Let’s Fight Ghost Episode 16 Recap – FINALE-



We’re back to Myung Chul (Kim Sang Ho) trying to fend off the evil spirit and it getting a blow in. Bong Pal (TaecYeon) calls to him after he collapses and after he gets up Hyun Ji (Kim So Hyun) throws him the bracelet. Bong Pal grabs it in his hand and punches the evil spirit causing it to get destroyed. Bong Pal and Kim Hyun go to check on Myung Chul. After much screaming, Myung Chul tells Bong Pal to move his hand because he can’t breathe. He sits up and goes to check on Hye Sung (Kwon Yool). The man was still alive. Just then In Rang (David Lee) , Chun Sang (Kang Ki Young) and a detective (Yoon Seo Hyun) come around the corner.

Hye Sung is sitting in the back of the ambulance and looks up at the group. The detectives usher him off but before getting into the car he looks at them one more time. Bong Pal asks what’s going to happen to Hye Sung because in a way he is a victim too. Myung Chul agrees with him, however, to the rest of the world he’s a murderer.

Bong Pal takes Hyun Ji home. Her parents come out to greet her. Hyun Ji’s Mother (Choi Ji Na) rips into Bong Pal, saying that Hyun Ji was in danger twice because of him. Hyun Ji tries to defend Bong Pal but she gets ushered inside. Mother tells him that they’re leaving and he should end his feelings for Hyun Ji there is he knows what’s best for both of them. Bong Pal hands Hyun Ji’s mother her necklace and asks that she give it to her.

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Hye Sung is in the police station and the detective interrogates Hye Soon. He quickly admits to killing the 5 people that the detective showed him.

When he is being transferred his mother comes up to him. He looks at her briefly and a tear rolls down his cheek before looking back at his feet. He gets ushered off and right after his mother starts to cry.

Bong Pal comes back home to find Myung Chul drinking. Bong Pal mentions that he only ever drinks when injured. Myung Chul tells him that there is no medicine for being beaten by a ghost. Bong Pal chastises him for not having any food and tells him to wait for a moment. Bong Pall makes a stew and Myung Chul compliments him. He asks if Hyun Ji is leaving and Bong Pal confirms that she s. He asks if he’s sad and he claims that he’s not.

Hye Sung’s mother goes to see him in prison. She asks why he did it when she knows it wasn’t him. He tells her that with his hand he didn’t kill those people. He tells her the the crimes in his heart and larger than the crimes he did physically. If he hadn’t been the way he was this wouldn’t have happened. He then tells her not to come because it’ll just bring her more pain if she sees him. She tells him that she’s going to come every day even if he refuses to see her until he can forgive her.

Hyun Ji calls Bong Pal once more and tells him that their things are packed and they’re leaving. She asks if he understands what her mother did. He promises that he does and tells her to study hard. She agrees. When she steps outside she starts to look around for Bong Pal but gets ushered into the car. She doesn’t see him, but he steps around the corner to watch her leave.

As He watches her leave he remembers their conversation. He admits the is he sees her that he won’t be able to let her go. He wants her to get because to her normal life and not put anything on hold for him. He tells her to be patient and they’ll be together again when she comes for college.

We see Hyun Ji working really hard on her studies while Bong Pal continues his life at college.

Bong Pal checks Hyun Ji’s college application results while Hyun Ji waits for a phone call. She goes outside to calm her racing heart. A ghost pops out of nowhere and she tries to ignore it.She ends up hitting it and tells him to go way. She calls in for her results and gets a long face.

She calls Bong Pal and tells him that she didn’t pass the exam. He tells her that there is a next time. He offers to sit the semester out so they can go to school together, but she tells him that he needs a stable job. She starts hinting about the future and he plays dumb. When she says that he’ll be living alone he tells her that since he’ll be living with her in 4 years it’ll be impossible. She doesn’t know how she’ll wait another year but Bong Pal assures her that she can.

Bong Pal is in class and gets assigned a class. He thinks about erasing his name and making a group for just him but he tells them that they should work hard.  Chun Sang comes to see Bong Pal and tells him that they’re in trouble with Seo Yeon (Baek Seo E) and In Rang gone they need another member. Bong Pal doesn’t care and Chun Sang tells him that he doesn’t like his attitude. Bong Pal tells him that he has to get to class and leave. Chun Sang gets a call from In Rang.

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In Rang starts yelling at Chun Sang about them not getting a single job since they opened the company. He shows him his receipts He asks about the new recruits and Chun Sang tells him that he’s still working on it. In Rang yells at him and banishes him to do the cleaning. (Like a good little wife 😛 I joke, I can’t clean for shit)

Myung Chul gets to a job to get the owner of the house tells him that the priestess says that his prayers have no power. He asks who is lying like that and a priestess comes down. She acts as if she says a ghost and when he calls her a fake she attacks him.

They get taken to the police station and Myung Chul tells them he didn’t push her she just tripped. She lunged at him again and it takes several police officers to hold her back.

Bong Pal gets invited to the freshman party and he tells them he doesn’t go to events like that. They beg him to come and finally he agrees.

At the bar, 2 seniors are talking about a really hot girl who was just accepted that year. They start their introductions and Bong Pal doesn’t pay any attention until he hears Hyun Ji’s voice. They make eye contact and he smiles. She gets asked if she has a boyfriend, she tells them she doesn’t and he’s there right then. Everyone turns to Bong Pal.

He asks why she lied about failing. She admits that she wanted to surprise her. He was trying to think of ways that he could survive another year without her. He finds out that she’s staying with her uncle close to his house. She promises to be stuck to him like glue. She tells him that he should call her Noona since she’s older than him but he refuses.

Screenshot 2016-08-31 11.30.51.png

When he drops Hyun Ji off her gets a phone call and heads to the police station. Once outside he tells Myung Chul that he shouldn’t be getting into fights. Myung Chul tells him that in his professions ethics are everything. He tells him he’ll take his leave and Bong Pal stops him. He tells him that he isn’t well and should stop working and move in with him. His place in the mountains isn’t very comfortable and he’s cleaned out the spare room. Since Myung Chul is the only family he has left he wants to take care of him. Myung Chul wonders if he has sausages at home and he does.

A woman is working late and the computer shuts off. She wonders what’s going on and finds a ghost under her desk. She runs out of the building screaming.

Hyun Ji gets asked to go on a blind date, but she mentions that she has a boyfriend. The girls tell her that it’s not like she’ll get with anyone and does she thinks that her boyfriend hasn’t been on a blind date. So she gets dragged along to the really awkward blind date.

Bong Pal buys food and asks her where she is she tells him that she’s discussing homework at a cafe with friends and will call him in a bit. He wonders what homework and decided to go home.

They are playing a game and Hyun Ji doesn’t get to drink the beer that she wanted and one of the guys uploads a picture of the girls with the caption of being on a blind date.

Bong Pal gets a phone call from In Rang and gets asked where he is. In Rang inquires if he knows where Hyun Ji is. He admits that she said she was at a cafe and he gets sent a video of the date. Bong Pal is pissed.

He shows up and heads straight to her. He stands behind her and one of the girls tells her. She looks up and then back down. He introduces himself as Hyun Ji’s boyfriend and places her hands on her shoulders. They leave and Hyun Ji tells him that she’s always wanted to go on a blind date in college. He can’t believe she went there when she had a boyfriend. She assures him that she told them that she was seeing someone. He tries to stay mad but ends up laughing.

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They get to her house and She tells him that she hates saying goodbye. She gets a text telling her that her mother is in town. Hyun Ji tells Bong Pal to leave because she doesn’t want her mother to say anything. He calls to her and then takes her hand before walking up to the door. Her mother comes to the door and he says hello. She invites him in.

She mentions that it’s late to be hanging out. Hyun Ji tries to tell her not to say anything. She asks if he had something to ask her. Bong Pal asks for her permission to date. She asks if they hadn’t been doing it behind her back. She admits that she had a bad feeling since the beginning and it was only natural that a parent worries. He says he understands and walks out of the house solemnly. Hyun Ji asks if she’s serious. She admits that she’s in college and can do as she pleases but Bong Pal doesn’t seem like a bad guy. Hyun Ji kisses her mother’s cheek and Bong Pal does a little happy dance before leaving.

Hye Sung’s mother visits him in prison with food. He asks the guard for something and hands her a box. He tells her that he made it for her when he had time to craft. She finds it pretty and is sorry that it took so long for them to get to the point where they are now. Hye Sung tells her that he’s not resentful anymore. She admits that they can’t go back but they can try to have what they never did.

Myung Chul sends Bong Pal off and the lady from the box incident watches him. He tells her that he’s putting things away, not picking anything up. She tells him that she didn’t say anything. She goes to walk away and she trips. He catches her and tells her that she has a face for good fortune and shouldn’t hurt herself. He stands her back up and walks away with a wink. She things that she’s batting outside his league but she’s happy about it.

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Hyun Ji bumps into a woman (Lee Do Yeon) She apologises and picks up her bags. She feels like they’ve met before. Her boyfriend comes out of nowhere and apologises for being late. She tells him that she can’t date someone who is punctual. Another guy shows up and asks for her forgiveness. Hyun Ji is confused and the woman walks away.

Bong Pal meets up with Seo Yeon and congratulates her on her job. He asks what she’s doing there and she tells him that she needs some academic papers. Hyun Ji comes up and calls him Oppa. Seo Yeon congratulates them and goes her way. Bong Pal asks what it was about and Hyun Ji tells him not to smile like an idiot. He claims he wasn’t smiling and asks her to call him oppa again. She refuses and then reminds him to go to class. When he heads out she calls him oppa.

Hyun Ji is eating kimchi stew and hears someone complain about it. The woman prefers it with tuna, but Hyun Ji mutters to herself that she prefers it with pork. A guy sits beside her and agrees. He goes off about the flavour and Hyun Ji agrees. He tries to get her to join the Let’s eat club that is essentially a cooking club. Chun Sang chimes in and the guy stands at attention. He sends him away. Chung Sang asks if she has time after class because he has something to tell her.

