Bakeries and Bodies (Margot Durand #8)



Margot Durand decides to spend the Christmas holidays with Adam’s family in Oregon. When Adam’s mother’s friend needs some help in the kitchen, Margot steps in. However, the local bake-off turns deadly when one of the competitors are found dead in the kitchen of the other. Margot gets dragged into another murder mystery, on her time off no less, and without the help of Adam.

It feels like it been a little while since I read a Margot Durand book, but it’s only been like 2 months. I really love this series and the writing style. It flows nicely, and though Margot is doing all of the investigating in this book, there was still some suggestions from Adam in this book. We can feel Adam’s frustrations during this book, due to him not being able to help. However, we get to see Margot in full swing with the investigating. 

We got to learn a lot more about Adam and where he grew up in Oregon. We meet his family and their significant others. I enjoyed the relationship that Adam has with his family, it’s almost nice to see the main character who isn’t at odds with their family. We don’t get to really see much of Adam’s parents in this book, and I kind of wish we had. The way that they described Oregon reminds me a lot of Canada in some ways. 

The mystery was fun and not terribly difficult. I almost felt like the only hard part was the local investigator being so focused on certain people due to knowing their pasts. One good thing about Margot is that she doesn’t know what the history is so she can look at it with an impartial opinion. This allowed Margot to think outside of the presumptions that people have about them.

I really enjoyed this book, and I am very happy that these books seem to be coming out every 2 months or so.

Margot Durand Series 5 – 7