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I know that this drama has mixed opinions on it. The story is a basic formula. Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) has been in love with No Eul (Bae Suzy) since high school. He’s since found out that he’s dying. (This is not a spoiler you find out in the first 10 mins) He goes out of his wy to try and find her and have a brief relationship with her before he dies. However, due to her tragic past, No Eul has changed from who he once remembers but he still loves her dearly. Because he doesn’t know how to express himself, he teases her to get a rise from her. Will they get together? Well, you’ll have to watch it to find out.

This show got bashed and I don’t know why. Is it a great show? No. Is it a horrible show? No. It’s a solid middle of the road ok show. Was there chemistry between Kim Woo Bin and Bae Suzy? Yes at times. Was there more chemistry between Lim Ju Hwan and Bae Suzy? Totally. Was I rooting for it to go the same way as Absolute Boyfriend? Completely.

It’s a cute little drama that you can shut your brain off to, because if you don’t somethings just won’t make sense. I still enjoyed it, but I don’t think there will be a second watch for me.


Uncontrollably Fond Episode 20 Recap – FINALE-



Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) brings No Eul (Bae Suzy) to the hospital. He tells that doctor that she wanted to die so to do their best to kill her. He leaves the emergency area and the nurse comes out with her phone that’s ringing. He answers it, but it’s spam. He starts to go throw the camera roll and watches a video the No Eul shot of herself. It was a little interview and in it, she says that she’s good at waiting but the one thing she fears is waking up to find that Joon Young is no longer alive. No Eul breaks down crying in the video which pulls tears from Joon Young. No Eul wakes up to find Jon young stroking her cheek. He tells her that she has acute pancreatitis and the doctor promises to kill her next time.

No Eul and Jon Young are walking back when Joon Young  gives No Eul his scarf and jacket. When he tries to get her on his back she just keeps walking. He yells to the heavens to let him live because he doesn’t want to die. This draws No Eul’s attentions as she turns to look at him. He complains about never being a good son to his mother and having so much he wants to do for her. He complains that he finally has a chance to be happy with Eul and he doesn’t want to give that up. With tears streaming down his face, he admits that he’s scared. No Eul runs over and hugs him. She apologises for it all being her fault.

Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) is in the hospital when he watches the news and finds out about the video that leaked proving his father covered up a hit-and-run case years prior. Everyone is shocked at who was involved. There is a petition calling for a retrial and Hyun Joon (Yu Oh Seong) has agreed to make a public appearance, to tell the truth. Eun Soo (Jung Sung Kyung) is at home watching the news feed.

Hyun Joon arrives at the police station and is bombarded with questions about what came out in the video. All he tells the crowd is that he will be honest during the investigation.

Jung Sik (Choi Moo Sung) finishes watching the video when Deuk comes and starts asking if Young Ok (Jin Kyung) was Hyun Joon’s mistress if Joon Young is Hyun Jon’s son. Jung Sik hits Deuk with a tray and asks where Young Ok was.

Jung Sik goes to see Young Ok who is washing dishes. He tells her that Hyun Joon’s secretary did an interview telling the press that Hyun Joon told him to put up the video himself. He tells her that Hyun Joon isn’t such a bad guy after all.

Hyun Joon admits to everything to the police. How he blackmailed the prosecutor and switched out evidence and the guilty party.

Jung Eun (Lim Ju Eun) is getting ready to leave while on the phone with her father. She reminds him that she’s only ever followed what he told her to do. She yells at him reminding him that he was supposed to take care of everything and she was supposed to forget. Two police officers come up to Jung Eun and she’s under arrest.

Eul tells Jik (Lee Seo Won) to stop drying. Jik wonders if their father can rest in peace now. Eul steps out and Jon Young asks why she gave the video to Hyun Joon. She tries to lie but finally she tells him that she was satisfied knowing who killed her father. He starts going on that if she lets people act the way they do they will just walk all over her. She reminds him that Hyun Joon didn’t cover it up, but instead brought it to light and is getting his due punishment. She tells him that that’s the world she believes in. Just then they get a delivery and it’s a dog house. She tells him that it’s Pororo’s house and they should bring him there because she’s more reliable that Kook Young (Jung Soo Kyo). When they’re painting the dog house they get into a little paint fight and Joon Young’s voice over tells us that he and Eul talked about the life she lived while he wasn’t around and how once she fell asleep, Hyun Joon called and told him that he was proud t be his father.

Eun Soo tears up the paperwork the attorney Jang brought. She’s mad but Jang tells her that Hyun Joon has refused to use a lawyer. Eun Soo inquires as to what he means and Hyun Joon chimes in advising her of the same thing. Hyun Joon tells Eun Soo that Jang did nothing wrong as it was his decision. He tells her that he’s not going to use any legal representation or even appeal the decision. Hyun Joon tells Eun Soo that Ji Tae was right, they had become monsters somewhere along the way and they need to stop it. Eun Soo starts to freak out and ask if he knows the Hell she went through to get him to where he is today. Ji Tae comes in and tries to stop her from talking.  She reminds him that they were once so poor that he was forced to let his mother die. She reminds him that he wanted power so nothing of his would be taken away from him again. She tells him that to get that amount of power you have to give the same amount of sacrifice and pain. She looks straight a Ji Tae and tells him that it’s just like how she arranged for her own son to be hit by a car to protect Hyun Joon. She tells him that he can go back to rock bottom if he wants. Ji Tae tells his father that he doesn’t have to stay with his mother and can break his promise. In the middle of how Ji Tae will take responsibility Hyun Joon cuts him off and tells him that she’s his wife and mother of his children and he will stay with her no matter hw hellish it becomes.

Screenshot 2016-09-08 11.53.55.png

Ha Ru (Ryu Woh) goes to Jik’s workplace and complains that he’s not working. He touches her shoulder and they come face to face. They go for a walk and Ha Ru asks if it’s been difficult because he has a pimple. He mentions she has one on her cheek as well. She kisses him on the forehead and inquires if he found it disgusting but he admits instead that it made his head beat fast. She tells him that she knows that he lied about being gay since he knew who her father was and then asks for his number. He asks if they didn’t break up and she tells him that she’s not going  to call him or text him but in the future if she can’t find a better man than him she’ll call. He gives her his number and tells her that he’ll answer the call and they part ways.

Eul is on the phone with an English company when Ji Tae come. She trying to tell them she didn’t receive a blender but Ji Tae asks for the phone. He tells the operator about the order and when he hands up he just tells him that the product was returned and they shipped it out again. He adds on that they sent an email. She admits that all English emails look like spam to her. He asks about Jon Young and when Eul hesitates he asks if he’s not home. She tells him that’s not the case and Joon Young comes out telling her that he’s going for a walk. Ji Tae is surprised that JoonYoung didn’t recognise him. No Eul tells him that he’s been like that for about a week and most days he’s so confused that she pretended to be a woman working there.

Ji Tae follows Joon Young and when he turns around Joon Young asks if he knows him. Ji Tae admits that he knows him very well. Ji Tae describes Joon Young’s horrible attitude but strong moral code. He tells him that even though he had very little tact what he said was always true and right. Joon Young asks if they were close but Ji Tae tells him no. He admits that he hated him but that’s why he wants their paths to cross again so that he can love him and cherish him like a proper big brother.

Jung Sik comes into the back and grabs Young Ok’s hand and puts a ring on it. HE sits down and helps her clean. She asks what it is and at first he says he found it and then admits he bought it. She tells him to give it to his lover and he admits that she is his lover. He tells her that he likes her and she thinks he’s crazy. He admits that he is more level headed than ever. She tells him to leave before she pours dishwater on him. He puts the ring on her finger before leaving. She throws soap water and tells him that her son is dying and he can’t do this to her now. He tells her that Joon Young asks him to take care of her, so he tells her to show off the ring to ease his mind. He tells her that she should go see him before it’s too late.

Jung Eun tells Ji Tae that the trial won’t go as planned and she’ll crush all of them then she out. She asks why he’s not talking like he normally did. He asks her that if he told her that she nearly won him over once and that he thought it might be fun to be her girlfriend if she would believe him. We get to see a scene of Ji Tae and Jung Eun in high school where she was hired to get him into an English ivy league school. He tells her that he’s certain that she could get out of doing time, but he tells her not to. He tells her that if she does time he’ll wait for her to see if there is still hope for her as a human. He tells her he’ll visit again but she tells him not to dare come back.

