Eating Existence


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Eating Existence

This is a weird drama, and that is putting it mildly. I enjoyed the drama for what it is but, it’s not getting high marks. This drama focuses around Yoo Yang (Ahn Young Mi) a woman who is trying to be a writer but has no real talent, her boyfriend left her, and she quit her job one night after one too many drinks. Though she does have one more passion, food, and she loves eating. One day when she was running low on cash she went to a bar where she was suppose to see a band live, but unfortunately the band canceled but they were giving out free drinks. This is where she met Park Byeong (No Min Woo) who is a very shy and meek man.

The rest of the drama focuses on their relationship and the difficulty of them being on different pages in regards to what they want. I just couldn’t really get passed the weird characters that were written for the actors. I love No Min Woo, he is the epitome of a pretty boy and I am a huge fan of the pretty boy and of him, but I’ve seen him play in much better roles. I felt like that fact that the characters, who are in a romantic relationship, mainly talked about food was a little weird.

The Drama is very short with only 10 episodes each running about 8 minutes in length, so you can watch the entire series in less than an hour and a half.

If you have nothing better to watch and like weird off the wall characters that you can’t really understand, take this drama for a spin.