Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 11 Recap



We rewatch the scene where Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) tells Ha Won (Park So Dam) and Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Shin) that Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) is going to be staying with them for a while.

Ha Won invites Hye Ji into her room and Hye Ji apologises for barging in. Ha Won tells her it’s fine but Hye Ji is worried that she’ll be uncomfortable because of her. Hye Ji puts down her bag and tells Ha Won how grateful she was that Ji Woon came running, after all, that’s what he always does. Hye Ji leaves Ha Won alone in her room.

Hyun Min tries t save face in front of Hye Ji but she tells him that he was a step behind Ji Woon again that day. She walks away and we can see that her comment hurt him deeply.

Ha Won is preparing the bed when Ji Woon comes in holding Hye Ji’s purse. He tells her that Hye Ji left it behind and Ha Won tells him to leave it on the table. She gives him the cold shoulder, hurt by the turn of events. Ji Woon starts inquiring on her trip home and she gives him concise answers without giving him much information. He asks her to take care of Hye Ji for him and after he leaves she wonders aloud if Hye Ji is the only person he cares for. Ji Woon seems confused after their exchange.

The next morning Ha Won wakes up to find Hye Ji’s side of the bed empty. She comes out to find Ms Belgyo muttering about it being strange. She asks what up and why it’s so quiet and Ms Belgyo assures her there is a reason for that. Ms Belgyo tells her about Seo Woo (Lee Jong Shin) waking up and finding Hye Ji at the table. He wondered why she was there, but she doesn’t give him an answer. When Hye Ji mentions he looks different he realises that he’s in his PJs and runs back to his room.  She tells Ha Won about the asking Hyun Min about his underwear in front of Hye Ji and him running away. She finally tells her about how Hye Ji waited for Ji Woon to come back from his run and gave him a glass of water as well as mopped his sweat. Ha Won tells her that it was like that when she first came and Ms Belgyo is quick to refute that claim. She informs her that the boys never changed how they acted for her, however, Ms Belgyo suspects it’s because Hye Ji is such a looker. She compliments her and this seems to hurt Ha Won.

Ha Won heads back to her room complaining out loud that she’s a woman too and there isn’t much of a difference between Hye Ji and her. She notices Hye Ji outside with the window blowing her hair just so. She looks down at herself and agrees that they are quite different.

She’s colouring and muttering about all men being the same when she notices a passage written on the previous page. It reads: “Your own inherent charm will attract the one fated to be with you.” She tells herself she has plenty of charm already. She takes her time to get dressed and goes to the living room. Seo Woo is watching TV but when he turns to her he drops the remote. He mentions that she looks different and when she asks if she looks weird he tells her he doesn’t know and wants to call the other. Ji Woon comes out but when he lays his eyes on her he quickly looks away. Ha Won runs out of the room  and Seo Woo mentions that Ha Won is acting weird.

Ji Woon is in his workshop thinking about Ha Won and wonders if she’s still mad at him.

Kang (Kim Young Geon) tells Hwa Ja (Kim Hye Ri) To stop taking pictures of the food and to eat. She tells him that she wants to cherish the memories of eating with him. She tells him that she has a gift for him. She gives him a shirt and he remembers back to the tie she was buying. Now he suspects everything is not as it should be. When they leave she tells him that she wants to come back and when she asks why he’s staring he tells her it’s because she’s beautiful.

Hye Ji goes to the police station to try and see her father. The police officer that she speaks with tells her that it’s not possible. He tells her that she should come back after she tries to give him a lunch for her father.

She comes back to the sky house and calls her uncle. She tries to get his help but he tells her he’s busy. She apologises for calling and hangs up. Hyun Min overhears her conversation and calls his friend.

He meets his friend at the bar and he tells him that he owes him for this one. He tells him that the judge is his uncles senior and he promises to put in a good word. He hands him a letter from Hye Ji’s father. He tells him that with charges like embezzling, Hye Ji won’t be able to show her face anywhere again because of the humiliation. Hyun Min cracks and throws his glass at the wall. He turns to his friend and reminds him that his father set up his law firm after being charged with corruption. His friend warns him not to say another word, but he reminds him that it’s the same humiliation he’s talking about. He takes the note and leaves.