Screenshot 2016-09-08 12.33.34.png

Young Ok goes to the house and Joon Young greets her. He asks who she is and when she asks where Eul is he assumes she there for her. He invites her in and when she asks when Eul will return he admits he doesn’t know. She was making him spicy beef stew but messed up. Young Ok goes into the kitchen to make him a stew. Eul returns and sees her there. She goes to the balcony rather than going in right away.

Joon Young is closing the glass doors when Young Ok finishes. She asks him to test the stew and he loves it. She watches sadly as he tucks into the food. He mentions that it tastes exactly like the food his mother use to make and then he suddenly stops. His brain clicks on and he starts to cry. He looks up and apologises to his mother for not remembering her. No Eul leaves them be, while eating chips.

Joon Young comes out and they start to talk. He tells her that she looks pretty. She goes down the run down of who gave her what. She tells him that Jung Sik proposed to her and he congratulates her. He tells him that now she’ll have children who are better than him but she disagrees. He simply asks his mother to not think that he didn’t try hard. She tells him that she’ll keep her doors open and he can always come see her. She promises to always think of him and thanks him for being her son. He tells her that it’s been an honour of having him as his mother and the two cry together. (Just like I’m doing. Seriously the feels. This is hitting way too close to my father’s death anniversary to not pull on the emotions I felt last year while I had the same conversation with my father.)

Ji Tae  comments on the results of the audit and admits that he and Eun Soo will be stepping down and taking responsibility. They will still remain major shareholder and owners but management will be seen too by someone else. Hyun Joon stops in and smiles at his son before leaving. Hyun Joon’s secretary comes and tells him that there will soon be a warrant for his arrest. This doesn’t phase him and he tells him to find a restaurant nearby that makes good spicy beef stew.

Eul is taking selfies when Joon Young comes in and teases her. She tells him the Jik misses her and asks for a few selfies. He grabs her phone and mentions that they don’t have any pictures together. She asks if he wants to take some. She jokes about her being too pretty and him about being handsome. They take a bunch of pictures together.

A little while later Eul tells him he looks tired and tells him to rest. They talk a little until he falls asleep. Eul tells him that he can rest and not worry about anything. Everyone is there for him so he can get plenty of rest. With tears in her eyes, she tells him that she’ll see him the following day. We see that everyday Eul preps herself for waking up to find Joon Young no longer in this world.

Screenshot 2016-09-08 13.23.16.png

The season change and Man Ok (Jang Hee Ryung) and Kook Young are outside. Kook Young is smiling because of the buds on the tree. Na Ri (Kim Min Young) calls him and asks what colour he prefers. He mentions that he likes her. Na Ri mentions that something and she has to have dinner with him too. Man Ok asks who the wench is and Kook Young tell her that Na Ri is a proper lady. Namgoog (Park So Young) calls to them and tells him that he found something.

They connect the camcorder to the tv and watch Joon Young’s tape talking about his illness and his worry that people will think he was miserable. He assures them that he was happy. He mentions that at the time of recording his doctor tells him he has 3 months left to live and he wonders if the’s still alive when they find the video. He also wonders what type of life Eul is living now he’s gone.

Eul is berating her manager for taken her footage. He tells her that it’s 3 billion won and he hands it to her. She says she’ll take it as a fee and asks for him to take it. He mentions that he got a car and that’s all he needs. She asks if they got it and points out the hidden camera. She thanks him for confessing and leaves. Eul is waiting for the bus and looks at a picture of Joon Young at the bus stop. She tells it that she worked hard and kisses it. She tells him that she’ll see him tomorrow.  She smiles at the poster warmly.

Uncontrollably Fond Episode 19 Recap
Uncontrollably Fond -Podcast-
Uncontrollably Fond Recap Table of Content

Uncontrollably Fond Episode 19 Recap



Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) is sitting in his living room watching the news report of his diagnosis. Kook Young (Jung Soo Kyo) comes in  and turns off the TV. Jon Young reveals he didn’t know he was loved so much and he tells Kook Young to take care of Pororo. Kok Young tells him that he’s not dying tomorrow, but Joon Young reminds him that he’s dying soon. Kook Young is suddenly overwhelmed. He makes an excuse to get out of the room and that apologises to Joon Young for calling him an asshole as he didn’t know about his condition.

Kook Young goes outside to find Man Ok (Jang Hee Ryung) and Namgoog (Park Soo Young) crying. Man Ok accusing him of crying and he tells them he hasn’t been. Namgoog tells them to no go in if they plan on crying in front of Joung Young. Nomgoog heads inside and Kook Young explodes about it not being fair that he has to deal with a life-threatening disease. Namgoog chastises him for bringing it up after he just calmed down.

No Eul (Bae Suzy) calls him to meet and he goes. Once there he is transported back to his college days. A little girl comes over and asks if he’s Shin Joo Young and tells him that he’s a celebrity. He tells her he’s not and send her off to play. He notices No Eul and remembers the incident in the cafeteria. He goes over and praises her. He uses her as his pillow and the little kids come back. No Eul assure them that it’s not Joon Young the top star. They leave and she looks down fondly at him.

Screenshot 2016-09-07 10.32.56.png

Hyun Joon (Yu Oh Seong) is staring blankly at the article about Joon Young when a secretary comes in and tells him that Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) was moved out of the ICU as he has stabilised.

Ha Ru (Ryu Woh) is struggling to stop her tears for her brother. Eun Soo (Jung Sun Kyung) reminds her that he’s not in critical condition and will wake up soon. Ha Ru finds that it doesn’t make sense that he wasn’t following the traffic laws because he always did. Hyun Joon comes in and asks to be alone with Ji Tae. Eun Soo brings Ha Ru out of the room even though Ha Ru protests vocally about leaving her brother. Hyun Joon remembers the last conversation he had with Ji Tae as he looks down at his son. Ji Tae had revealed that at one point he really loved him even if they didn’t share a drop of blood. He admits doing things that he knew was wrong just to make them happy for fear of him leaving his mother. He blamed himself for how his parents turned out and he asked his father to stay by Eun So’s side while casting him out since he’s the one who when against him. Eun Soo’s phone rings and Hyun Joon picks it up without saying a word. Secretary Kim tells her about the dashcams of the other cars that recorded the chase and the accident. She asks what to do and Hyun Joon is appalled at what his wife did. Eun Woon comes back in and he passes the phone to her. Eun Soo confirms that she’s the one who stopped Ji Tae in order to protect him.

Joon Young wakes up and No Eul doesn’t know when his memory is. She teases like she did in college. He tells her to put up the footage of Jung Eun (Lim Ju Eun) and him on the TV. He wants her to live on happily since he’ll be gone first. He tells her that that’s what he wanted to tell her. She reminds him that she’s the one who called and the one who wanted to tell him something. She tells him that it’s not his fault about what happened to her it’s just happened that way. He starts to cry as does she.

Screenshot 2016-09-07 11.14.51.png

Jung Sik (Choi Moo Sung) is tapping up the post-its left for Joon Young. Jon Young picks up one from a foreigner and chastises the grammar. He teases his uncle about the grammar in the letter and Jung Sik tries to hold in the tears. He asks where his mother is and finds out she’s in the kitchen.

He goes in and Young Ok (Jin Kyung) is peeling onions in the kitchen. Joon Young looks at his mother sadly. He goes ver and talks to her and finally removes the goggles. She chastises Deuk about still crying leaving Joon Young alone and feeling sad about hurting his mother. She cries and Jung Sik tells her to stop because of the customers. She leaves to be alone and Joon Young cries in the back store alone. (This is why he didn’t want to tell people.)

No Eul is walking home while remembering Joon Young telling her that she should make a world that she’s proud in and not to waste time. She arrives home and Sung Ho’s assistant wants to take her to see him. She tells him that he’ll take her whether she likes it or not. Hyun Joon arrives just then and apologises for being late for their plan.