Hyun Ji has to then sit through the presentation. Bong Pal comes in partway and she mentions that Chun Sang isn’t a student but a scam artist. Bong Pal drags her away and the duo follows. Hyun Ji tells them that she’s not going to join a club. Chun Sang can’t believe this and In Rang tells them that they borrowed so much money that his grandmother will break Chun Sang’s legs and arms. Bong Pal and Hyun Ji both admits to not needing the money. In Rang gets a call about a ghost and they ask him what he’s going to do.

Screenshot 2016-08-31 12.26.13.png

Hyun Ji tells Bong Pal that Chun Sang isn’t completely wrong. Though it’s hard to see ghosts they can help them too. Since not all ghost are bad they’re just like them filled with sadness. Bong Pal things back about all the god ghosts he has helped.

He is eating dinner with Myung Chul when he asks why he does exorcisms. He tells him that it allows him to help the ghost close their lingering attachments and the people move on. Bong Pal asks if he thinks that he could do that job. Myung Chul tells him that the only reason that he was so opposed to him doing exorcisms is because of the hatred in his eyes. If making other people happy makes him happy then he should do it. Bong Pal mentions that it’s odd when He says nice things.

They gang gets together and heads to the office building. Chun Sang tells them that it’s nice that they’re all back together. Bong Pal and Hyun Ji heads upstairs and she asks why he changed his mind. He tells her that he wants to know why they can see ghosts. They find the ghosts and charges at it.

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Let’s Fight Ghost Episode 13 Recap



Hyun  Ji (Kim So Hyun) encounters the ghost and after she falls she calls for Bong Pal (TaecYeon). He runs to her but while he gets rid of the ghost she passes out. He calls for help but no one hears.

While Myung Chul (Kim Sang Ho) is looking around Hye Sung’s (Kwon Yool) office, Hye Sung arrives. Hye Sung finds the monk coming out of his office and tells him he’s lost since that’s not the bathroom. He tells him, no kidding. He excuses himself and goes to leave. Hye Sung asks if he hadn’t come to see him and Myung Chul had wanted to asks about Bong Pal at school Hye Sung tells him he’s doing very good. He leaves him with a story about how curiosity killed a cat and Myung Chul provides someBuddha’sah’s words about evil and karma. He asks that he keeps them close to his heart because not an animal or even a ghost is exempt from the rule. Hye Sung moves closer to the Monk because a worker comes to tell him someone is there to see him. He tells her he’ll be up and he bids farewell to the Monk.

The older cop goes to see Hye Sung’s mother later in the evening. He asks her about the accident which she doesn’t understand why since it was ruled an accident. He mentions some discrepancies in the case after he went to the scene. He mentions that it would have been difficult to fall over the railing and he believes that he would have been pushed. When he asks her what her son was doing she tells him to leave.

The doctor tells Hyun Ji’s mother that everything is fine and it’s just temporary. She thanks the doctors and when they leave she tells Bong Pal he could leave to. He tells her ok and hands her Hyun Ji’s cellphone before leaving.

Screenshot 2016-08-23 11.11.29.png

Myung Chul is drinking while trying to figure out how Hyun Ji is linked to Hye Sung. Meanwhile, Hye Sung is in his office also thinking about Hye Sung and probably Myung Chul.

The cop comes back to the police station to find Sun Sang (Kang Ki Young) and In Rang (David Lee) bugging his partner. He asks what’s going on and In Rang asks him to find the  person who hurt their friend Hyun Ji. He asks them about the case and they tell him as little as they know. His partner tells him that it was the hit-and-run 5 years prior and due to no information the case was suspended. He tells them that he gets the gist so they can leave. They try and make him promise to reinvestigate but the younger officer tells them it’s not up to them. They get removed from the police station. The older cop tells him that the chief wants to see him because he’s been digging into Hye Sung’s past.

Bong Pal is applying a band-aid when a drunk Myung Chul arrives. He asks him why he drank so much and Myung Chul said because he wanted to. He goes for a kiss and when Bong Pal refuses he mentions that he used to give him tonnes as a child. He tells him that he’s not a child anymore and ushers him t the couch. He offers to make tea but Myung Chul just wants a glass of water. He passes out while Bong Pal gets it and is muttering that he’s sorry in his dream.

Hyun Ji wakes up and calls to her mother. She tells her she’s fine and when he mother asks she tells her that she say something scary and passed out. He suddenly remembers about Bong Pal and struggles to sit and asks her mother about him. He mother doesn’t want to hear about him because she doesn’t know if he’s a good person. Hyun Ji assures her that he is and he wasn’t the reason for her passing out. After her mother leaves, she wonders why she passed out and then thinks back to the incident and wonders what she saw.

Bong Pal is at home researching Amnesia and texts Hyun Ji t makes sure she’s fine. She smiles to herself when she notices that Bong Pal changed his caller ID.  They talk and when she asks about what she saw, Bong Pal promises to tell her later. She tells him that she’s being discharged the next day and invites him and he tells her that he’s going.

Hyun Ji’s mother comes in and tells her to go to bed. When Hyun Ji tells her after she’s sent something, her mother takes her phone. She reminds Hyun Ji that she’s still a patient and needs her sleep. If she finds her playing with her phone she will confiscate it. She tells her mum she’ll go to sleep

Once Her mother falls asleep Hyun Ji pulls out her phone and starts texting Bong Pal. They texts so late that they both fall asleep while holding their phones around 3am.

The next morning Bong Pal wakes up and smiles at his phone. He puts it into charge and goes about his day. He makes hangover soup and wakes Myung Chul up. He tells him to eat and when Myung Chul asks where he’s going first thing in the morning. He admits that Hyun Ji is being released and he’s going to see her. After Bong Pal leaves, Myung Chul admits to himself that he’s not sure if it’s ok that the pair continues to see each other.

Bong Pal is heading to the hospital when he sees a sign for a necklace and decided to go buy one. When he goes into the store he suddenly turns into a yes man but when he sees the necklace and hears that it was designed to represent destiny, he buys it.

Bong Pal arrives at the hospital to see Hyun Ji when her mother comes along. She tells him that she doesn’t like him coming. She fainted while with him and since she’s only just woken up from a 5-year come she can’t have the happen again. She asks him to leave. After she walks away Bong Pal looks dejected.

Hyun Ji gets a clean bill of health and is told she could leave. He mother inquires about the fainting spell and the doctors assure her that it’s normal. Hye Sung arrives and apologises for being late. They are told that he’s the one who agreed to help wth the outpatient care for her. They thank him and when they inquire about her father, she mentions that he’ll be home that evening. Hye Sung offers to help bring her belongs. Hyun Ji doesn’t like it but her mother reminds her that it would be rude to refuse. Meanwhile, Bong Pal is watching everything from the hallway.

Screenshot 2016-08-23 12.10.20.png

Hyun Ji and her mother thank the staff at the hospital and get into Hye Sung’s car. Hyun Ji looks around oncer more and wonders what happened because he said he would come. He mother asks what she said and she days nothing. Hye Sung gets in and tells them that he’s going to get going.

Bong Pal arrives home to find Myung Chul getting ready to leave. Myung Chul tells him that he’s stepping out for a bit. He asks why Bong Pal has come back and when Bong Pal puts Hyun Ji’s discharge gift on the table he admits that she doesn’t remember her time as a ghost. Myung Chul tells him that he shouldn’t be saying anything for his sake but he asks if it’s really a good idea that she remembers being a ghost. He tells him that he doesn’t know how she’ll react once she remembers. It might be for the best to let her g and help her live a normal life.

Hye Sung asks if Hyun Ji has gotten any of her memories back and she admits that she didn’t. She tells him that she hasn’t. He mother tears into her about going to an unknown academy to fulfil ad favour to an unknown person and he being too nice. She then starts in on the hit-and-run criminal(obviously not knowing that she’s in the car with him). they arrive at their house.

Hye Sung drops the items inside and they thank him. He promises to call to schedule their appointments and takes his leave. Hyun Ji asks if this is their new home and she’s told that this is just the place where they’ve been living temporarily since her accident. She gets told to go upstairs because she made sure it was perfect.

Hyun Ji runs upstairs and finds her room exactly how it was, she also sees the clothes her parents bought her over the years. Her mother tells her that they bought it for her birthdays and prayed she would wear them when she woke up. She tells her to organise everything and to come out. Hyun Ji starts to hold out the outfits. She comes out and kisses her mum promising that she’ll be a good daughter from then onwards.

Hye Sung watches from outside and says to himself that it’s clear that she’s always had the item. We get a little flashback of them crossing paths at the shrine. He gets into his car and leaves.

Screenshot 2016-08-23 12.28.48.png

The two cops are in the chief’s office and gets eaten out about wanting to reopen the hit-and-run case. He tells them that it’s been closed for a while. He tells them to leave without saying a word. The younger one can’t believe that he told the chief that he’s was reinvestigating. He tells him he only told him because he made him report.

Bong Pal is in his room when he gets Hyun Ji’s text asking him what he’s doing. He decided not to answer which pisses her off.

the next day Chun Sang is eating some off cookie cereal meal in the club room across from In Rang. He asks what he’s doing and he finds him on a website trying to figure out what happened to Hyun Ji. He tells him that he should be studying. In Rang accuses him about not feeling bad for Hyun Ji and Bong Pal. Though he tells him he does he doesn’t see what will come of posting on a website that no one will read. Right then a package arrives and Chun Sang gets it. In Rang is chastising him for ordering games as ‘bare necessities’. He hands him something and tells him to walk backwards. They unravel a sign says that they are looking for witness and tells him that they should hang it where people walk. He tells him that he’s had several already printed. In Rang is thrilled about it.

Hyun Ji gets ready to go to school to sit in on Hye Sung’s class.