Hyun Min arrives and finds Hye Ji in the living room. He tells her that she doesn’t have to worry anymore. He walks over to her and hands her the note. He tells her that her father wanted her to have that. She asks what happens and he tells her that there isn’t anything he can’t do. She tells him that she doesn’t feel comfortable accepting help from him but she thanks him for the note anyways. She leaves a very hurt Hyun Min in the living room.

Hyun Min goes into Ji Woon’s room and throws him a key. He tells him that Hye Ji’s things are there and he should get them. Ji Woon seems taken back by the demand, but Hyun Min tacks on to not let Hye Ji know that it was him who got it. Ji Woon finds the situation quite amusing.

Hyun Min walks out of the house and Ha Won wonders if he and Ji Woon got into a fight again. She seems to notice something else. Hye Ji is outside reading her father’s letter and crying when Ji Woon comes out. Ha Won walks to the window and looks at the pair of them.

The next morning Hye Ji is making breakfast and Ji Woon tells her that they’re going out. He gives her 30 minutes to get ready. They go to the storage bay and opens one filled with her things. She asks how this happened and he starts to say that it was Hyun Min but stop. She thanks him and we can tell that he doesn’t like taking the credit deserved for Hyun Min. He tells her to just grab what she needs because it would be too hard to bring everything back. He tries to tell her about Hyun Min against but she cuts him off and offers to buy him something to eat.

Ji Woon takes her to the convenience store and makes her ramen. She asks if he really wanted to eat that and he admits that he did. She asks if he’s eaten it a lot and if so with who and he admits the Ha Won loves that specific ramen. Hye Ji mentions that he’s gotten close to her and wonders if him being nice to Ha Won is the same as him being nice to Hye Ji. He admits that he hasn’t thought about it and goes to get coffee. He notices a little display of white day items and picks one up. He puts it in his pocket and when he sits down Hye Ji notices it.

Ms Belgyo sets the table for Ha Won and she asks about the others. She’s been informed that Seo Woo is at work and Ji Woon is out with Hye Ji went out that morning. Ha Won is surprised about they leaves and Ms Belgyo mentions that she thought he knew. She feels sad for Ha Won because ever since Hye Ji has come she’s been left alone. She can’t imagine how Ji Woon’s personality has taken a 180 flip. When Ms Belgyo wonders if Ji Woon only cares about Hye Ji Ha Won escapes by seeing if Hyun Min is in his room.

Screenshot 2016-09-16 18.01.42.png

Ha Won goes into Hyun Min’s room and asks him to eat. He doesn’t want to and finally she has to turn off his tv to get him to come out and eat with her. He tries to get mad at her but she tells him that she doesn’t want to eat alone. He tells her to the lead the way and she thanks him. He tells her that he was about to win and she tells him the reverse.

He mentions that the portion of food that she’s eating has tripled and she tells him that her heart feels empty not her stomach. He asks if she misses being his fake fiancée. She tells him to be quiet. When he mentions that if she wants someone to not talk then asks Ji Woon to sit with her. She admits that  Ji Woon left with Hye Ji that morning. Hyun Min sits back down and wonders where they went. She finds it funny that he’s suddenly interested when it comes to Hye Ji. He denies it but she tells him that he’ll have indigestion if he mulls it over by himself. He asks her if she’s sad that they’re leaving her out and she claims that she’s not being left out. He points out that she’s eating alone and starts to act immature. He tells her to got back to eating.

Ji Woon and Hye Ji return home and bump into Hyun Min and Ha Won. Hye Ji tells Hyun Min that Ji Woon helped her find her things that were in her studio. Hyun Min and Ji Woon’s eyes meet but not a word was exchanged before he walks away. Ha Won is soon to follow. Ji Woon offers to put the items in storage.