No Eul sits across from Hyun Joon in his office. She tells him about Jung Eun’s confession and hands Joon Hyun the USB. She tells him to look it over and return it before the airing of it in 2 days time. She warns him that it’s her only copy and to not alter it in any way. She walks away.

Ji Tae wakes up and Eun Soo asks if he came to his senses. He calls to Gyo Chul, his secretary, and asks about Joon Young. He is told about the charges being dropped once everyone found out about his illness. He ignores his mother and continues to ask about Joon Young’s well-being.

Screenshot 2016-09-07 11.33.56.png

Joon Young arrives home to find No Eul on his couch. He calls to her and she tells him about her issues and asks to stay there for a little while until people stop looking for her. He hears her mutter that she wants to go on a vacation too and he throws his keys at her. He asks if she’s willing to drive because he never fulfilled his promise to her.

Hyun Joon is in his office looking over the footage that Eul left with him. He can’t control his emotions when Joon Young is telling Jung Eun about his dream. He pulls out a cigarette but before he can light it he receives a call from Young Ok.

They meet up and she begs him to save her son. She mentions that he must know amazing doctors who could save him. He tries to comfort her but she tells him that she raised her son to be like who he used to be. To always listen to the victim and to not turn his back on anyone. This cuts Hyun Joon deeply as he’s turned about from his values. She admits that she feels like Joon Young is being punished for their sins. She asks Hyun Joon what she should do, but like her Hyun Joon is on the verge of tears.

No Eul and Joon Young arrive at a house. Eul asks where they were and he admits that it’s a house that he built to live in with her. He tells her to stay there for a bit and then go back. She tells him since he built the house for them they should live there for 500 years. They go shopping and enjoy the normal things in life. When she helps a group of ladies with a game Joon Young gets a call from Hyun Joon. He goes to meet his father but his memories seemed to have switched and he forgets about Eul.

Screenshot 2016-09-07 11.57.32.png

Hyun Joon is changing when Eun So comes in. She asks when he arrived and he admits that it wasn’t too long ago. She asks him if he’s mad. He tells her that he has the right to be. He also mentions that since Ji Tae probably thinks that he’s behind the accident that they should leave it at that and warns her not to get caught. Hyun Joon is about to leave when he’s told that Sung Ho (Kim Byung Ok) was there.

Sung Ho gifts them ginseng for Ji Tae to eat to get better. He wants to bury the hatchet and recommends Hyun Joon for the promotion again. He also suggests a meeting between a nephew and Ha Ru. Eun Soo accepts but Hyun Joon remains silents.

Joon Young meets with Hyun Joon who is confused by his mannerisms. After Joon Young mentions the elections he asks him when the last time they met was. Joon Young reveals it was in high school and it clicks for Hyun Joon what’s going on. Joon Young starts complimenting him and telling him how much hope he has in him. This kills Hyun Joon and he starts to cry. He gets to have a glimpse of the kinds of person Joon Young once was and how he was ruined by him. Joon Young inquires about his health but he’s told that Hyun Joon is tired. He takes his leave and while going down the stairs he gets a notification for Jung Sik’s birthday. Someone bumps into his shoulder and he’s suddenly back in the present.

No Eul is at home when the ladies come to asks her to teach then Go stop. They ask where he husband was and she tells them he’s gone out but will be back. She seems to be having bad cramps when she calls Joon Young’s phone and Kook Young answers.

Namgoog takes the phone and No Eul admits that Joon Young was too sick to film the day she went. Namgoog threatens her and Kook Young mentions that he’s too mean to her. Kook Young apologises for being busy with a birthday party for Jung Sik. Joon Young tries to act normal when everyone else is acting sombre. He tries to tease them  about the sunglasses. They ask if Young Ok wasn’t coming and Jung Sik tells them she’s busy.  Namgoog starts t berate her and Jon Yiung tells him that she’s just freaked out.

Screenshot 2016-09-07 12.19.29.png

While Joon Young tries to get everyone in the party spirit, Eul waits for him to come back to the house. When Jung Young tells his uncle to make a wish and asks if he can make a wish. He asks Jung Sik to take care of his mother after he’s gone. Jung Sik promises to take care of Young Ok so he doesn’t have to worry. Jung Yung promises to trust him and to not worry about her while he prepares to leave. Young Ok is sitting in his room crying. Kook Young hears the door bell and answers it.

Jik (Lee Seo Won) comes to see Joon Young and admits that Na Ri (Kim Min Young) is waiting outside because she can’t look at him right now. He tells him that Na Ri wants to apologise for two-timing him when they dated in the past. Joon Young pretends to be mad. Jik mentions that he used to be his hero in the past and when Joon Young mentions that past tense, Jik reveals that he finds him an ass now. He tells him that if he wants to become his hero again, he better find a way to survive because his father told him that people die because they’re lazy. Joon Young promises to try his best to survive. Jik asks where his sister is and when Joung is confused Jik mentions that he called her and she said she was with him. Jon Young is about to deny that and then suddenly remembers. He calls himself a crazy bastard.

Jung Eun goes to see Ji Tae and tells him that she’s going to the states with General Oh’s eldest son and will marry him if she can stand to be with him. She mentions that while his in the hospital that he’ll be reported for embezzling and be looked into. She doesn’t understand why be picked that path. He apologises for not stopping her from fleeing all those years ago. He tells that though she’ll get away with it, this time, she will pay asks she has lived a bad life. He asks her to leave so he can sleep.

Hyun Joon research Joon Young’s condition. But while looking out the window, he remembers that last conversation he had with the level headed Joon Young in contrast to the regressed Joon Young who had so much hope. He tries to steel himself but he recalls the video that No Eul left him. He calls Eul and asks what the real reason was that she left the USB with him. She tells him that it’s because she wanted him to see it first. He can’t believe what she left it with him becausknows knews what type of person he is. She tells him that she does know because he’s Joon Young’s father. He hands up and breaks down in tears.

Screenshot 2016-09-07 12.46.51.png

Joon Young arrives at the house and looks everywhere for No Eul he finds her on the balcony crying. He apologises and tells her that he deserves to die. He crouches and notices her fever. He asks why she didn’t call him and tell him that she was sick. She tells him that she’s fine. He wants to call an ambulance but she tells him that she doesn’t want to go to the hospital. He mentions that she’ll die if she keeps it up and she admits that she doesn’t care. He asks if she wants to die with him and she asks if she can’t. He tells her that they can die together and picks her up to care her somewhere. (That’s one way of getting him hospitalised.)

Uncontrollably Fond Episode 18 Recap
Uncontrollably Fond Episode 20 Recap – FINALE –
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Uncontrollably Fond Episode 18 Recap



Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) is getting ready when he gets a call from Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan). He wants him that he told Jung Eun (Lim Ju Eun) everything. He tells him that he’s stopped him from becoming human trash. Joon Young tells him that he’s the only one looking out for him. Ji Tae tells him to make sure he eats 3 meals a day and to take his medication. After an awkward silence, he hangs up. Joon Young calls him back and tells him that he’s going to make Jung Eun confess to the hit-and-run. He tells him that now his chances of success have dropped to 90% due to him. He tells him that if he fails then h must keep his promise for revenge. Ji Tae asks why he’s telling him this because he could ruin his plan. He tells him that he’s the only person he could think of telling. If he wants to ruin his plan he won’t hate him for it.

After the meeting with Jung Eun, Joon Young wires his house with cameras. He checks to makes sure that everything works before called PD Joon and asks for No Eul (Bae Suzy) to come instead.

No Eul stands on the pier and looks at the video that Jon Young took. Joon Young tells Jung Eun about the accident he caused No Eul all those years back while trying to protect Hyun Joon (Yu Oh Seong). She tells him that it’s ok because people die when it’s their time regardless. He asks if that’s how she’s gotten over it after all this time. She pretends to be confused by this. He rattles off the date of the accident and all the information. He tells her that he was trying to get her to confess but he has enough evidence to get you convicted. She freaks out and reveals that her father did cover it up and she’s going to make sure her father can do it again. She realises that he played her and he confesses that he had no evidence but just got some. He tells No Eul that Jung Eun is the one who killed her father and he’s the one that stole the USB. He tells her that this was his one and only entry on his bucket list.  Jung Eun freaks out before leaving and No Eul is very whelmed.