Bong Pal runs into In Rang and Chun Sang heading to class. They tell him that they are going to hang a sign looking for Hyun Ji’s hit-and-run driver. They ask if she’s remembered anything and he admits that she doesn’t. In Rang tells him that he wishes she remembers soon so that they can all hang out together again.

Hyun Ji arrives and notices Bong Pal, she goes up to him and asks why he ignored her text message. He admits to not seeing it and asks what bring her to campus. She tells him that she’s sitting in on Hye Sung’s classes. He pauses for a second and realises that it’s his class. She tells him that it’s a god thing and then asks for him to take her to class. They head off and In Rang is worried about how Bong Pal is acting around Hyun Ji.

Screenshot 2016-08-23 13.04.51.png

When they get in she asks who they are and he tells her that they’re his seniors. She admits that they look familiar. He asks how she knows Hye Sung and she tells him that he’s helping with her treatments. HE continues on. they arrive at the class when Hye Sung arrives. He asks Hyun Ji if it was ok for her to come and Hyun Ji assures Hyun Ji that her doctors want her to go out more. He asks if Hyun Ji and Bong Pal know each other and she tells him that they know each other a little.

Bong Pal takes his seat and Seo Yeon (Baek Seo E) comes and takes the seat next to him right before Hyun Ji could. Seo Yeon asks who she is and Bong Pal tells her she’s sitting in on that day’s class. Hyun Ji sits across the alley and gets irritated by his comment. When Seo Yeon mentions Bong Pal’s injury he tells her it’s just a scratch and not to worry. Hyun Ji wonders if he got hurt because of her. Hyun Ji glances over at Bong Pal and gets irritated by how close Seo Yeon is to him. Meanwhile, Bong Pal doesn’t like the looks that she shares with Hye Sung.

Chun Sang and In Rang get torn into about their excessive use of signs and not getting permission from the police department.

Myung Chul goes to the police station and tries to get them to look into Hye Sung. The older police officer comes to see him and is surprised that he’s talking about Hye Sung. They interview her and Myung Chul tells them that Hyun Ji’s ID was seen in Hye Sung’s office. The police acknowledge that none of her possessions were found at the crime scene. They are apologetic but without evidence, they can’t investigate. Just then Chun Sang and In Rang get brought in for hanging illegal banners about the hit-and-run.The police detective tells his partner to pull the accident file because things are getting interesting.

Before Chun Sang and InRng get called over to Myung Chul. He asks if they know Hye Sung and In Rang places him. Myung Chul asks if they can do him a favour.

Screenshot 2016-08-23 13.23.37.png

Hye Sung heads to Hye Sung after the class but he goes to talk with Hyun Ji. He asks her about the class and she found it interesting. Bong Pal sneaks out behind the professor and heads out. Hye Sung asks if she wants her appointment later that day and she admits that she has something to do and leaves this allows Seo Yeon to asks if she can talk with him.

Seo Yeon finally admits to liking him and he apologises. He asks if he led her on or acted inappropriately in any way. She tells him he didn’t it was her own fault for liking him. He tells her that he will appreciate her feeling, hands her a pen and walks away.

Bong Pal is reading when Hyun Ji comes across him. She asks why he left and he reminds her that she was talking with the professor. She sits beside him and asks if she’s been there before. He reminds her that she followed him around. Though she doesn’t believe it the location feels familiar. She tells him that she has to get going because her friends are going to help her pass her tests. He tells her not to rush and she admits that she’s 5 years behind and has so much to catch up on. Bong Pal watches her leave as he remembers Myung Chul’s words.

Hyun Ji meets up with her friends and has a good time.

Bong Pal is heading home when he bumps into Seo Yen. They go out to drink . He asks if something happened but she won’t tell him. He tries together to stop drinking and she spills some beer on him. When he’s in the bathroom she has some more beer.

Hyun Ji finishes with her friends and while walking home she sees a ghost. When she walks into a pharmacy, she calls Bong Pal but Seo Yeon answers the phone.

Bong Pal wants to take Seo Yeon home but Hyun Ji arrives and tells Seo Yeon to take the taxi that just brought her and drags Bong Pal away.

Screenshot 2016-08-23 13.48.09.png

She asks what up with him, she starts screaming at him about changing his feeling and how it bothers her. She admits that seeing him with another girl bothers her to no end. He starts to smiles and she tells him that he should be trying again and again until she remembers. Without thinking, he kisses her and she kicked him. She starts t walk away and he calls after her to at least put the ointment on before leaving.

She ends up putting on the ointment roughly and smacks the cut after she puts on the band-aid. He pulls out the necklace from his bag and hands it to her as a welcome home gift. She thanks him and loves the necklace.

While he walks her back home he asks if they’re going out. She tells him that it depends on how he behaves. He assures her that he’ll behave and that she’s the only woman for him. He wishes her goodnight and goes inside.

Her mother asks her what took her so long and reminds her that she was out with friends. He mother tells her she’s going to her uncles and to lock up. She tells her not to worry and asks her to pick up ice cream. When she is alone she notices the ghost again outside but she doesn’t know it’s a ghost.

the older cop starts looking into Hye Sung’s cars and finds that he had a white car and scrapped it 2 days after the accident. They find the timing interesting.

Hye Sung burns all of Hyun Ji’s belongings.

Hyun Ji is alone when she suddenly feels someone beside her. She turns to see the ghost. She runs out of the house and calls Bong Pal. Hye Sung is standing at the end of the street.

Screenshot 2016-08-23 14.03.51.png

Bong Pal finds Hyun Ji at the park crying. She asks him what she to do now. She can see ghosts. Bong Pal holds her and tells her that no matter what he’ll protect her.

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Let’s Fight Ghost Episode 11 Recap



Bong Pal (TaecYeon) searches the boat frantically for Hyun Ji (Kim So Hyun). When they land he runs straight to the apartment. He looks through the apartment to find Hyun Ji not there. When he steps into his bedroom he sees her dresses laying there. He picks up the white one and it vanishes in his hands. He goes into the living room and looks at the cake that Myung Chul (Kim Sang Ho) brought. He remembers asking her about it but she told him she disappeared on him. Bong Pal calls Myung Chul.

Myung Chul is at an internet cafe researching Hye Sung (Kwon Yool) when Bong Pal calls. They meet at a park and Bong Pal asks Myung Chul if he met with Hyun Ji that afternoon. That is the first time the monk heard her name. Bong Pal asks him what he said to her and Myung Chul side-steps it until he finally tells him that he told her to leave and given his demeanour she probably listened. Myung Chul tries to get Bong Pal to think reasonably about it but Bong Pal just leaves in search of Hyun Ji.

Hyun Ji is walking sadly next to the highway.

A taxi driver is driving down an abandoned street when his radio starts to go all wonky. He goes to adjust it but all the stations are staticky. The clock turns 2am and he looks up to see a woman standing in the middle of the road. He swerves and crashes into a barricade and the ghost comes over and looks into the car.

Screenshot 2016-08-16 12.08.50(2).png

Chun Sang (Kang Ki Young) gets called to the scene of the crash because everyone who has crashed there, claims to see a ghost. He acts all crazy before taking the case. He finds out that the ghost only appears at 2am. When Chun Sang is alone he complains about neither Bong Pal and In Rang (David Lee) answering his messages forcing him to work alone.

Hye Sung goes to visit Bong Pal’s mother. He tells her that because of what she did he has become the way he is. By saving his son’s life and leaving something behind she should have known it was signing the dead sentence on her husband and son. A monk comes in and asks who he is, but he simply turns and bows. Once the Monk continues on, he leaves.

The cops are at a break in that is similar to anther case. The old police officer is looking around and goes back to Hye Sung’s mother not having any pictures of the doctor even though he is a son that a mother would normally brag about. Moreover, she didn’t look too happy to see him. The police officer is determined to find out what is off about Hye Sung and decides to look into his father’s death.

Bong Pal runs around to places that he and Hyun Ji frequented but she’s not at any of them.

In Rang is drinking in the club room when Chun Sang comes in. He tells him that maybe he should stop. In Rang is determined to kill the person the Hyun Ji has feelings for. Chung Sang tells him that maybe he should try to kill himself another way and walks out.

He wonders what is wrong with Bong Pal and notices Seo Yeon (Baek Seo E). HE goes over to talk with her and asks what’s gotten her so concerned. She tells him it’s nothing and they talk about it being her last semester. She admits that she would love to stay longer if she could.

Screenshot 2016-08-16 12.34.12.png

Hyun Ji walks up to an amusement park and thinks back to what Myung Chul told her about Bong Pal being an outcast because of his eyes. She also remembers the time where she found out that his mother was killed by a ghost and the last day together. She tells herself that she has made the right decision. She sits in the Ferris wheel pod and cries, meanwhile, Bong Pal is sitting in his apartment crying.

Bong Pal goes to the amusement park and walks around in deep thought. He notices and calls to her. She jumps out of the compartment and pops away. She is at the entrance of the park running when she is overtaken by a dizzy spell and the sounds of a defibrillator. He catches up to her and asks where she’s been. He asks if she left because of what Myung Chul told her and he has told her to ignore it. He tries to get her to go home but she won’t. She admits her insecurities and how a human and a ghost being together doesn’t make any sense. She clung to him so she can move on and she forgot about the for a moment. She tells him that it’s lonely being with him since he’s the only person who can see her. He asks if she means it and if she’s unhappy with him. She tells him that she is.  He walks away and as Hyun Ji watches him leave she begins to cry. (Ok this scene like hurt me to watch.)

Bong Pal stops to drink some Soju and begins to cry.

Hyun Ji is sitting in the park and chastises herself for crying because after all, she left him. She sobs quietly.

Chung Sang and In Rang are heading to Bong Pal’s house and In Rang is complaining. Chun Sang to about him just calling Bong Pal. He reminds him that he’s not answering and mentions that it’s a perfect chance for him to see Hyun Ji. In Rang mentions that he can’t see Hyun Ji because they aren’t together and Chung Sang Reminds him that they were never together.