Hyun Min looks at the photo of the smiley face again when Ji Woon comes in. He tells him that this is the last time that he’ll do that for him. Hyun Ji admits that he’ll ask him to do more nice things for Hye Ji. When Ji Woon asks why he doesn’t do it he admits that he doesn’t have the right to take care of Hye Ji. He can hurt her but no tend to her wounds. Ji Woon asks if he intends to continue to do nice things for her and pretend that it was him who did it. Hyun Min reminds him that taking care of Hye Ji is what he’s always been doing. Hyun Min feels that Hye Ji will feel no pressure if she thinks Ji Woon was taking care of her. Ji Woon admits that he’s not doing it for him but rather for Hye Ji whom he treasures. Ji Woon warns him to not make Hye Ji cry anymore.

Ha Won is walking outside talking to herself. She hopes that Hye Ji and Ji Woon has a great relationship and tries push Ji Woon out of her mind. He shows up and asks her who she’s talking to. She asks what he’s doing there and tells her to go take care of Hye Ji or something. He mentions that she seems disappointed that all his attention is being focused on Hye Ji recently. Ha Won, obviously, denies that. He apologises for leaving her behind and she asks him why he’s bringing it up again. He goes to give her a gift but then asks her when she has time. She asks why and he mentions that it was to finish the drive they stopped half way through. When he wonders if she doesn’t want to go, she assures him that she does want to go. He admits that he wants to tell her something as well. He excuses himself and just out of sight he pulls the little gift out and comments on how he couldn’t give it to her in the end.

Ha Won is thinking about what Ji Woo could have meant by saying that he wants to talk when Seo Woo comes over. He asks why she’s thinking about and she tells him that it’s nothing. He asks if it’s because she’s sharing a room with Hye Ji and she assures him that it’s not that. He tells her to be nice to her while she’s there because she’s a little pitiful having lost her house and her father coming up with charges. He tells her to just be herself and helpful.

Hye Ji starts to get some laundry ready and Ha Won wants to help. She tells her that she feels like she hasn’t helped her with anything since she came. She ends up messing up and shrinking her clothes. Hye Ji mentions that it’s no big deal and Ha Won offers her her sweats to wear.  Hye Ji assures Ha Won that it’s no big deal and she’ll go out with Ji Woon clothes shopping. She admits that she confessed her feeling to Ji Woon and asks if Ha Won knows. She tells her about how Ji Woon was always there for her when she was having issues with Hyun Min. She tells her that since Ji Woon has always been by her side she wants to try and go out with him. Ha Won asks if he’s given her an answer and she tells her yes. She mentions that she thinks that Ji Woon has the same feeling as she does.

Yoon Sung (Choi Min) gets called into seeing Chairman Kang and is told to keep an eye on his wife and to report everywhere she goes and everyone she meets with down to the last detail. At first, Yoon Sung is confused and then sees the present on the table. He tells him he understands.

Hwa Ja goes to get a message and Soo Kyung (Choi Eun Kyeong) implements her plan. However, it backfires. When Soo Kyung tells her that she’ll relay all the rumours that she hears about her to her Hwa Ja sits up. She tells her that she chit chats too much and she’s going to speak with her manager to have her fired. Once she steps out of the room she calls Mrs Kim and tells her that they should go golfing some time. She tells her that she’s heard she’s been talking behind her back and warns her if she heads about it again there will be consequences.

Ha Won is sitting in bed thinking about all of the times that she’s spent alone with Ji Woon, as well as their kiss. When Hye Ji’s words of trying to go out with Ji Woon passes through her mind she sighs giving up all hope she had for going out with him.

Screenshot 2016-09-16 19.07.39.png

Hye Ji goes to the storage locker and is soon followed by Ji Woon. He asks what wrong and she assures him it’s nothing. She tells him that she needs to buy a few things the following day and asks him to come with her. He quickly agrees.

Soo Kyung shows up for work and the receptionists askes her if they hadn’t told her. She asks what happened and she’s told that the manager has fired her. When Soo Kyung asks what happened she’s reminded of the conversation with Hwa Ja the previous day. She tries to say it was a misunderstanding.