Jung Eun comes out and finds No Eul missing.

Joon Young looks at the empty table and gets a call from Namgoog (Park Soo Young) telling him to run. Kook Young (Jung Soo Kyo) tells him there is no need. Then Namgoog tells him that he should not say anything to the police until the lawyers arrive. The police show up and arrests him under the suspicion of use of illegal substances. (Unless Korea is way backwards, I don’t think that’s how that works. You can’t arrest someone because of an article with no evidence.) He gets taken away and Jung Eun looks on helplessly.

Secretary Kang tells Ji Tae that Hyun Joon was that one who orchestrated the charges not his mother. He asks how that’s possible with no evidence. Secretary Kang tells him that that’s the power his father yields. Ji Tae can’t believe he’d do that to his own son.

Hyung Joon asks if there is any soju at home because he would love it with a nice kimchi stew. Eun Soo (Jung Sun Kyung) asks if he’s the one who is behind the Joon Young story. He brings her to bed to sit down. He tells her how Joon Young is his child that he abandoned years prior. He told his brother to chase Young Ok (Jin Kyung) away even though he knew she was having his child. He admits that he didn’t want to loose everything because of Joon Young.

Ji Tae listens to the conversation from beyond the door. (You have a lot of money, why did you cheap out on the doors.)  Jung Eun calls Ji Tae for help but he hangs up on her.

The police officer interrogates Joon Young. He starts laughing because of the hilarity of the accusation. The officer rattles off celebrities and even the ‘his’ meth dealer. (Seriously just do a blood test.) He grabs the paper and mentions that it looks like he simply wrote down what someone told him, then comments on his spelling.

Screenshot 2016-09-01 12.09.47.png

Jung Sik (Choi Moo Sung) is putting up a sign when Young Ok asks why they should lose out on a day’s paycheck. Man Ok (Jang Hee Ryung) comes out and asks to close up because all that anyone is talking about is Joon Young’s scandal.  Young Ok tells her to educate the clients and tells then that Joon Young isn’t the time to do it and tells them to throw out the sign. They go into the restaurant and Young Ok talks with the clients on how the rumours aren’t true

No Eul goes into the restaurant she used to frequent with Ji Tae. When Bong Sook (Kim Jae Hwa) sees her come in sh e send a text. Bong Sook tries to move her over to another table and then asked if something happened. When No Eul confirms then she tells her she’ll leave her alone. She about to tell No Eul about Joon Young’s scandal and No Eul asks her to not mention him. Another table mentions him and she asks them to lower the volume. A new post about Joon Young comes out and No Eul asks is there nothing else to talk about. Bong Sook tells her that he’s a big topic and should leave if she doesn’t want to hear about him. No Eu l goes to leave and Ji Tae is arriving. He tells her they need to talk.

He apologises for the shock of finding out Joon Young is Hyun Joon’s son. She is hurt that she’s the last one to find out. She asks if it’s fun toying with her. He tells her that it’s not it and Joon Young was hurting more than then. She turns to walk away when he tells her that Joon Young is being investigated by the police for drug use. He tells her that he’ll be found guilty because that’s how his father has planned it. No Eul doesn’t care and asks what he’s expecting from her. He tells her that he should have left it alone and looked the other way. Ji Tae tells her that he can’t understand why he would stack the rest of his life on finding her the truth and he doesn’t know how he can continue being a coward. He tells her that it’s ok if she hates him for the rest of her life but he asks that she lets Joon Young off the hook.

Screenshot 2016-09-01 12.46.15.png

No Eul arrives back and Na Ri (Kim Min Young) calls to her. She tells her that Jik is there and she’s told him everything. She tells her that a situation came up and she couldn’t not tell him anymore. Na Ri tells her to text her when they are done fighting it out.

No Eul goes in and Jik (Lee Seo Won) starts yelling at her about not telling him about their father’s hit-and-run and about the threats on his life. No Eul tries to tell him that she didn’t want to burden him. He accuses her of making him a fool. She tells him about everything that comes with the burden of knowing and asks him how she was supposed to do that to him and force him to live like as she did. Jik holds his sister and tells her it’s his fault.

The next day, Jik meets with Ha Ru (Ryu Woh) and tells her that he likes men. (Nam Ja in Korean) She asks about this Nam Ja girl and he has to elaborate. She thinks it’s a joke but he assures her it’s true. That why he has a hard time touching her and why Na Ri freaked out on her. She gets up and not matter what he says she yells at him. She asks him to delete her number from his phone and he complies. As she leaves she calls a friend and tells them that they should go on a date. When she hangs up she starts crying and Jik watchings from inside. Jik Sits back down and starts to cry in the café.

.Jik returns home and asks if Eul is still sleeping. Na Ri confirms that she is and she can’t believe that she’s been sleeping for 15 hours. Na Ri asks if he’s broken up with Ha Ru and he confirms that he has. He asks Na Ri if she ate and then suggests that they go to eat while Eul sleeps.

No Eul dreams of all of the times that she’s been with Joon Young. A Single tear leaks out while she sleeps.

Young Ok screams and Jung Sik about the kimchi. He apologises for the mixup. She looks at him and slaps her face. She tells him that she must be crazy because her son was taken away and here she is complaining about the smallest things. He admits that she has been acting like a crazy person.  She tells him that she’s going to see Joon Young  and he tells her that he’ll get the car.

They arrive and there is a press conference. Namgoog tells them that Joon Young didn’t do any drugs. Kook Young sneaks out and tells them to look like they’re doing anything. He tells them that Joon Young is fine and visitation hours are over. If they’re found to be there then it’ll be blown out of proportions.

Hyun Joon meets with Joon Young and tells him that he seems to be in a bit of a pinch. Hyun Joon reveals that it’s his doing and not his wife’s. He tells him that once he’s out of there he should retire and leave the country. Hyun Joon offers him money, but Joon Young reminds him he has his own. He asks what will happen if he says no. Hyun Joon tells him that he must let it come to that. Joon Young mentions that he has a lot of power and Hyun Jon reveals he didn’t a lot of nasty things to get the power he wields. Joon Young inquiries about him casting his mother aside because he didn’t feel like she left by her own violations. Joon Young takes his father’s silence as a yes. He tries to get him to go out of the country but Joon Young tells him that it will be the last time he will call him father and will keep the fact that he’s his father hidden out of embarrassment. Hyun Joon is hurt, but just then Joon Young collapses.

Screenshot 2016-09-01 13.29.31.png

No Eul starts at her phone at all the missed calls. She replays the memory of the confession at the house in her mind. She finally answers Jung Eun’s call.

Eul goes to see Jung Eun at her restaurant. (Not the smartest move) Eul mentions the lack of staff and Jung Eun tells her that she wanted to talk to her alone. She lays out some cake and coffee. She tells her that she’s not the culprit for her father’s hit and run case. Eul tells her that she say the culprit’s face and is surprised that it took so long for her to recognise her. Jung Eun hands Eul money but not as an admission of her guilt. No Eul takes the money and tells her that she’ll but the video on tv and hands the money over the police. She asks if she thinks it’s possible for a freelancer PD. Eul reminds her that you don’t have to win every battle. She tells her that Jon Young will also be affected. Eul tells her that if someone commits a crime they have to pay, regardless who they are. She stands and tells Jung Eun that she didn’t even touch her coffee. She grabs the tablecloth and dumps it on her before leaving.

Hyun Joon is sitting at home thinking deeply when Eun Soon brings him herbal medicine. Ji Tae comes in and tells his father that it looks like he can’t stop his parents on his own. He asks his father if there really isn’t any way for him to stop them. His father admits that there doesn’t seem to be a way. In front of his parents, Ji Tae calls Gyu Chul and has him gets some reporters ready to tell them something about his parents. He tells his father to root for him to win before walking out.

A news article breaks  about Joon Young being diagnosed with brainstem glioma and told he has very little time to live. He’s kept it a secret from everyone including his family. He has to cancel all of his engagements while he battles the disease. Jung Shik sits down and absorb what the news anchor was talking about on the tv.