Chun Sang and In Rang find Bong Pal drinking. Chun Sang reminds him that he’s a horrible drinker and shouldn’t be drinking. In Rang asks if Hyun Ji is there and he tells him she’s not. In Rang assumes she’s at home and Bong Pal shoot that down again. He asks where she went and when she’ll be back and Bong Pal tells him that she told him that she’s never coming back. In Rang sits down with Bong Pal to assist in the drinking.

Screenshot 2016-08-16 13.05.59.png

Chun Sang carries Bong Pal home with much difficulty. He leaves In Rang in the parking lot after he fell and goes to his apartment. He tells Bong Pal, who is asleep, to never drink again. He goes to get water but before he leaves he hears Bong Pal mutters for Hyun Ji not to leave. When He goes downstairs he finds In Rang asleep and goes for the second round of drunk carrying.

Hye Sung picks up Bong Pal’s father’s cell phone and sees the Hanil University phone number. He Calls a friend of his and asks if they still work there. He admits that he has a favour to ask and  asks to meet in person.

Myung Chil arrived at Bong Pal’s the next day and knocks on the door. When Bong Pal doesn’t answer he lets himself in assuming that he’s at school He finds Bong Pal passed out on the couch and he can smell the alcohol. He can’t believe how much pain he’s in because of the ghost.He goes to the fridge to find that he has no food in the house and he sighs.

Hyun Ji walks up from a memory and remembers one thing Daehan Study.

Bong Pal wakes up to find a meal left for him from Myung Chul with a note telling him not to drink so much. He digs into the meal.

Screenshot 2016-08-16 13.21.57.png

Myung Chul gets a call from the priestess and is told that he should go to Namjae Temple because the monk there has something to tell him about Bong Pal’s father.

Bong Pal goes through his normal routine and sees little reminders of Hyun Ji in his apartment. He finally sees the pictures and has enough. He grabs her toothbrush and SAT study guide and throws them out before leaving to school.

Myung Chul arrives at the temple and has tea with the monk there. He is told that he had found it odd that Bong Pal’s father has come for his wife’s death ceremony but there is one man who came this time and 5 years prior. He describes te man and confirms that it’s Hye Sung. The monk tells him that 5 years ago Bong Pal’s father took his wife’s personal item. He remembers Bong Pal’s father running when he saw Hye Sung.

Cung Sang is rubbing In Rang’s back and tells him that he can’t go around killing himself. He asks if he thought his grandmother pinned over his grandfather. When Bong Pal arrives, Chun Sang asks if he’s alright because he drank a lot the night before. He tells the other 2 that he’s going to have to set them right in blood sausage soup is going to have a future. He tries to guide them through a spiritual awakening but then the phone rings. He answers it and tells the person that they’re on a break. Bong Pal asks if it’s work and when Chung Sang tries to push it off Bong Pal tells him that it’s fine.

Hyun Ji goes to an internet cafe and uses a computer to find out that Daehan was a college exam prep school and gets the address.

Hye Sung comes to the hospital and meets with his friends. She chastises him for being so busy that he can’t volunteer. He admits he’s been very busy and he should be able to start back up again. He checks with her but Bong Pal’s father isn’t a patient nor a guardian for anyone at the hospital.

As he’s driving back he notices Hyun Ji. She is walking when she sees a girl nearly get hit. Her memories of the accident come flooding back. She realises that she is standing in the spot where the accident happened.

Screenshot 2016-08-16 13.49.28.png

Hye Sung calls back his friend and asks her to look into Hyun Ji. Hyun JI as a mild fit as they keep her body alive (I’m assuming with all the hospital noises). Hye Sung wonders if she remembers. We get to see him run her over and asks for an item. He grabs the bag she was carrying and goes away when he hears the police sirens.  When the ambulance comes she remembers her surgery and flat-lining and the name of Hanil Hospital.

When Hyun Ji arrives at Hanil Hospital her mother comes out. She follows her home. She walks around her childhood home and sees all the happy memories. She goes to her mother and apologises that she’s so late.

Hye Sung is creeping outside the hospital.

The trio are heading to the accident scene when Chun Sang and In Ran are trying to cheer Bong Pal up. At 2am the radio turns on and Bong Pal tells them to look up ahead. They run right through the ghost. They freak out thinking that they hit someone but Bong Pal tells them that they didn’t but he did see and evil spirit. He decided it’s a good time to look around.

While Bong Pal is away the ghost comes out from under the car. The duo starts screams their heads off. Bong Pal comes back and takes care of the ghost quickly but a car comes right his way.

Screenshot 2016-08-16 14.11.02.png

Hyun Ji’s mother gets a phone call and leaves quickly. She wonders what is going on and she follows her.

Chun Sang and In Rang are going to the hospital with Bon Pal being iced in the back of the car. Bong Pal tells them it’s only a sprain but Chun Sang insists on going to the hospital since he’s the asset

Hyun Ji arrives at the hospital with her mother. She gets a feeling when she there and runs in.

Chun Sang  pulls into the hospital and ushers him in.

Hyun Ji’s mother gets told that she’s in shock and needs to be brought to the ICU. Her mother is shocked and Hyun Ji gets brought out and she sees herself on the gurney and has an attack.

Hyun Ji is pulled passed Bong Pal but he doesn’t notice. The doctor tells him that he’s wrist is fine so long as he takes care of it. In Rang asks about his head and the doctor suggests and x-ray. Though Bong Pal doesn’t want to deal with it, the doctor would prep the x-ray for him. Bong Pal get up to do the paperwork but Chun Sang tells him that he’ll take care of it.

Hyun Ji’s mother tells her about the shock and they will look into her. Hyun Ji stands next to her body. She thinks that Bong Pal would be happy to find out that she’s alive and goes in search of him.

Screenshot 2016-08-16 14.36.11.png

Hye Sung finds out that Hyun Ji is alive. He gets a call from his friend and she tells him that Hyun Ji has been in a coma for 5 years. He asks if there is a chance that she wakes up. She admits that it’s hard to say and it’s not impossible.

Hyun Ji runs to Bong Pal and hugs him. She tells him that she won’t leave him again because she’s alive. Hye Sung uses his evil energy to try and kill Hyun Ji. When she flat lines the doctors come in and try to save her. She stays flatlined and outside Hyun Ji is being held by a frantic Bong Pal. Finally when Hye Sung thinks that he’s won Hyun Ji’s heart starts up again and she wakes up.

Let’s Fight Ghost Episode 10 Recap
Let’s Fight Ghost Episode 12 Recap
Let’s Fight Ghost Recap Table of Content

Let’s Fight Ghost Episode 10 Recap



Bong Pal’s (TaecYeon) confession to Hyun Ji (Kim So Hyun) and their kiss is replayed.

Myung Chul (Kim Sang Ho) goes into Hye Sung’s (Kwon Yool) hospital. He greets him like any parent would. He introduces himself as Bong Pal’s uncle and hopes that he’ll take care of him. He inquires about whether they had met, Hye Sung suggests that they might have met in the neighbourhood. Myung Chul leaves him to his lunch and shakes his hand. Myung Chul’s expression changes a little before taking his leave. Outside Myung Chul’s hand is shaking and he turns to look at Hye Sung who is laughing with his staff.

While walking home Hyun Ji looks over at Bong Pal and remembers that kiss and him telling her not to worry. When they get home they find that Myung Chul isn’t there and he had been watching Bong Pal’s middle school graduation. Hyun Ji notices Hye Sung in the background but couldn’t place him. Bong Pal disconnects the camera and they start talking about his father. Hye Sung asks why he’s living separately from his father and he admits that it just kinda happened. He goes to wash up.

Myung Chul is at a street side shop and he wonders he thinks about his handshake with Hye Sung. He takes another shot of soju and tells himself that there is something wrong with Hye Sung.

Bong Pal comes out of the shower and sits next to Hyun Ji to watch a drama. Suddenly there is a kissing scene and they get super awkward. Finally, Bong Pal turns off the TV and Hyun Ji goes to bed. While sitting on the bed she tries to slow her increased heart rate.

Screenshot 2016-08-10 11.49.34.png

A man is walking through the school at night and he turns on the lights as he goes. He gets to an alcove where things get stored, but the light won’t turn on. He turns on the flashlight app on his phone and he starts to search for the item that he was looking for. He starts to hear mumbling and he looks up. He notices something had fallen and when he picks it up the ghost lunges at him. He runs away screaming. (A natural response I feel)

The man goes to see Chung Sang (Kang Ki Young) and In Rang (David Lee). He tells them about the occurrence and they agree to take a look. When they advise him to get the money ready Bong Pal comes in.

They go to the school and Bong Pal gets told where the last person saw the ghost. He’s also told that the ghost has been seen all around school and looks particular. We then see a small compilation of people getting scared by the ghost. They arrive at the alcove but the ghost isn’t there. He steps on the same tablet when they hear screams.  They run towards it to find girls fleeing. When Bong Pal arrives there is still no ghost energy and the person tries to run but is caught by Chung Sang and recognised. They get told the difficulties that he’s been having lately.

In Rang and Bong Pal talk about the difficulties of the job market when Chun Sang comes in. In Rang questions about the box but Bong Pal catches on right away that it’s the payment. He refuses the bracelet and tells them he wants cash. After he leaves, In Rang notices the rash starting on Chun Sang’s wrist due to the bracelet.

The cop pair goes to see a corpse in the morgue. He tells him that it’s an open and shut case. All the injuries point towards suicide. The coroner asks what is making him so interested, then asks if it’s the professor. The older cop agrees and the younger cop comes from taking a phone call and tells him the boss wants them on their new case.  They leave and the older cop tells him that he’s heading to Hye Sung’s mother’s house. The younger cop tells him that the boss will have a fit and the other offers to go alone. The go together as a pair ,though.

