BanG Dream!



Looking for an school idol slice-of-life anime? Then this anime is probably for you.

One day, Toyama Kasumi follows a path of star stickers to an old, rundown pawn shop. Inside she meets Ichigaya Arisa, the daughter of the owners, who happens to me a girl from her school. In the back of the store, a star-shaped guitar happens to catch her eye. She suddenly is overtaken by the urge to form a band and perform with her friends.

This is a typical school idol anime. This is a light-hearted anime, with bright colours and some good music. This isn’t going to be an anime if you don’t like the school idol genre. I feel like this anime also played up a lot of the same anime trops that are used in this anime. This was not an anime for me, but it is a good anime for people who like school idol animes


BIGBANG’s Newest Singles


It’s not a shock to anyone that knows me that I’m a huge Big Bang fan. They were my intro to Kpop, back in the day with Fantastic Baby. I normally like music with faster beats then they’re news singles but I still love them. Let’s talk about them one by one.

Last Dance

I will warn you, if anyone is like me and suffers from motion sickness, I might suggest not watching the video. The constant turning of the camera frame, though very artistic, is ver hard to watch. I have to pause it multiple times to get my stomach under control.

From an artistic standpoint, the visuals were fantastic. Each of the men got their own mini story about their struggles while it all being linked together. Also, each of the men got a different coloured set. Well, I’m not sure if they’re different colours or differently lite, but regardless they are fantastic.

I have to say, I want Seungri’s blazer, it looks fantastic and I’ve always had a thing for chains. It was nice to see Daesung’s face again, though he doesn’t have any tight shots that I could find in this video, I find him so cute. I’m not sure what was up with Taeyang’s hair but if anyone can rock those braids he can, just it’s not my style. TOP looks to have blue hair again but I know for a fact it’s pink so I’m chalking it up to the blue lighting. G-dragon is a cute as always I kinda wish that there is something else to say about his story line but his seemed to be the most straight forward.


Though I have not looked at the lyrics as of yet, I must say that this song is very relaxing in comparison to Bang Bang Bang, Fantastic Baby, Alive, and Crazy Dog. It does have a sadness to the song that a non-Korean speaker can project onto it. As the title is Last Dance, we can infer that it has something about lost love and a couple growing apart or even breaking up. This is also reflected in G-dragon’s story line of hugging a girl and dancing before being alone again. All of them seem stationary while the world whizzes on around them.

Overall, I love this song, the music video isn’t for me but that’s mainly because I’m writing this and the world is still spinning and I feel queasy. Other than that it’s fantastic. If anyone ever makes a fan video of Last dance, but with the screen stationary, I would watch that in a second.

에라 모르겠다(FXXK IT)

What goes well with a song about a breakup? Well, a love song of course. So paired with the Last dance, we have  FXXK it, a song of them talking about having a one night stand. I guess that’s one way of getting over your lost love.

I want to point out that unlike the Last dance video, this video actually shows that they were all in one place at the same time. Given their individual careers, outside of the group, it’s really hard to actually get them together but they managed for this shoot. Seeing them all together makes me really happy and they look like they are having a blast.

This video is just a huge barrel of fun, and the outfits that the gang is wearing shows that they aren’t taking themselves too seriously. I mean can we talk one second about Daesung’s jacket that we wore. I know that BTS has been wearing some sequined blazers lately, but the jacket Daesung wore was the closest to holographic clothes I think I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t take way from his cuteness in any way, but it truly pops. Also, after re-looking at the picture, it really goes well with his bluish/tealish hair.

Screenshot 2016-12-12 22.29.09.png

This video is a lot lighter than the 1st video and we got to see them play around a bit more. I’m hoping that Daesung keeps showing his face in videos because he’s a cutey. Top’s pink hair needs a little of a dye job. Also, now I know where G-dragon’s sushi hair came from. It’s quite a bright yellow at the time of this video.

Overall, I love the song, it’s very catchy. The video was great (and it get’s added points for not making me sick). This was well worth the wait.