At the company Namgoog is answering the calls while Kook Young and Man Ok try to come to terms with the news. Man Ok starts to cry and Namgoog is forced to do their work. He asks the caller if Joon Young really has a fatal disease.

Screenshot 2016-09-01 14.00.10.png

Na Ri is at home when she reads the article about Joon Young. She scrolls through the articles in shock. A single tear runs down her cheek.

Jik overhears some classmates talking about Joung Young’s diagnosis and tries to inquire more about it.

Ha Ru reads about the diagnosis and starts to cry, by herself, in her room.

Ji Tae is driving and tells his secretary that he’d be there in. He notices the tail and does some defensive driving to loose them. However, that leads him right into the way of a truck and his car is t-boned.

No Eul is sitting on a bench when Joon Young comes over and tells her that she did a good job. He lays down on his lap and tells her about his tests. He asks for her to be his pillow for 10 minutes. She thinks back to the same occurrence all those years ago when he was in college. The doctor told her that it was call delirium, it’s when you mix up the past with the present. He told her to just let it happen.

Uncontrollably Fond Episode 17 Recap
Uncontrollably Fond Episode 19 Recap
Uncontrollably Fond Recap Table of Content

Uncontrollably Fond Episode 17 Recap



We see Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) make the phone call to Kook Young (Jung Soo Kyo) about Pororo. His inner monologue tells use that his doctor warned him about the memory loss that would kick in as his disease progresses. He admits that he thought that god wouldn’t be so cruel and ignored his doctor’s warning. Joon Young opens the door and Jung Eun (Lim Ju Eun) tells him she came without her ring and asks to come in. She hugs him and  asks why he’s not greeting her. He looks at her and tries to remember who she is. The voice over tells us what he remembers. His idea was that since God was being cruel he was going to be crueller. He tells Jung Eun that she’s arrived sooner than he thought. He lets her in and agrees to cook her ramen. He glances back at No Eul (Bae Suzy) one more time before the door closes.

Inside the house, Joon Young He makes Jung Eun Ramen. She asks if he wants to kiss her properly that time. He smiles and looks back down at the ramen.

No Eul leaves and Joon Young’s voice over tells us that he is hurt 10 000 times worst then how he’s hurt her.

Hyun Joon (Yu Oh Seong) asks Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) if he knows who Jung Eun is seeing. Ji Tae tells him he doesn’t know who she’s seeing.

They sit down for a meal with Sung Ho (Jeong Dong Hwan). He suggests that they break the ties between their family. He tells them that everyone in the know knows that Jung Eun was stood up at the engagement party. He tells him that he was going to give him a position but it’ll go to someone else since he’s only been in politics for 5 years. He tells Eun Soo (Jung Sun Kyung) that he’s not going to sign any construction deals over to her company. He turns to Ji Tae and asks what girl he left his daughter for. Since it’s just out of curiosity.  Eun Soo asks him why his daughter left for such a pitiful man. When Sung Ho asks what she means, she tells him that Jung Eun found a new man and left their house to be with them. She pulls out her cell phone and shows pictures of her and Joon Young together. He asks who he is, and Jung Eun admits that he’s the celebrity Joon Young.

Screenshot 2016-08-31 13.36.04.png

Young Ok (Jin Kyung) is closing up with Jung Sik (Choi Moo Sung) places a hat on her head. She asks if he’s giving her a gift and at first he says no and that he found it and then tells her that he did buy it for give it to her. She asks if he likes her and he tells her yes. He ten points out No Eul sitting on the ground. Young Ok goes over to her. She asks why she’s there and No Eul apologises she tells her to just ignore her. Jung Sik tells No Eul that if she continues to sit there it’ll make Young Ok feel bad. Young Ok tells him to leave and asks No Eul is she’s crying. She admits that she’s too shocked to cry. When Young Ok gets a negative response to if she’s eaten Young Ok invites her to her house.

Joon Young pours Jung Eun a cup of tea. She asks why No Eul was there and he says he doesn’t know. She keeps going about No Eul and Joon Young asks her to stop. The doorbell rings and it’s the secretary of Yoon who wants to see him. He gets ready and Jung Eun tries to get him not to leave. He assures her that she doesn’t have to worry. She tells him that he doesn’t have a chance with her father. She tells him that she’ll take care of it and to no worry. She tells him that she loves him and he concedes. He gathers her in his arms and tells her to no be gone too long or else he will come for her. (One point for Joon Young)

Screenshot 2016-08-31 13.50.10.png

No Eul eats ramen and Young Ok tells her that she could have made something better. No Eul tells her that Joon Young was making someone ramen and she was suddenly craving it. She tells Young Ok all about Jung Eun and how she can’t hold a candle. She by accidently drank soju and freaks out. She tells Young Ok that she can’t drink or else she’ll cause trouble. Young Ok tells her that they should drink together and make as much trouble as they can.

Young Joon starts recording information about himself just in case he starts to forget again. He gets a call from his mother calling him out.

He comes over under the pretence that chair leg is broken and she tells him that No Eul is in his room. She starts going on about she’s the only one he couldn’t live without and asks why he’s seeing another woman. He covers her mouth not wanting her to wake No Eul. He asks if he’s looking down on her because of her upbringing. She tells him that she’s been sleeping for a while and she was told that she could sleep for the last 3 days. She asks him to watch over No Eul because something came up at the store. She leaves.

Joon Young watches No Eul sleep. at one point she goes to falls off the bed so he slides onto his back and catches her. He holds her a little and when his mother texts him that she’s going to sauna with some other women, he grabs a pillow and gets comfy. He watches her sleep on his chest. He does doze off but leaves before she can wake.

Screenshot 2016-08-31 14.11.12.png

No Eul wakes up and is disoriented for a second. She starts looking at Joon Young’s textbooks and find the posters from when her father was hit. Young Ok comes in and tells her that Jon young was there. She tells her about how since Joon Young had morals he gave up the law so she tells No Eul that she can’t hate him. She goes off to make some soup.

Hyun Joon comes to see him and asks to talk with him outside. He asks what his plan is. He starts to list off everything that he did, he also tells him that he should focus on just him and not his family. Joon Young tells him that his family will suffer the same fate because it is a sin to have him as a father. Hyun Joon rushes him and threatens to crush him. Joon Young warns him that he should simply crush him because he’s determined to spend the rest of his life being a thorn in his side. He also tells him that he should crush him before he gets crushed.

Jung Eun is texting Jon Young when her father takes her phone. He tells her that she shouldn’t live her life recklessly. She tells him that she’s been liking it recklessly until that day and she wants to live a proper life. She tells her father that she loves Joon Young. Sung Ho calls and makes arrangments for her to leave to the states. She tells him that she’s not going. His secretary comes in and tells him Ji Tae has arrived.  He asks to speak with Jung Eun alone. He tells her to find a different man. She tells him that he’s the bets man she’s found. He tells her that the only reason he approached her was to get revenge on his father.

Jung Young is looking over the lake when he receives a phone call from Jung Eun. No Eul is at his house when she gets a call from work.

Na Ri (Kim Min Young) tells Ha Ru (Ryu Woh) about a girl who likes Jik (Lee Seo Won) She tells her about how Jik needs to meet a rich girl because of the star of his family. She admits that she didn’t tell Jik about who she is for fear that he’d feel inadequate. She shows Ha Ru a picture of her family and Na Ri tells her that she should leave and erase Jik’s phone number from her phone. Ha Ru is confused and Na Ri told her that she can’t be seeing Jik. She tries to get her out of the store before Jik arrives. When he shows Na Ri tells her to break up with her before his sister finds out.

Ha Ru starts crying and complains about her stress in her life. He tells her that he’s not breaking up with her so not to worry. He wipes away her tears. Jik wonders why Na Ri acted the way she did.

Joon Young meets Jung Eun near the river. She keeps driving with Ji Tae’s words playing in her head. She manages to stop the car inches away from him. She asks him to contradict with Ji Tae told her. He tells her that he approached her to screw over his father. He tells her to run because she doesn’t know what kind of sweet talk he’ll blind her with.

PD Yoon can’t believe what No Eul did at the set. He gets a phone call from Joon Young. He’s told that Jon Youn wants No Eul to go instead of him to the shoot that evening.