Screenshot 2016-08-10 12.19.47.png

The girl with the possessed brother calls her father and begs him to come home. She goes into his room to find him with a head wound. She tries to snap him out of it but he pushes her aside. He starts to stalk towards her but then stops and flees out the door. The sister is sitting on the ground and finally, she turns to look over her shoulder where the ghost is standing. The ghost turns to her and she screams.

In Rang is writing a love letter to Hyun Ji, when Chun Sang comes in and takes it from him. He teases him about it but it gets cut short when he gets a call on his work phone.

Seo Yeon (Baek Seo E) is standing infront of the lecture hall to find the notice that class is cancelled and she fires off a text before leaving. Bong Pal and Hyun Ji arrive and when they see that Hyun Ji suggests they do something fun, but they have to go to work.

The police officers come to Hye Sung’s mother’s house and she seems scared that they are there. She invites them in and offers then a beverage. They say they are there to asks some questions and she assumes that it’s about Hye Sung. She tells them that Hye Sung visits a lot but can’t remember dates since he comes so often. She stills and looks out the window. The police turn to find Hye Sung standing there. He asks if they’ve confirmed everything but they don’t give him an answer.

Bong Pal and crew arrives and the sister tells them what happened. She admits that the girlfriend looked at her. Bong Pal asks where he would normally go and then flips it and asks where the girlfriend would go. She picks up a picture and tells them that her brother scattered her ashes at the location in the picture.

They are driving and they notice him on the pier. They tell Chun Sang to drive faster but instead the car dies. Bong Pal and Hyun Ji break out at a run and they see the brother climb over the railing. Hyun Ji pops over first. She grabs the girlfriend and asks why she’s trying to kill the man. However, she tells her that she’s trying to save him. Just then he lets go and falls into the river. Thankfully. Bong Pal dives in after him and pulls him out. His girlfriend comes to him and asks him to stop.

Screenshot 2016-08-10 12.48.50.png

We get to see the blossoming of their relationship. Their encounter after he got so wasted because he found out about his brain cancer and their chance meeting. They continue through their cute relationship. He never tells her about the brain cancer and goes to have surgery. He calls her right before his surgery and leaves a message telling her about. She freaks and starts running without looking and gets hit by a car. As soon as he wakes up from the surgery he calls her to find that she’s passed away.

Back in the present, she asks him to not try and hurt himself because if he dies know it would make her even sadder. She tells him that her accident wants his fault and there is nothing that would have changed it. They exchange I love yous before she moves on.

They arrive back home, and Bong Pal promises to return the clothes the next day. In Rang stops him and asks him to give the latter to Hyun Ji so she can hear his heart. Bong Pal breaks it to him that Hyun Ji already likes someone and leave. In Rang mentions that it hurts and Chun Sang gives him a hug.

.Bong Pal and Hyun Ji are on the roof and Bong Pal mentions that they will need to separate like that one day. She tells him not to worry about the future because even if he does nothing will change. He then wonders if In Rang will be ok and she tells him that he will be.

Chun Sang takes In Rang to the pier to drink. He chastises him for not listening to him prior. In Rang tells him that if he had known how much it would hurt he wouldn’t have started in the first place. He takes out the letter and tears it up. He proclaimed that he will forget about Hyun Ji but then wants to kill himself. Chun Sang pulls him back, slaps him and then draws him into a hug to console him.

Screenshot 2016-08-10 13.10.30.png

Myung Chul goes back to the priestess and tells her about Hye Sung. She mentions that if he’s felt something the spirit is strong. He wonders if he could get the same weapon that he used on Bong Pal again. She mentions that they are rare and hard to find since the last spirit broke the one he had. He then asks for her to make Bong Pal a talisman but he is unsure that it’ll work.

Hye Sung is watching his mother in the garden. He comes outside and tells her that he’s going to leave. When he goes to check a cut on her hand she pulls away. This saddens the human side of him. When he leaves a neighbour comes over and asks if that was her son. She says that it wasn’t and we flash back to when he was a child and he killed his father. She had a bruise on her face so I’m going to assume it was an abusive relationship.

Bong Pal comes home to find Hyun Ji studying. He asks her if she’s going to eat and she says after finishing. He takes her book and pulls it away and tells her to relax a little. The pictures fell and she tells him not to look. He reveals that he already say them and asks if she’s jealous of Seo Yeon. She tells him no and then he tease her about the other picture she drew. She tells him that she can’t take pictures with him and there isn’t anything else he can so. He tells her that he much prefers seeing and teases her a little. They have a little play fight, the way the cute couples do.

Myung Chul comes back and hears Bong Pal laughing. He wonders when he started laughing like that. He comes in and asks who he’s talking to. Bong Pal doesn’t answer and Myung Chul assumes that it’s the female ghost. He asks if he’s been living with her, and he assures him not to worry. Myung Chul reminds him that his mother died because of a ghost and is appalled that he’s now with one. He tells him that he will find a way to fix his eyes and tells him to end the relationship. He tells him that he doesn’t want to and confirms that he has feelings for her. He tells him to stay out of his business. The monk agrees and leaves. Hyun Ji inquires about his mother. He side-steps and tells her not to work. That doesn’t change that she feels like an idiot not knowing. He tells her to forget it and tells her they have to leave. She tells him that she wants to stay home.

Screenshot 2016-08-10 13.35.57.png

Myung Chul is irritated at Bong Pal and when he walks by a cake store he realises that it’s Bong Pal’s birthday.  Bong Pal is walking to school but turns around and runs back home.

Myung Chul comes back with a cake while Bong Pal is away. He finds the spare keep and lets himself in. Hyun Ji tries to side-step in but he feels her presence. He tells her that he knows she’s there. He tells her that she doesn’t seem like a bad spirit but for Bong Pal’s sake, she should leave. He tells her about Bong Pal’s run in with a bad spirit and he blames himself for not being able to fully remove it.

We watch the exorcism of a young Bong Pal. Myung Chul performs the ceremony and the evil spirit left but wasn’t finished off.

He tells her that since he was not able to destroy the spirit it got bad. It killed Bong Pal’s mother right in front of him. He tells her that some of the evil spirits power remains in his eyes so it allows him to see ghosts. He’s been an outcast of his peers all of his life because of that. He asks her again to leave Bong Pal alone for his own sake, Hyun Ji is crying by the end of the tale.

Screenshot 2016-08-10 13.51.06.png

Bong Pal runs back to the apartment to find Hyun Ji not there and the cake sitting on the coffee table.

Bong Pal goes to the roof and finds Hyun Ji there. She wipes her tears away before he can see them. She tells him not to worry. He asks if she met up with Myung Chul again. She admits she saw him briefly but disappeared. She asks if today was his birthday and he admits that it is. She didn’t know so she couldn’t buy him anything but she offers to go somewhere with him and spend the day.

Bong Pal and Hyun Ji take a cruise and he admits that he’s enjoying it alot more now that she’s with him. They go to the main deck to see the fireworks. Hyun Ji turns to him  and tells him that  she wants him to be happy. He tells her that he’s never liked his birth day but he likes it now because of her. She apologises for not being able to so anything for him and he tells her it’s ok. After she wishes him a happy birthday he kisses her forhead. She sends him away to get drinks and while he’s gone she disappears.

Screenshot 2016-08-10 14.02.51.png

He comes back to find her missing and starts looking for her frantically. He finds a person who looks similar to her but be can’t find her.

Hyun Ji is standing on the shore and changes back into her school clothes and tells Bong Pal that she’s sorry before walking away.

Let’s Fight Ghost Episode 9 Recap
Let’s Fight Ghost Episode 11 Recap
Let’s Fight Ghost Recap Table of Content

Let’s Fight Ghost Episode 9 Recap



We rewatch Hyun Ji’s (Kim So Hyun) fading seen and Bong Pal’s (TaecYeon) freak out. He tells her to never disappear on him again and Hyun Ji relaxes into Bong Pal’s embrace.

A ghost appears in the doorway of a room. She looks in on the sleeping man who has a bandage around his wrist. We can hear crying as she starts to stroke his cheek. She, at some point, straddles him and begins to choke him. The camera pulls outside of the house and a scream rings out.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 11.06.44.png

Bong Pal and Hyun Ji arrive home and Bong Pal continues to act awkward. He wishes her goodnight and goes to his room. Hyun Ji sits on the couch smiling. Bong Pal comes out and mentions that his room is too hot and that she can sleep in it. She’s shocked but agrees. Bong Pal sits on the couch as Hyun Ji goes to his room. She squeals a little and smiles about what happened on the walk home. Bong Pal smiles hearing her laugh and sound happy.

The 2 cops continue looking into Hye Sung’s (Kwon Yool) past. Though his father passed away when he was young, he had lived with his mother until middle school when he lived in the dorms and then finally on his own. Everyone who they talk to gushes about him and says that he’s a great guy. The old cop says that he’s too perfect to be human. They decided to try and retrace Hyun Joo’s steps before she died.

Hye Sung is at Hyun Joo’s funeral.  He overhears some people talking about Hyun Joo’s manner of death. Someone mentions that Eun Soo had confessed his love to Hyun Joo the semester prior. This starts an idea forming in Hye Sung’s mind. He bumps into Seo Yeon (Baek Seo E) on his way out. He excuses himself quickly and heads outside. Hye Sung waits in his car for Eun Soo to come out before driving away.

The next days Hyun Ji wakes up to Bong Pal cooking. She comes out to watch him cook. He tells her that he’ll be done soon and turn back away. The familiarity has returned. While eating, Hyun Ji eats prettily takings small bites and chewing them thoroughly. Bong Pal takes it as a sign that she doesn’t like the meal.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 11.33.32.png

They are heading to school and they act shy when their hands touch. Then when the light turns green Bong Pal grabs her hand to run across the intersection. They go to search for a text at the library and Bong Pal notices it above Hyun Ji’s head and without thinking he grabs it, successfully pinning Hyun Ji between him and the bookshelf. When a person needs to pass Bong Pal is forced to press up against Hyun Ji. When he back away she tells him that she has something to do a pops away.

