Ana Rocha: Shadows of Justice


Ana was 7 when her world was flipped on her head. Her older sister and protector was gunned down in a drive-by shooting on the soup kitchen where she volunteered. Now Ana became a cop, specifically one in the narcotics unit. Together, with her partner, they work to clean the streets up. All the while Ana is hoping to find even a tidbit of information about who called the hit which leads to her sister’s death.

This is an interesting look into the work of a police department that doesn’t really get represented in books very often. The characters are really what make the story. Since the entire book revolves around Ana, I’ll start with her. She is very much shaped by the loss of her sister. Her entire reason for becoming a cop was to try and stop anyone from having to go through what she did. This book allows us to watch as she’s her innocent worldview and idea of justice for reality. Though character, herself, believes that she lost that innocence at age 7, until you really work with the underbelly of the city, you never truly understand what’s going on.

Her partner, Bryan, is a veteran cop. He’s worked in the department for a long time and he thinks he’s seen it all. He’s dealt with a lot of lost, which I think affects his relationship with Ana at the beginning. He does begin to open up later in the book, and we can start to understand why he acted the way he did say the beginning. I enjoyed the chemistry between Ana and Bryan, they worked well together and quickly became friends. He does have a very jaded way of looking at life and the job, but only because it has been proved right so many times.

The storyline was interesting. Though slow to start, mainly due to character building, once it started rolling it was good. I really enjoyed the tie-in linked to her sister’s death, this link really made it feel like an origin story at the beginning of a series. There was a switch up of fast-paced scenes with calmer ones, which was very nicely used. It allowed the reader to really follow Ana’s journey.

Overall, I enjoyed this book, and if there is another book in this series I would definitely pick it up.

I received a copy of this book from the author via Voracious Readers Only.