The shoot is set up for a beautifully romantic dinner. No Eul asks about the concept and he tells her that he’ll be proposing to the woman he loves. She goes inside to get a glass of water and she can’t believe that he’s asked her to shot his proposal to another woman.

Joon Young is at the doc and we zoom out to see his bag. After his conversation with Jung Eun she gets a phone call from Eun Soo threatening her into coming back to the family to have a marriage. She tells Eun Soo that she doesn’t love Ji Tae and Eun Soo tells her that she doesn’t need to be in love to have a marriage. Eun Soo promises to leak the information about the accident 10 years prior and asks her who does she think would get hurt the most with the information becoming public. She gets out of the car and asks Joon Young how far he would have gone. He tells her he would have married her because feelings can change like hers has. She agrees to work together with him.

She arrives a little late and asks if it’s going to make TV. He admits that he doesn’t know because the PD has difficulty holding their ground. He offers to get a new PD if she’d prefer but she tells him it’s fine.

Screenshot 2016-08-31 15.12.43.png

Ji Tae goes to the restaurant that he use to frequent with No Eul. Bong Sook (Kim Jae Hwa) comes to see him and mentions that she’s sad that she hasn’t seen him. She asks why he’s dressed the way he is because he looks cool and sexy. He tells her that he once thought he was level headed and logical. Secretary Kang comes in and shows him the news about Joon Young.

Duek and Man Ok (Jang Hee Ryung) are reading the article and they can’t believe it. Kook Young asks them what they’re doing. Man Ok shows the article and he freaks out. Jung Sik comes in and tells Kok Young to go to see Joon Young and asks Man Ok to call Namgoog (Park Soo Young). He is about to tell them not to tell Young Ok what’s going on but she walks in.

They are shooting the scene and No Eul asks a few questions about their relationship. When she asks Joon Young when he fell in love he tells her that he can’t remembers and asks her if she did. She tells him that it was March 5, 2005, at the neighbourhood playground. The man was consoling her younger brother after being teased by other kids. Joon Young remembers that day when he had a talk with Jik. No Eul asks to take 5 and walks away.

Joon Young gets up and turns on the camera under the pretence of looking at it. HE asks what her dreams are and tells her how he wanted to be a prosecutor like his father and then he found out the truth about him. He couldn’t’ believe that the man he respected would do so much for greed. She asked what he did and Joon Young described her hit and run. She drops her glass of wine and tells him she needs to go to the bathroom. He offers to go with but she tells him she’s fine. She walks  away in a daze.

Screenshot 2016-08-31 15.30.54.png

No Eul comes back and is certain that she turn the camera off. When she asks if he’s touches the camera he takes something out of the bag and hands it to her. He tells her to watch the screen and never let her eyes wander.

Ji Tae storms in and asks if Eun Soo is the one who made the post about Joon Young taking drugs. She’s confused by his question and he knows it’s not her.

Man Ok read the article to Young Ok. Jung Sik tells her that it’s can’t be about Joon Young and he promises to destroy the person who tries to slander his name.

Hyun Joon tells him that the police and prosecutors will begin to investigate the story about Joon Young. his secretary asks if this is the only way.

Joon Young tells Jung Eun that she’s gotten a call from her later. She tells him that prosecutors are people too and their resolve can shake so he shouldn’t hate him for just that. He tells her that the person who died was his girlfriend’s father and to protect his father he killed his girlfriend. He looks straight at the camera and says it again.

Uncontrollably Fond Episode 16 Recap
Uncontrollably Fond Episode 18 Recap
Uncontrollably Fond Recap Table of Content

Uncontrollably Fond Episode 16 Recap



We get walked through all of the times that Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) spoke to the security cameras. The final recording was of him telling the camera that his condition has gotten worse and he doesn’t have much time left.

The other editor comes in and tells her that he doesn’t think it’s an audio problem more that he’s not actually vocalising his words. No Eul (Bae Suzy) tells him that he can hear his words all too clearly, and she sits there crying to the video.

Jung Eun (Lim Ju Eun) tells Eun Soo (Jung Sun Kyung) that she’s giving up on Ji Tae (Lm Ju Hwan). Joon Young comes back and kisses her. Jung Eun drops her phone.

Eun Soo hangs up the phone and Ji Tae admits his mother that he’s not there to admit defeat but rather to declare war. He warns her that he doesn’t know how far she’ll go but he’ll follow her. He gets up and leaves.

Jung Eun goes and washes her face. She comes back and tries to hit him but he catches her hand. He tells her that maybe next time she can remove her engagement ring for the kiss because he isn’t as generous to accept a woman still wearing the ring.  (I do like the ring.) Kook Young (Jung Soo Kyo) comes and notices Jung Eun there. He accuses him of doing something and asks if he’s forgotten who she is. He walks away while Kook Young is cursing him out.

Kook Yung comes out and takes Jung Eun’s keys. She slaps him and accesses him of looking down on her just like Joon Youn had. He tells her that’s not the case and admits that he will try and forget everything when he drops her off.

No Eul arrives at Joon Young’s house and hesitates before ringing the doorbell. During the hesitation she sees Kook Young pull out in the car, with Jung Eun in the back seat.

Screenshot 2016-08-25 11.40.22.png

Joon Young is in his bedroom and the memory of him telling No Eul that he’s really good at disappearing, but the time hasn’t come yet plays. He breathes on the glass and draws a character of No Eul. Meanwhile, No Eul squats and starts t cry having figured everything out.

Ha Ru (Ryu Woh) performs her elementary school spell when Mrs Jang comes in and asks her why she’s still doing it. She pulls the paper from her mouth and Ha Ru complains that she has to eat it for it to come true. Her phone rings and she tells Mrs Jang to apologises because the spell worked.

Jik (Lee Seo Won) and Ha Ru meet up and he asks if she’s mad that he’s ignored her texts. She tells him that she’s not because she’s met plenty of guys while he was ignoring her. He understands and goes to take his leave but she stops him. He tells her that she’s met better men so why would he stay. She chastises him and tells him that even though she looks like a player she’s faithful. She stops gets embarrassed. He lays down some ground rules, like no touching until he’s graduated and he wants to get permission from their families to date. She accuses him of being so old fashion  but he wants to follow his values and take care of her.

Joon Young wakes up at 2:02 pm and gets a phone call from his doctor tell him that No Eul went to see him. He’s told that No Eul knows about his illness and he asks her to help him. He finds No Eul setting up in his living room and he asks how she’s gotten in. He then asks if their relationship wasn’t over, she says it was but it seemed like a large lost to her if they ended it there. She asks to continue working with him but he refuses and tells her that she has 1 minute to leave the house.

Ji Tae gets eaten out by his uncle who can’t believe that he’s trying to get his mother fired. Ji Tae simply explains that what she’s going doesn’t help the company. His paper’s get thrown in his face and he leaves. While picking up the papers Jung Eun comes and asks him to stop. She tells him that the only one to get hurt is him. He doesn’t answer and starts to tell him about Joon Young winning her over and asks if he’s not going to stop her. He stands and reminds her that he’s already given her his answer on the topic and walks away.

Screenshot 2016-08-25 12.12.50.png

Jung Eun goes to see Eun Soo and when she tries to talk about their phone conversation, Eun Soo talks about everything but. Finally, Jung Eun tells Eun Soo that she’s truly giving up on Ji Tae and has found another man. Eun Soo asks if she wants her to take care of it just like last time. (Warning! Danger! lol)

Hyun Joon (Yu Oh Seong) parks in front of Joon Young’s house and runs through everything he knows and even his interactions with Joon Young. He is nearly brought to tear when he realises that Joon Young is his son.

Ji Tae pulls up to Joon Young’s house to find his father standing there. He gets put and asks what brings his father there. and Hyun Joon admits that he came to asks Joon Young to perform at a festival his section his holding. Ji Tae asks his father how much he knows about his relations this with Joon Young, though Hyun Joon pretends to not understand, when Hyun Ji Tae turns away he reiterates the question. Ji Tae looks to his father and tells him that he knows as much as he does.