Chun Sang (Kang Ki Young) is accepting a food delivery at the club room. In Rang (David Lee) ordered 4 meals enough to feed everyone including Hyun Ji. When Chun Sang finds out he essentially tells him he’s going mad over Hyun Ji, who he’s nicked named Angel. He reminds him that love is crazy. Chun Sang tries to remind him that Hyun Ji is a ghost and there is no future. When he notices it’s futile he sits down to eat In Rang chastises him and tells him to wait for the others.

Hyun Ji sits alone in the park where they normally sit and tries to calm down. She mentions aloud that she would love if Kyung Ja (Lee Do Yeon) was there so they could talk about Bong Pal. Realisation suddenly hit her that she hadn’t seen her in a while and wonders where she was.

Bong Pal arrives at the club room and is greeted by In Rang. He greets Hyun Ji but Bong Pal tells him that she’s not there that day. As they sit to eat, Chun Sang asks if Bong Pal has anything that he’s worried about. He mentions wanting to do something for a woman but doesn’t know what. Chun Sang proceeds to give him horrible dating advice.

Bong Pal arrives home and looks around for Hyun Ji but she’s not in the apartment. He finds the pictures she doodled on and laughs. He decides to go upstairs and he finds her on the roof. He chastises her for disappearing to which she apologises. Chun Sang’s voice replays the advice in his head. (Don’t do it Don’t listen to him, just act natural.) Let’s sum it up and say he makes a fool of himself and he reverts back to cooking meat which makes Hyun Ji happy.  Later that evening he stargazes with her and teaches he all about the constellations he knows. That night Hyun Ji asks if Bong Pal is sleep. He tells her that she should go to bed if she wants to go out the next day. She asks if it’s a date, and he agrees that it is. She promises to go to bed and tells him to dream of her.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 12.16.43.png

The next day Bong Pal is washing up the dishes when he asks Hyun Ji what she wants to do. She tells him that she wants to do what normal couples do. He agrees and then puts soap suds on Hyun Ji’s nose. A mild sud fight then ensues.

Bong Pal is out of the apartment first while Hyun Ji tries to figure out what to wear. When he comes outside Bong Pal notices her shoes and takes her to a clothes store. They proceed to have a very cute date which would lead people to think he’s nuts since no one else can see Hyun Ji. (Seriously watch the date scene and remove Hyun Ji in you mind. He be crazy)

The police are looking into the case some more when they get the pictures from the toll gate. They find Hye Sung’s car in the pile of pictures. The older cop sends the other cop to bring Hye Sung to the station.

Hye Sung is sitting in his office thinking about the progression of the case.

Hyun Ji wakes up with a fright from her memory and Bong Pal comes into the room to check on her after her scream. She tells him that she’s scared and they sit together on his bed. She admits that it makes her feel better. She asks him about when he started seeing ghosts. He tells her that it started when he was 5 but he has very few memories from before. Hyun Ji thanks him for everything because being with him has made her happy. He is also grateful that he can see her.

The next morning Hye Sung is brought into the police station for questioning and he doesn’t look too happy. They pull Hye Sung in and questions him about his car being in the area. He tells them that he visited his mother who lives in the area.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 12.51.45.png

The detective pulls him out of the room to tell him Eun Soo jumped from his room but not before texting his mother to admit to the murder. His cell was found in his room. When the detective is talking we get to see Hye Sung kill Eun Soo by throwing him out the window and sending the text. Hye Sung is released and the police chief wants them on another case.

Bong Pal and Hyun Ji stop at Hye Sung’s clinic because she sees the dog. Hye Sung invites him in thought Bong Pal doesn’t want to Hyun Ji does so he has tea with the professor. Hyun Ji is playing with the dog and he smiles. Hye Sung mentions that it looks like he’s smiling at his girlfriend and he must really like dogs. He admits that he does. They talk abut the summer vacation and Hye Sung asks if he’s finished his volunteer hours. He admits that he hasn’t and Hye Sung suggests helping him at the store. The dog suddenly runs off and Hyun Ji follows. She is led so close to the information about her but is focused on the dog. Hye Sung follows as does Bong Pal. They leave and as they do Myung Chul (Kim Sang Ho) sees them leave and recognises Hye Sung from that night at Bong Pal’s place.

Myung Chul catches up with Bong Pal and asks him about Hye Sung. Bong Pal tells him that he’s a professor at his school Myung Chul asks if he lives in Bong Pal’s apartment complex and he tells him that he lives at his clinic. Myung Chul ushers him off home.

When at home Bong Pal cooks from Myung Chul and the monk asks about the SAT books being out. He tells him that he needed it for a current course and then asks why he didn’t call. They have a short conversation when Bong Pal comes out to talk with Hyun Ji. Myung Chul looks through his phone to find a text message from his father mentioning his middle school graduation. When Bong Pal returns Myung Chul asked when it was and he confirms it was in February.Bong Pal gets pulled away on a job and Myung Chul finds the recording of that date.

They get called away on another case of possession.In Rang tells Hyun Ji t stay behind Bong Pal that day. Chun Sang stops the van and chastises him for not sitting properly. When they arrive they are greeted with a man screaming in his room.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 13.27.24.png

they get told that the brother has been very ill and one day he had a seizure and tried to kill himself. He’s been like this ever since. They go upstairs to find the lights not working. and when the sister goes to open the blinds they close right away. Hyun Ji and Bong Pal see the ghost straddling her brother but when Bong Pal steps closer she disappears. Hyun Ji notices the picture of her brother and the ghost on the desk and Bong Pal picks it up.

They go downstairs and the parents are furious about who the ghost is. When Bong Pal asks for more information the sister only tells him that they used to date. He inquires about her brother’s habits and she tells him that when he falls to sleep as he just has he’ll be asleep for 2 days. Bong Pal tells her that she’ll be back in 2 days and to call if he starts up again.

Myung Chul sits in the apartment and studies the tape. He wonders if Bong Pal’s father really caught anything. He suddenly notices Hye Sung in the background and wonders why he was there.

Bong Pal and the gang leave the house and Chan Sang asks In Rang if the man reminds him of anyone. He then rips into him that chasing a ghost will drain your power and cause death. Ghost and humans can’t like together. In Rang chastises Chung Sang because he’s spewing nonsense in front of Hyun Ji, who’s mood suddenly when south.

Myung Chul walks to the clinic and has a staring contest with Hye Sung.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 13.48.07.png

Bong Pal and Hyun Ji are walking and Hyun Ji recalls all the odd looks that Bong Pal was getting when they were on their date because no one else could see her. She pauses in front of a window and stares at her missing reflection. Bong Pal notices and steps between her and the glass. He tells her to come and she wonders if they’ll be ok with her being a ghost and him being alive.  (You missy better be in a coma.) She tells him that to other’s their relationship makes no sense. She pulls away and begins to walk away. He runs after her and spins her around. He confesses his feelings to her no matter what people think and then pulls her into a kiss.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 13.58.41.png

Let’s Fight Ghost Episode 8 Recap
Let’s Fight Ghost Episode 10 Recap
Let’s Fight Ghost Recap Table of Content

Let’s Fight Ghost Episode 8 Recap



Hye Sung (Kwon Yool) investigates the barking dogs out front. He notices that Kyung Ja (Lee Do Yeon) went into his office. He sees that she went through his drawers and mentions that they have a problem out loud. He turns to Kyung Ja and it shocks her that he can see her. HE grabs her by the neck and asks her what she saw, she tells him Hyun Ji and he expected that. He had seen them talking on the street. He exorcises her before turning back and picking up Hyun Ji’s student id.

Bong Pal (TaecYeon) spends time at the hospital waiting for Seo Yeon (Baek Seo E). As soon as he finds out that she’s fine he runs to meet with Hyun Ji (Kim So Hyun), who has been waiting for Bong Pal but disappeared right before he arrives. When he finds out that she’s not there he runs home to an empty apartment. He wonders where she could have gone.

Bong Pal goes up to the roof t find Hyun Ji looking over the city. He calls to her and apologised for not being able to make it. He tells her something came up and promises to go to the amusement park another day. He asked if she waited long and she told him she didn’t. He was relieved because he thought that  she was waiting for him. She scoffs and walks away, sad about the lost opportunity.

Myung Chul (Kim Sang Ho) goes to the police station to try to get someone to search for Bong Pal’s father. The officer mentions that there isn’t any proof that the man is missing. The officer tells him that if he is that upset then he should fill out the missing person’s form.

Hye Sung is in his office and he glances at Mr Park’s phone and thinks back about when happened that night. He crouches next to  Mr Park and asks about the package, to which he doesn’t get a reply. He grabs his neck and places Hyun Ji’s death on his father .He tells him that if he doesn’t tell him his son would be next today. He then kills Mr Park.

Screenshot 2016-08-04 11.58.21.png

Bong Pal leaves for school the following day and asks if she’s coming. She tells him that she’s staying home. He says that’s fine and leave. She gets discouraged because she’s really bad at the playing hard to get. So she follows Bong Pal. He’s muttering to himself that he didn’t ask her to follow him and that it’ll be nice not to have her. She pops next to him and tells him that she’s going because she wants to. This just leaves both of them smiling.

In Rang (David Lee) is looking at the photo from the retreat with a smug of Hyun Ji in it. Chun Sang (Kang Ki Young) comes over and asks what he’s smiling out. He starts telling him that he can’t have feelings for Seo Yeon. He assures him that it’s not that. He goes through the list of himself on Bong Pal, but again In Rang refuses. When Bong Pal arrives Chun Sang tells him about the photo and In Rang shows him the smug of his angel. Hyun Ji is super flattered. He goes on about Hyun Ji and she starts beaming but Bong Pal just rolls his eyes.

