Akiba’s Trip : The Animation



Ok… so for all those who love playing Ecchi video games this anime is for you. This anime is based off of a game by the same name, where in order beat the enemy you have to strip of their clothes.

So sure enough in this world there is an urban legend that describes monsters, known as bagurimono, whom lurk in dark corners of Akihabara. The bagurimonos want to destroy all the humans living and working in Akihabara.  Tamotsu Denkigai, a hard core Otaku, is almost killed by one while saving his sister. However, he is saved at the last moment by Matome Mayonaka, a bagurimono who has turned her back on her society and wants to live peacefully with the humans.

Even though this is an ecchi anime, I really enjoyed it. Yes it’s a little weird that they must strip people and keep their clothes on as to not die, however, it’s really fun. I saw Reina Scully play this game so I had to watch this anime when it came out. I loved this off the cuff anime. It was really funny and enjoyable for older audiences.