When she gets home. Soo Kyung is crying and Yoo Na (Ko Bo Gyeol) asks what’s wrong. She tells Yoo Na that she did something dumb because of her. She admits that she was just trying to marry off her daughter and ended up getting fired. Soo Kyung is worried about getting another job and Yo Na is worried about not being able to get to meet anyone from the Hanuel group.

Hwa JA is getting her nails done when Yoon Sung walked past the door. The nail artist asks if everything is ok and she says it’s fine she just thought she saw someone. We pan out to see Yoon Sung standing outside the door. We get an unnecessary flashback to earlier in the episode telling him to tail the chairman’s wife.

Hye Ji comes out of the shower wearing Ha Won’s track suit and heads to the kitchen. Hyun Min sees the back of her and thinks it’s Ha Won. He wonders if a parisite is living in Ha Won’s gut if she’s going back for more food. He goes over and places his hand on her head and tells her that she should finish drying her hair before eating. He absent-mindedly wonders how long it’s been since she had an orange. He looks at her in shock and pulls away grabbing the towel. He apologises and admits that he thought she was Ha Won. Hye Ji grabs her towel and walks away.

Screenshot 2016-09-16 19.27.21.png

Ha Won steps outside and goes to knock on Ji Woon’s door but he’s not there. She’s looking into his room when Hye Ji comes out. Ha Won asks if she’s going somewhere and she tells her that she’s going out with Ji Woon.

Hye Ji gets in the car and Ji Woon notices he’s forgotten his wallet. He jokes about her paying for everything and tells her he’ll be right back. She sits there thinking of Ha Won’s reaction to her confession.

Ha Won is pissed that they are going on a date and notices Ji Woon run back in. He goes to his room and pulls his wallet out. He notices the gift for Ha Won and pulls it out with a smile. Ha Won comes in and he hides the items behind his back. She apologises for not noticing earlier and she couldn’t believe she made the misunderstanding. He admits that he doesn’t understand what she’s talking about. She tells him to please not do anything to cause the misunderstanding again. Ha Won walks out back and tries to stifle her embarrassment.

Young Jin arrives at sky house while ha Won is walking. When Ha Won arrives, Ms Belgyo tells her that her father is there to see her. She is excited and runs into the dining room. She is confused when she sees the man and he tells her that he’s Young Jin, the man who ran the taekwondo studio with her mother.  She suddenly remembers him but is still confused.

They take their conversation to her room and she brings her tea. She asks him what brings him there to see her and thought he tries to slow it down she asks about what her mother told her about her biological father.

Ji Woon is driving and pulls over to the side of the road. He replays Ha Won’s words in his mind. Hye Ji asks why he suddenly pulled over and he inquires as to if she had said something to Ha Won. She admits that she told Ha Won that she wanted to try going out with him and that she thought that he probably felt the same way. He sighs and she asks if it’s not true and then thought it was so since he rushed over to her. He apologises and tells her she’ll have to go alone that day and he’d see her at home. Hye Ji gets out of the car.


Ha Won spills her tea and Young Jin goes to check if she’s burned. She is shocked that he’s her real father and mentions that he and her mother were always friends. He admits that he’s always felt bad towards her father who raised her. He tells her that now that they are together they shouldn’t live apart. She tells him to leave and when he doesn’t she does. He calls to her from his crouched position and it’s quickly followed by Ms Belgyo’s calls.

Ha Won walks out of the house. Young Jin is leaving right as Ji Woon arrives him. They both glance back at each other. Ji Woon goes in search for Ha Won but finds Ms Belgyo in her room. He asks where Ha Won is and she asks if he saw him. She tells him what happened with Young Jin and how Ha Won wasn’t happy about him claiming to be her father.

Ha Won is walking and replaying what Young Jin told her. She tries to call her father but he won’t answer the phone. Ji Woon is looking for Ha Won and thinks back to the conversation that he had with Ha Won about her father. He tries calling her but she’s trying to reach her father. We see his phone in his truck. He manages to get through right as her phone dies. All he hears is her crying and calling his name.

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