Hyun Ji is still n a high after In Rang’s confession. She tells Bong Pal that she must be pretty if he fell in love with her at first sight. He warns her that though Chun Sang is weird, In Rang is even weirder. She tells him that’s not true and then she goes out in front of him. He smiles as he watches her spin and laugh. His ravery is broken when She calls to him to hurry.

Screenshot 2016-08-04 12.24.29.png

When they’re in class Seo Yeon comes and Hyun Ji mentions her arm. Seo Yeon comes and thanks, Bong Pal about being with him and offers to buy him lunch. He refuses but she insists to he takes her up on the offer. Hyun Ji gets irked that he was late because he was with Seo Yeon. She leaves and walks right by Hye Sung. Hye Sung arrives in class and break the news about Hyun Joo before taking attendance.

Hyun Ji is at home when she opens her textbook to find the pictures she doodled on. She tells Seo Yeon that it’s good that she’s live and that Bong Pal likes her.

Seo Yeon comes to see Bong Pal after work and asks him what he’d like to eat. He had been previously occupied by Hyun Ji’s empty seat. He apologises and asks if they can call it even because he has to go home.

Hye Sung goes to his car and gets in when the police knocked on his window. They admit the forgot to ask what he was doing the day of the death and he tells him that he was at the clinic. They thank him and he leaves, but he knows they suspect him.

Bong Park comes home  and Hyun Ji is surprised to see him. He tells her that he felt like eating at home. He pulls out food and asks if she wants to eat. She tells him that she’ll have a taste.

They go to the roof and she eats with gusto and he teases her about it. He tells her to slow down and when he was about to eat an uncooked piece he gives her another one. After they are finished he hands her a dress that it’s black with a jacket for her to wear at work. Their hands brush a little and they both get embarrassed.

Screenshot 2016-08-04 12.43.35.png

The crew goes to destroy the old building. The general contract gets a call to halt the proceedings because of a ghost. He tells him that he needs t get his job done. His phone dies as does the generator. While he’s walking back to the rest of the crew he hears a female voice mumbling. He opens the door and he sees the ghost writing on the wall. She sees him and lunges towards him and he screams.

Screenshot 2016-08-04 12.52.34.png

In Rang and Chun Sang get the call for a job. They are sitting around the computer starting at the Samil mental institution. They were really hoping that it wouldn’t be there. They decide to take all of their equipment and try to get the ghost on camera.

Bong Pal comes out of his bedroom in his all black work outfit, and Hyun Ji turns around and shows him hers. He is taken aback for a moment about how good she looks. When she asks what he thinks, he mentions he’s glad that it fits so well. Before they leave she asks about the amusement park since they have to work. He tells her that she needs to work hard so that they can go after work. She agrees and they leave.

They walk out of the building to Chun Sang and In Rang’s car and they get in. Bong Pal asks why they brought the camera and they told him that it’s to be prepared because they are going to the scariest building. In Rang gives them the explanation about the Samil. The mental institution that was shut down due to human rights violations. The police came and found 7 dead patients at the hospital. Rumour has it that the owner called for a shaman who fainted 30 minutes after entering the building. Bong Pal and Hyun Ji don’t look impressed.

Screenshot 2016-08-04 12.59.17.png

they arrive at the hospital and the comedy duo go first with their cameras. They jump at the smallest thing and Hyun Ji mentions that they shouldn’t be doing this type of work. Bon Pal agrees of course. Once they’ve scared themselves the come back to Bong Pal how actually starts to work. Hyun Ji sees some hospital equipment that jogs her memory. Bong Pal asks if she’s ok and she tells him she is. Chung Sang calls Bong Pal over to an area.

They end up splitting up by accident. The comedy duo goes to film in the casualty room while Bong back and Hyun Ji go upstairs. In Rang and Chun Sang film but see nothing but as they walk away the ghost is behind them. They go looking for Bong Pal but when they get to the room in question he’s not there. Chun Sang tries to call him but it doesn’t work.

Bong Pal and Hyun Ji are going through the office upstairs. He tells her not to touch anything. Of course, she does and the bookcase goes to fall. He catches it with his back and chastises her about touching things. She notices the file and picks it up. She asks if he hadn’t told her that 7 people died in the hospital. He says that what he knew, but she shows him the list showing 8 deaths.

Chun Sang and In Rang go into a room thinking Bong Pal might be there but he’s not. Chun Sang notices a red crayon that dropped on the floor. They squat down to find the ghost under the bed. They scream, she screams and the noise alerts Bong Pal and Hyun Ji.

They run downstairs and Hyun Ji flings off the ghost. In Rang can see her again because of the silver string. Chun Sang runs out pulling In Rang. When Hyun Ji walks by a room the ghost grabs her and points to the wall that says ‘Help me. Save Me. I want to get out of this place.’ When Bong Pal comes back he goes to attack the male ghost but she tells him to stop and to come see what she found. The ghosts just wanted their help.

They were outside after they called the police. Hyun Ji mentions that the ghost in the hospital were all missing people and they just wanted to be found.

They drive back and Bong Pal gets out. In Rang and Chun Sang soon follow because they wanted to ask him a question. Chun Sang asks if he walks around with a ghost. In Rang corrects him and calls her an angel. He tells them he does but she knows angel. He tells them her name in Kim Hyun Ji and In Rang even finds the name pretty. In Rang asks if she’s there and Bong Pal gestures next to himself. In Rang turns to her and thanks her, while also calling her pretty. She confirms she’s pretty and Bong Pal can’t stand to hear the exchange. In Rang goes to reach towards her and he stops him. He mentions that he can’t go touching a girl like that and In Rang says he’s sorry. Bong Pal tells them that he’s going and Hyun Ji follows. Chun Sang doesn’t believe she was there and wonders why Bong Pal was acting weird.

They run to the park but they can only ride the ferries wheel. So Bong Pal grabs her hand and runs there. The operator asks is he’s riding alone and he confirms it. Once the door closes they realise they are still holding hands and quickly let’s go. When they are at the top he promises hat if she does well on the next exam he’ll bring her again earlier. She laughs and smile, he mentions that he didn’t think that she would like such things, but she confesses her love for him. She tells him that she doesn’t want his answer it’s just how she feels and pops away.

Hyun Ji walks in front of Hye Sung’s hospital and notices the puppy. She berates herself for telling Bong Pal what she did and asks the puppy want to do. She’s still talking to the puppy when Hye Sung comes out from the back to check on the noise and he notices there is no Bong Pal. He moves towards the window.

Screenshot 2016-08-04 13.52.22.png

Bong Pal calls to Hyun Ji. He asks how she could run away like that. She doesn’t want to face him so she pops away again and he calls to her. Hye Sung comes out of the hospital and calls to Bong Pal. He talks and mentions that the clinic is his hospital. Hye Sung asks who he was calling and he tells him that it’s just a friend and excuses himself.

Hyun Ji is sitting at home wondering what to tell Bong Pal when he arrives. She decided to pretend to be asleep. He tells her to sleep when and then goes to his room. He replays the moment on the ferries wheel over in his mind and smiles.

The next morning is super awkward. After breakfast Bong Pal goes to the bathroom and tries to tell himself it’s not a big deal and he should act naturally. When he opens the door and he sees her, he lets it close again. He washes his face multiple time telling himself to act naturally. Meanwhile, Hyun Ji is doing the same thing. When Bong Pal comes out of the washroom he gets a call from Chung Sang for work. This gives them something else to thinks about.

They go to the meat factory to meet the ghost. They work well together and get the job done quickly. Chun Sang congratulates them on a job well done and In Rang comes in a little later. He tells Bong Pal that he has something for Hyun Ji and shows her the shows. She loves them but Bong Pal tells him that she hates them and doesn’t like heels. They leaves and Hyun Ji complains about really liking those heels.

Screenshot 2016-08-04 14.04.58.png

The police go and question Hye Sung’s employees about Hye Sung’s where about on the 1st. They tell them that he was at the hospital and then when out from 7 til the next morning and came back with mud on his shows. Hye Sung shows but and asks if anything is wrong and the police assure him that it’s normal questions. They live and Hye Sung knows better. He turns to his employees and makes sure everything is fine before going to his office.

They play a game and the loser has to grant the other’s wish. He agrees and loses. She tells him that she wants him to forget what she said the day before. She admits she doesn’t like being uncomfortable with him. She suddenly starts to feel faint and dizzy. She starts to fade and as soon as Bong Pal notices he runs to her but it’s too late. He finishes running up the stairs and looked around but she’s nowhere to be found.

A few moments later she reappears and Bong Pal pulls her to him. He asks where she went but she has no answer. He warns her to never disappear like that again.

Let’s Fight Ghost Episode 7 Recap
Let’s Fight Ghost Episode 9 Recap
Let’s Fight Ghost Recap Table of Content

Let’s Fight Ghost Episode 7 Recap



Bong Pal (TaecYeon) runs like crazy after he finds out about the ghost in the river and replays his conversation blaming Hyung Ji (Kim So Hyun) for what happened. Hyun Ji gets pulled into the river by the ghost. Bong Pal jumps in and gets to Hyun Ji in time, however, the ghost turns to him stopping him from breaking the surface with her. He headbutts her off and the kicks her in the stomach, successfully exorcising her before turning back to Hyun Ji. He gets her out of the river and it takes a few beats before she becomes aware again. She starts crying and telling him how scared she was. He simply holds her and tries to calm her.

Screenshot 2016-08-02 10.49.31.png

We see a girl who is staring at her grades and her placement. She got placed 12th in her grade. Her mother tears into her about dropping 9 places from 3rd to 12th. The girl starts to cry. She’s suddenly on the roof, preparing to jump when she looks over to see the ghost f a woman laughing at her. The natural response is to scream of course.

