Unbreakable Bonds (Angela Panther #2)



After he father passed away, Angela’s powers go on the blitz. She is no longer able to see or hear the spirits. She works tirelessly to figure out how she can get her gifts back, as the ghosts are still coming to her for help. Now Angela must figure out what to do and who is throwing rocks at her in the park.

I enjoyed this book, it’s been a while that I read the first one. I know that on the blog it came out recently, but I think I read it in the summer. I enjoyed seeing Angela back at it again helping the spirits. We get to find out more about the relationship between Mel and Nick as well as Jake and Nick. 

I did enjoy the underlying plot throughout the book. The reason why we get to learn so much more about Mel and Nick’s relationship as it’s, essentially, the plot of this book. The effort that Angela puts in to get her gift back was interesting. After all, in the last book, she couldn’t wait for it to go away but now she strives to have it back.

Fran really helps Mel throughout the book as *spoiler* Angela becomes able to hear her mother again part way through the book. I feel like it is kind of obvious that she regains at least some of her powers as that is the entire series is about that. The way that she works so hard to get her powers back was quite nice, and we got to see Angela grow as a character.

I enjoyed this book and I can’t wait to finish the final book in this series.

Unfinished Business (Angela Panther #1)


Unfinished Business (Angela Panther #1)



When Angela gets woken up in the middle of the night by her dead mother, she starts questioning her own sanity. When other ghosts start seeking Angela out to help them with their unfinished business, Angela starts freaking up. Trying to come to terms with her new abilities with the support of her husband.

If my mother died and suddenly I could see ghosts everywhere, I would probably act exactly like Angela. Denial is the name of the game and Angela is excellent at it. All the characters react to this change is very realistic ways. Though slightly unrealistic, the story is offset by how well the characters are depicted.

The sequence of events that happened in this book is a little unrealistic, but it was handled well. Emily’s character took a drastic change near the end of the book is normal for a teenager, but it was still really weird. The overarching story involving Emily was never really resolved so I hope that it’s brought up again in the next book, but only time will tell.