks like it might be filled with bubble-brained characters, all of the characters are actually really relatable. Each character has their own development and you really get a feel for each of them. Though this is a lighter anime, the story doesn’t feel like fluffy that makes it different than a lot of slice-of-life comedies. This is a really good anime and I would suggest youwatchh it.


The Glass Mask Year 3 Class D



This is a very odd anime with a slightly odd animation style. To begin, it is done with the 3d ish animation style and all of the characters look like dolls. But other than that, the storyline is odd as well.

We have 5 students that were brought into the school who are steeped in passion. Their hope was to increase the overall passion in the school and reignite the passion in their hearts. They try and help people in the weirdest ways and to try and understand the populace around them. They also have the odd habit of rolling back their eyes and showing the whites of them.

Though some of the episodes were entertaining, I would say this wasn’t my type of anime. Though with each episode being 4 minutes long it’s easy to simply watch the entire series. There doesn’t look like there will be a second season to expand on the characters at all, but I don’t really think there needs to be. I will say though that Masumi Hayami was my favourite character even though he was a prick.




This short anime was ridiculous and funny. There is some fanservice in this but it’s kept to a minimum. They even point it out in the series when Amino Tokine’s outfit is revealed for the first time.

Amino is a normal 22-year-old girl working as the CEO’s secretary at her company. One day she is dragged into Quizon by Hacchine, a rabbit in a top hat. She’s told that she must solve the riddle to be returned back to her dimension. When she does solve the riddle, a Q-stone is released which is a distilled version of human ingenuity. The Q-stone is actually what Hacchine is after.

This is a short anime with each episode only running about 5 – 7 minutes a piece. It’s funny and the riddles are very hard. Maybe more for me because I’m still not fluent in Japanese. However, it was really fun to watch. She store is pretty light and there isn’t any bad guys or good guys, but Amino kinda acts the way that most people would I think. I kinda hope that there is going to be a second season for this anime.





Whoever added comedy to the description of this anime needs to be checked, or they have a really creepy sense of humour. This supernatural thriller is good and interesting but definitely doesn’t deserve a place in the comedy genre.

We follow nine people you are all brought together by a series of horrible events and one web blog about the occultic. When Yuta Gamon finds Sarai Hashigami’s father dead, he tries to hide away. However, this leads Sarai Hashigami and Shun Moritsuka straight to him. The group try and figure out who killed not only the professor but also the 200+ people found in the lake.

This is a very good but odd anime. All the characters on the ‘good’ side are almost as odd as the people they are trying to find. The animations are amazing and it really adds to the thriller aspect of the anime. Also, the storyline isn’t linear, so it is sometimes hard to see why something might be important, but trust me it will be. Overall, I quite love this anime and it is worth the watch.

Kiitaro’s Youkai Picture Book



This is a really weird anime because there is one young boy, 2 young looking yokais and 2 old yokais. If there was more romance to it, we could almost call it a harem but that would just be weird. This is also a short anime so you can watch it in under an hour.

We follow Kiitaro, a young teenager who was banned from the main house by his grandfather for being lazy. He does, however, have a very strong 6th scene and can see the yokais that hang around his house. He starts to befriend them and starts to actually enjoy life outside of his video games.

This is a really cute anime that is worth the watch. The bright colours and the fluid animation style, really has you wishing that the episodes were longer than 4 minutes. The few yokais that we see are heavily based on folklore but that is ok for him. I enjoyed it immensely. The only yokais missing was a kappa and tanuki.

Natsume Yujin-cho 5



This is the review for the 5th season of Natsume Yu-jin. I started with this season so I can tell you that you don’t need to watch the first 5 season for this to make sense but it’s a good idea.

We follow Natsume Takashi, a teenager who has the ability to see yokai’s like his grandmother. Though not an exorcist he interacts with the yokais and makes friends with them. Why his grandmother was younger, she had created her book of friends and now Takashi gives back the names to the yokais you ask.

This slice of life anime is very episodic. So though there are a couple of overarching stories as life isn’t neatly split up into nice little stories, it is still mainly episodic. The character design for the yokais are very interesting and the human characters, though not the focus of the story, are well developed. I love this series and can’t wait for the 6th season to come out.





Based in the same family restaurant and as the other Wagnaria series. Similar to the original series, this anime is a comedic slice of life anime that is heavily character based. However, unlike the other anime, this one is focused on several story lines that make up the anime’s story line.

There are 12 characters all with very different personalities. Out of them, there are 3 couples that are formed by the end of the series, but you kinda see them coming from a mile away. I really love the character Kouki Saiki, he’s a 20 years old college student who doesn’t speak or understand Japanese because he was brought up outside of the country. This makes him the perfect candidate for some really silly slapstick moments because they play up the fact that he can’t talk the language so the other staff members tell him to say something so he does without knowing the meaning.

Overall this anime is a good spiritual successor to the original Wagnaria series. The characters are wacky, but it’s a much calmer show than the other one so don’t walk it to as much high energy. The characters’ chemistry is excellent and worth the watch.