BanG Dream!



Looking for an school idol slice-of-life anime? Then this anime is probably for you.

One day, Toyama Kasumi follows a path of star stickers to an old, rundown pawn shop. Inside she meets Ichigaya Arisa, the daughter of the owners, who happens to me a girl from her school. In the back of the store, a star-shaped guitar happens to catch her eye. She suddenly is overtaken by the urge to form a band and perform with her friends.

This is a typical school idol anime. This is a light-hearted anime, with bright colours and some good music. This isn’t going to be an anime if you don’t like the school idol genre. I feel like this anime also played up a lot of the same anime trops that are used in this anime. This was not an anime for me, but it is a good anime for people who like school idol animes