Ji Tae is standing in the driveway when Jon Young comes out. The go inside and Ji Tae asks him how long he has left to live. Joon Young tells him that there is no given time but he’s determined to not die. Ji Tae tells him that he will get revenge for him and No Eul so he shouldn’t make a fuss and should just die as the cool tragic star he is. He tells him it’s his last warning and then gets up to leave. Joon Young yells after him that he’s determined to not die.

Man Ok (Jang Hee Ryung) calls Joon Young and tells him that No Eul is at the shop.

No Eul is stuffing her face while Yong Ok (Jin Kyung) watches. Jung Sik (Choi Moo Sung) mentions how No Eul is like Young Ok that when she wants to cry she stuffs her face. No Eul starts dissing Joon Young and Young Ok tells her to date another man if Joon Young is weird. Once she’s done eating Young Ok and No Eul step outside and Young Ok tells her that she shouldn’t have let it get so far until she got hurt. No Eul asks her to hug her but hugs her instead. She holds in the tears and tells her mother that she shouldn’t cry or get too worn out no matter what. Joon Young pulls up and watched No Eul hold his mother.

Jung Eun goes up on the roof top and thinks about her conversation with Eun Soo. She looks at her engagement ring and then other at the billboard of Joon Young’s new documentary. She remembers her last time with Joon Young.

Ji Tae also sees the promotion.

They are shooting the documentary but Joon Young is distracted. He gets reasked the question and starts talking about his girlfriend. Namgoog (Park Soo Young) says it’s Yoo Na, but Joon Young disagrees. Kook Young asks who and starts naming off people Joon Young confirms it Jung Eun. No Eul shoes up with a meal and Namgoog is mad that she showed up after being fired. She tells him that she won’t hand over her videos if sheès not a part of the project.

Meanwhile, Joon Young starts to having an attack and suddenly stands and tells everyone to leave. He goes inside and No Eul tells them to leave. Namgoog blames No Eul for the issue and Kook Young asks if she’s ok. She tells him she’s fine and then he tells Namgoog that he’s quitting and will send his resignation letter to him later.

Inside the house, Joon Young struggles to the bathroom. He manages to get there and take his pills before collapsing in the hallway where No Eul finds him. (They still look like tic-tacs to me.) He comes to with her wiping his face. She tells him that she contemplated calling 911 but it would have been bad if it got out. She tells him to go to the hospital but he throws her phone. She begs him to get treatment but he doesn’t want to hear any of it. He drags her out and she swears that she will tell everyone that he’s sick. He tells her to do as she pleases and pushes her out.

Joon Young changes his passcode before collapsing to the ground and No Eul becomes frustrated and sadden by his lack of drive to live.

Ji Tae arrives home to find his father sitting in his car. He mentions that he’s gotten home late. Hyun Joon could say the same. Ji Tae makes his father promise to stay with his mother no matter what happened. His father agrees and asks Ji Tae the same thing but Ji Tae admits that he can’t make the promises. That’s why he’s making his father make the promise for him, so at least one of them will stay by her side.

Jung Eun is in the bathroom at the Choi household and she removes her engagement ring in the bathroom. When she comes out Ha Ru wants to ask her questions about relationships. Hyun Joon and Ji Tae arrive and Ji Tae tells his mother that she should have told him that Jung Eun was coming. Eun Soo tries to break the tension and being Jung Eun into the kitchen. Jung Eun walks up to Ji Tae and tells him that it is time they stopped the charades. She hands him back the ring and tells Hyun Joon that she’s found herself another man. She goes to leave and Hyun Joon inquires as to the identity of the new man.

Joon Young is laying in his living room and then suddenly gets up. He starts looking for Pororo how is missing.

Jik is sitting with Na Ri and asks for her hand. He tests out several things that make his heart race with Ha RU. Na Ri asks if he’s going insane. He kisses her cheek and wonders why he feels normal with her but feels like his hearts going to explode with Ha Ru. No Eul suddenly stands and calls out bastard and leaves. This leaves a very confuses Jik and Na Ri in her wake.

Joon Young looks for Pororo and then finally calls Kook Young. He asks if he wants to talk he should have found a better excuse because he sent Pororo to the countryside not that long ago. Joon Young starts to disagree and then remembers that he had. Kook Youn hangs up because he doesn’t want to talk with him.

No Eul starts banging on his door and tells him that changing his passcode is petty. She screams at him and accuses him of thinking that pushing her away was for her best since he thought it would be painful after he dies. She tells him that it’s not the case and wants to spend all of the time he has left with him. She starts to cry and tells him that she loves him. He gets a message about a 13 days expiration and the Kook Young calls him again. He reminds him that no matter how big a star he is he can’t go messing with people. Joon Young asks about an alarm on his phone and Kook Young doesn’t know about it. The signs that his memory is starting to go.

Jung Eun arrives and walks right past No Eul to ring the door bell. Joon Young comes and answers the door. He’s surprised to find Jung Eun there. She tells him that she’s come without her engagement ring and asks to come in. She hugs him and he stands there motionless. No Eul peeks around the corner.

Uncontrollably Fond Episode 15 Recap
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Uncontrollably Fond Episode 15 Recap



We rewatch the altercation between Jung Eun (Lim Ju Eun) and No Eul (Bae Suzy). No Eul meets with Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) at the elevator. He voice over tells us that she had a dream of meeting with Joon Young at a moment where she was feeling so useless. She wipes away her tears and gets on the elevator and he steps out. Joon Young stands there for a second and when the doors started to close he lets go of his presents and stops it. He steps back in and takes her hand. He asks jokingly if her jacket ate everything that she was supposed to eat. He asks if she’s hungry. She stays quite but her monologue tells use that she believes that it’s a dream and everything will go away once she wakes up.

Joon Young makes her pasta and she stares at him as he tries to make her eat it. He takes a bite and then tells her not to eat it. She does anyways and her monologue tells us that it was the first time he cooked for her and even though she knows it’s a dream she couldn’t not eat it. She asks for some kimchi and he goes to get it for her but instead gives her a kiss. The Monologue reiterates that it’s a dream and it makes he feel so lonely.

They play Jenga and when she looses she runs away from the consequences. Joon Young ends up faking difficulty breathing to catch her. He doesn’t end up flicking her but kisses her forehead instead. She begs for morning not too come. She threatens that if anyone tries to wake her from the dream then she will get her revenge on them.

Screenshot 2016-08-24 10.47.29.png

Back to reality and No Eul gets on to the elevator and though it kills him Jon Young doesn’t look back.

Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) tells Jung Eun that she can make him pay but to leave No Eul alone. She tells him that she will kill her with her own hands. He tells her to stop and she asks if he thinks that she can’t. He asks her if once wants enough. She doesn’t follow and he asks if playing with someone’s life once wasn’t enough for her. She should never joke about it. He goes to leave but he grabs on to him. She tries to get him to stay for her birthday, but it takes Joon Young to step in for him to be able to leave.

Ji Tae leaves and because the elevators are so slow he takes the stairs. He calls her but No Eul is lost in her world and she doesn’t answer.

Joon Young hands Jung Eun a pair of shoes and a bouquet. The shoes were to replace te ones she damaged at his house. She asks him why he’s being so nice to her since he’s told her that he’s not interested in seducing her. He tells her to not plan any ideas of revenge but rather show him what he’s missing. He tells her to try and fall for himself and leave Ji Tae behind, or better yet seduce him.

Joon Young is in his car when Ji Tae calls him. He asks him what he’s plotting getting close to Jung Eun. He tells him that he’s trying to help him. He tells him that people should be together when they can and tells him that a few good deeds before he dies won’t kill him. Ji Tae tries to tell him off and he tells him that if he appreciates it to buy him a drink one day and he hangs up.

Na Ri (Kim Min Young) comes in and chastises No Eul for leaving everything outside and they can’t even return it or sell it. Na Ri wants No Eul to give back the 1 billion won even if she has to take more money from the loan sharks. She tells her she’s not going to and she threatens to tell Jik (Lee Seo  Won) about it. She tells her she can’t, and Na Ri warns her to return the money before Jik finds out. Na Ri goes to check the door after the doorbell rings but No Eul refuses to see Ji Tae so he leaves a coat on the doorstep for her before leaving.