The following day Bong Pal tells Hyun Ji that he’s leaving and becomes concerned when she doesn’t reply. She goes to check on her and finds her in a throw of a nightmare, but really she’s remembering nippets of her past. She plays through the accident, and we hear the loud ticking of a watch. She also remembers being in the hospital and a surgical room. Bong Pal wakes her up but she tells him that she’s fine and just needs some sleep. He calls Seo Yeon (Baek Seo E) and cancels his plans to take care of her. He places her in his bed so she can rest better and wonders what you do with a sick ghost. He makes her porridge for breakfast and when she doesn’t wake he pulls his chair next to the bed and watches over her.

Chun Sang (Kang Ki Young) is playing with a VR headset while In Rang (David Lee) organises the photos from the trip. He finds a picture with Hyun Ji in it (I couldn’t see her) and puts it away for him. Finally, he turns to Chun Sang who is making plenty of noise and askes where he got the VR headset. He tries to tell him that he borrowed it from a friend, though he has no friend. In Rang tells him that he shouldn’t blow his allowance since there are so many bills to pay. Chun Sang tells him not to worry he has a plan, but In Rang doesn’t believe him.

Myung Chul (Kim Sang Ho) gets a call from his friend, and he apologises that he’s been out of it all day. He advises him that he can’t make it because he’s going to see Bong Pal’s father to find out what’s really going on. He assures the shaman that he’s ok before hanging up and remembering that night at Bong Pal’s apartment.

Kyung Ja (Lee Do Yeon) is still looking around campus for Hye Sung (Kwon Yool) and finally sees him getting into a taxi and she follows.

Hyun Ji wakes up while Bong Pal is next to her. He tells her that he’ll go heat up the porridge since she’s awake now. She follows him out and watches him with a smile. He reminds her that he told her to rest but she assures him that she’s fine. They sit down to eat and she asks why he didn’t go to school, which he lies and tells her that he didn’t feel like it. She tells him about her memories. At the end, she told him abut a woman crying and wondering who she was.

Screenshot 2016-08-02 11.21.35.png

Myung Chul arrives at Bong Pal’s father’s room to find it empty. The landlady tells him that there are a lot of people looking for the man. Myung Chul advises her that he was there looking for some answers and he asks about the young man who visited. She confirms that there was a man who came and said he was his son. She couldn’t see his face be she could tell he was handsome. She tells him that when she told the man his some had come he suddenly got serious. He ran away into the mountains and never came back.

Kyung Ja follows Hye Sung to his clinic and finds it just as cool as him. Hye Sung tell finds out that he has 3 appointments.

Myung Chul goes into the forest and looks around. He sees signs of a struggle and finds a rock bathed in blood. He knows right away that there is something very bad happened and Bong Pal’s father was being chased.

Bong Pal leaves the apartment with Hyun Ji and he tries to send her back o the apartment to rest. She tells him that she’s all better and he swears that she doesn’t listen. He gets a text from Seo Yeon telling him where they should meet. When Hyun Ji finds out that it’ll be just Bong Pal and Seo Yeon together she follows him to school. She watches them through the glass and tells Bong Pal to hurry up and be finished with the project.

Chung Sang and In Rang go to meet with an investor which happens to be his grandmother. In Rang wants to leave and reminds Chun Sang that he left his grandmother house because he wanted to make it on his own. Chun Sang tells him that they aren’t there looking for a free ride, but to ask her to take a chance on them. In Rang tries to leave but Chun Sang pulls him back. His grandmother comes out and fauns over In Rang. She goes on about how he should have called. He asks why he brought Chun Sang with him because he should be more selective about his friends. He assures her that Chun Sang is a good person and he had something that he wanted to say.

Screenshot 2016-08-02 11.45.14.png

They all tuck into some food and grandmother complains about In Rang losing too much weight. She tells Chun Sang to eat and asks what he what he wanted to talk abut. He tells her that In Rang and himself are trying to start a business but at struggling to get the funds together. She wants to know what type of business. They try and sell it to her but she calls him a con artist and chases them out of her house.

Bong Pal and Seo Yeon finish up and Seo Yeon invites him out to lunch. Once outside she catches sight of Hye Sung and postpones their lunch to another time, and runs after Hye Sung. They talk briefly abut her dog and of Bong Pal when the police come to talk to Seo Yeon.

The police advise Seo Yeon that Hyun Joo has passed away. The ask her about the last time she saw her. She admits that she saw here after class the prior week after she had missed the class. She had dropped a pen that she already gave to Hye Sung because it was his. The police get even more suspicious of the professor.

Myung Chul tries to get in contact with Bong Pal’s father again but there is no answer. The phone is ringing in a drawer at Hye Sung’s office. We see flashes of the night he killed Bong Pal’s father. He seemed to have been trying to get information from him about something to no avail.

Chun Sang and In Rang are sitting outside when Chun Sang asks In Rang if he received some money from his grandmother yet. Bong Pal goes to see them and mentions that there hasn’t been any work since the apartment. Chun Sang tells him that they’re looking for a good job. In Rang gives Bong Pal the picture from the retreat. In Rang tries to push that Bong Pal and Seo Yeon should be a couple but that just makes Bong Pal leave.

Bong Pal and Hyun Ji go to the library to study. She wants to go home, but he won’t let her. She solves everything and turns to Bong Pal to tells him but he’s engrossed in his own studies. She starts tracing the line of his face in the air when he catches her. She tells him that she’s done, so he starts to grade. Hyun Ji finds that pictures of the trips and notices the pictures of Bong Pal and Seo Yeon together. She starts doodling on them. When he turns around he tells her that she should give up on the SATs because it isn’t going to happen. She blames him for being a bad teacher. He tells her that if she studies and gets above 80% he will grant one wish. She becomes super excited and starts to study really hard.

Screenshot 2016-08-02 12.45.51.png

When coming out of the library there is an odd girl muttering to herself. She looks at Hyun Ji and then away. Hyun Ji pauses and when Bong Pal asks what’s going on she tells him that she thought she saw the girl look at her but she must be wrong. They walk away and the girl stares after her.

Hyun Ji is still studying even after Bong Pal comes out of the shower. He’s surprised and she tells him that she has something to aim for. He tells her that it’s nice to see and tells her to keep it up.

Eun Sung’s mother is talking with another mother about their children. She asks her advice since her daughter is so good. She hangs up because she’s preparing a snack for Eun Sung. She enters her daughter’s room to find her destroying her books and Eun Sung tells her mother to leave.

Chun Sang and In Rang go to get suits with In Rang’s allowance, which In Rang isn’t happy about. When Bong Pal arrives they get him to try on the suit and Chun Sang gets a cal from a client.

They are going to the job when Hyun Ji mentions that Bong Pal looks really good and she reckons the best out of all 3. She asks Bong Pal to get her an outfit too. He falls back to chastise her for always asking for things. The other 2 call him to hurry up.

They arrive at Eun Sung’s house and Bong Pal asks the mother what happened. She tells them that one day he daughter attacked her and ever since that day her daughter has been acting odd. She started wearing makeup and clothes she didn’t use to and the audience gets to see the ghost possessing her. He mother tells her to remove her makeup and the ghost talks through her daughter, telling her that her daughter is dead and no one can live with how overbearing she is. The mother tells them that ever since then she’s been bringing her to doctors and shaman’s and it only made it worse. There is a noise of glass breaking, so Bong Pal goes in to investigate.

They walk in to find the room trashed. The girl is huddled in the corner hitting her head. Hyun Ji recognises her from the library. The girl asks if he’s like the other shaman’s but she can tell he’s different. Bong Pal tells Hyun Ji that they need to get the spirit out of her, but the then proceed to get their asses handed to them. Eun Sung runs out of the apartment, it takes Bong Pal a few moments to follow.

Screenshot 2016-08-02 13.27.45.png

Hyun Ji finds Eun Sung on the roof ready to jump. Hyun Ji tells the ghost that she doesn’t want Eun Sung to die. She tells her that it’s Eun Sung’s wish, but she’s too weak to kill herself so she’s helping. She’s about the throw herself off of the roof when Hyun Ji pops in front of her and pushes her back. While they’re rolling around Bong Pal comes and the ghost turns her sights on Bon Pal. When he’s in a chock hold Eun Sung’s mother apologises and talks straight to Eun Sung. This ejects the soul from the body, but it leaves itself attached to Bong Pal. Now in her natural state Bong Pal can go to town and destroy the ghost so she can’t come back.

Eun Sung and her mother clutch on to each other as soon as she awakens. The apologise and show each other how much they care. Hyun Ji looks over them and it may have given her a hint about her memory. In Rang and Chun Sang show up as everything is finished, as always.

Hyun Ji and Bong Pal are going home and she tells him that she thinks she knows who the woman in her memory was. She tells him that she thinks it’s her mum and even if it isn’t at least 1 person misses her. She tells him that she wants to go home to study.

Screenshot 2016-08-02 14.08.02.png

They arrive home and Bong Pal gives her the test again. She works really hard and after Bong Pal grades it she gets 82%. Her wish is to go to the amusement park and since it isn’t too grand, he agrees to go.

Hye Sung is in the clinic doing some paper art when he hears the dogs barking.

The police officer makes a phone call to the corner to ask about the Hyun Joo’s broken next. The corner tells him that impossible that it was broken post-morteum and it would be very difficult for a regular human to do it. His partner comes back with the video from the CCTV near Hyun Joo’s place. However, right as the man steps from the alleyway, the camera goes dead.

Kyung Ja manages to get into the office and hears the phone ringing. She pulls open the drawer and finds Hyun Ji’s student ID. Hye Sung comes in and mentions out loud that it’s a shame that she got into his drawer and that they now have a problem. He turns and looks straight at her, which shocks her, and we hear the growl of the spirit inside him.

Hyun Ji reminds him that they are meeting at 4 and he agrees. Right after his test, Seo Yeon comes to talk with him, but he excuses himself because he’s meeting someone. right as he walks away a scooter collides with her and he turns around to find her hurt. All the while, Hyun Ji is waiting for him. He takes Seo Yeon to the hospital and is worried about being so late and Hyun Ji stands at the amusement park crying.

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Let’s Right Ghost Episode 8 Recap
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