Screenshot 2016-08-24 11.44.54.png

The part-timer gives Man Ok (Jang Hee Ryung) a box of lipsticks. She tells him that he didn’t have to and then tries them on. Jung Sik (Choi Moo Sung) sees what going on and Man Ok grabs the part-timer’s hand and runs away. (I really got to figure out what his name is.)

Kook Young (Jung Soo Kyo) is working when he overhears some customers talking about Joon Young. He tells himself to not get involved with them as he’s no longer Joon Young’s manager. Young Ok (Jin Kyung) steps in and tells the customers that she gave birth to Jon young and she’s surprised that he got everything from plastic surgery. Joon Young comes in a tells his mother that she shouldn’t be yelling at the customers. He sits down and talks with the customers. When the customers tell him that they didn’t say that, Kook Young comes over and tells Joon Young every other thing they said. Young Ok chastises him for called the customers bastards. Joon Young tells Kook Young that he needs to stay at the restaurant for a bit longer and leaves.

Joon Young gives his mum a lift and asks her if she can prick his finger because he’s been feeling ill for the last few days and none of the medicine is working.

One inside she is patting his arm and asks if he’s lost weight. He admits that he’s been feeling fat so he’s on a diet. She yells at him that he’s crazy because he’s just skin and bones. He tells her to just tell him that she loves him. She’s lost and he tells her to stop pretending to be mad when she’s not and tell him her true feelings. She brushes off his hands and stabs his finger hard.

Screenshot 2016-08-24 12.06.10.png

Joon Young is driving home when he thinks of his mother’s parting words. She tells him that Kook Young has told her that he’s being terrible to No Eul. She tells him that Hyun Joon (Yu Oh Seong) has no ties to that family so she doesn’t want him to stop doing what he wants because of him. He thanks her for telling him.

He pulls into the drive to finds No Eul sitting there. She stands when he pulls in but he doesn’t look in her direction. She is about to ring the doorbell when Joon Young opens the door.

No Eul steps into the house and mentions how hot it is. She coughs and Joon Young turns to look at her briefly.

No Eul is sitting at the table and Jon young brings her a cup of tea. She tells him that she wants to come and tells him her last goodbye She tells him that since they did date she should do it properly. However, she didn’t want to ask why they are breaking up. Joon Young doesn’t say anything so she continues to ramble on by herself. She tells him that he should compensate her for the wasted time and requests for 10 million won. She tells him that she was going to ask for a loan but that way they would have to see each other again and this way she’ll be too embarrassed to see him again. He tells her ok and asks for a moment. He goes into his room and fights back tears while No Eul steels herself at the table.

Joon Young comes out with a chequebook and writes her a blank check. He tells her to write whatever about she wants and when she asks if she can have his fortune, he tells her she can. She tells him that she’s not a thug and will only right 10 million won. She tells him she’s leaving and tells him to live a good life, before calling him an evil bastard and leaving. She leaves crying and he sits at the table. He says out loud to no one that he’s sure that he’ll get his punishment when he gets sent to hell.

Jik is at the library thinking about Ha Ru (Kyu Woh) kissing him. He’s read the books and even consulted an online forum. When Ha Ru calls he shuts off the phone.

Ha Ru can’t believe that he’s gone silent. She tries to make herself feel better by telling herself that he must have been taken back from her sudden kiss but suddenly gets pissed at him for ignoring her. The maid tells Ha Ru that her breakfast is in her room because Eun Soo (Jung Sun Kyung) has a guest.

No Eul sits across from Eun Soo and slides an envelope across to her. She tells her that it’s the 1 billion won she gave her. She tells Eun Soo that she won’t be seeing Ji Tae with or without the 1 billion won. She tells her that if God exists then surely he’ll help her just once, but she tells her not to worry because she’s certain that God is dead.

Ji Tae pulls in right when No Eul comes out of the house. She tells him that she’s returned the 1 billion won. Though he’s proud of her she tells him that she won’t be seeing him again since she’s not going to be seeking revenge he’s of no use. She walks away leaving him with the blow.

Eun Soo gets a call from her secretary telling her the Ji Tae has called an emergency board meeting. It appears like he’s trying to get her fired at the next shareholders meeting. She doesn’t believe it, but when Ji Tae comes home inquiring about his suit she knows the report is accurate.

Ji Tae is getting dressed when his mother barges in. She mentions it would have been nice that he warn her before calling for an emergency board meeting. He tells her that it’s not a surprise that it’s happening. All of the projects that she’s greenlighted without the shareholders’ approval have crashed and burned and everyone associated with them have been fired. She asks if he’s thought of what people would say about him. He tells her that they will either thhe’s his the prodigal son whose blinded by ambition or they’ll have faith in him. She asks if No Eul is more important than his mother. He turns to her and tells her that it’s not because No Eul is important it’s because Hyun Jon and Eun Soo are wrong.

Screenshot 2016-08-24 12.56.25.png

Hyun Joon goes to talk with Ji Tae and asks if he can finally tell the world about his parents. He admits that he can’t but he can’t change the past, however, he can fight to stop them from using the wealth and influence to destroy anyone else’s life. Hyun Joon tells him that her rooting for him to win this fight and walks away.

When they get out Hyun Joon’s secretary tells him that Joon Young has no father listed on the birth registry which is why they took Young Ok’s last name. Though Hyun Joon is sure that she was married, they couldn’t find any proof of that.

Young Ok was developing a new dish when Jung Sik starts plucking her which hair. He starts going off about stress and Young Ok asks him if he likes her. Jung Sik turns red, which gives us the answer we already knew. Namgoog (Park Soo Young) comes in and tells her that he’s noticed it that he’s liked her for a while. When Jung Sik tries to retort he digs himself a hole. She gets made and leaves. Everyone gangs up on him about his feelings and then when Namgoog tells him about introducing Young Ok to a single father, Jung Sik pulls him aside says something that makes him freeze. He then heads out to talk with Young Ok.

Jung Sik tries to talk with Young Ok but she ignores him. He grabs another white hair and she goes after him. Hyun Joon watches from the car but it seems almost painful for him.

Jung Eun goes to see Ji Young at his house. She tells him that she’s received expensive wine and wants to share it with him. He apologises that he needs to step out for a moment and she tells him that she’ll just look around the house while he’s gone. He leaves and parks his car a little way down the road and sits there.

No Eul goes to the stares at the footage that she shot. He tells her to organise it. She tells him that he’s taken over the project and now he’s just rubbing salt in her wounds. He waves three 100,000 won bills in front of her.

Jung Eun looks around Joon Young house while he simply sits in his car.

No Eul is working on the video from the documentary. She tries really hard but finally gives up right when the scene from the beginning played with him asks her to go out with him for 3 months.

Secretary Kang tells Ji Tae that none of the board members will come no matter how long he waits. Kang asks if he thought that Eun Soo was going to let herself be attacked. He tells him that he didn’t but he wanted to test how much power his mother had.

Joon Young falls asleep in his car and wakes to Jung Eun calling him. He throws his phone on the passenger’s seat. Jung Eun gets up and is about to storm out when she stops.

No Eul continues going through the footage and she runs through all of the times that he essentially tell her how much she means to him. When she gets handed another tape it’s all the times that he mouthed worried of adoration to the camera, but because she can’t hear it she assumes he’s cursing her out.

Jung Eun sits alone at the table and drinks the wine. When Jon Young comes in he surprises that she was still there. She throws the wine glass at the window shattering it. She screams at him about knowing his place, but he simply called Kook Young to come and get her.

No Eul sits there and tries to figure out what Joon Young meant about not having much time.

Jung Eun tells Joon Young to come out and apologise to her. He comes out and apologises then picks up her phone when Eun Soo calls. He hangs up and tells her that she shouldn’t come to him with loose ends. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth but he is the top star.

Eun Soo is calling with Ji Tae tells her to stop. She tells him that if he’s there to surrender he can do it over dinner with Jung Eun. He tells her that he’s not there to surrender.

Jung Eun picks up the phone and tells her mother that she’s giving up on Ji Tae because he will never come to her. She is in the middle of telling her to give up when Joon Young kisses her.

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