Be Crazy About Me!



I’ll be honest. I found this movie while researching Takuya from the Lovers. This is a live action movie that is based on a manga series of the same name. After looking into the actors, I am a little surprised that they are all rather new to the acting scene when staring in this movie. When watching the movie, I put the awkwardness up to the manga adaption but it may have been the fact that they are all very new to acting.

We follow Shiraishi Akira (Karam), a young boy that is treated like a princess at his all boy school. Meanwhile, Sakurazaka Mizuki (Ono Ito) is part of a popular girl group and is treated like a prince at school. Akira is in love with Mizuki, but due to an experience from her childhood, she has come to hate men. After Akira’s confession at Mizuki’s rock show starts to remind her of her past.

This is a really fun movie. Though I did start watching it because of Takuya, this was an interesting movie. As stated above, there were some very awkward scenes, which could be for multiple reasons as stated above. I still really enjoyed the story even though it was a little awkward. It plays with the childhood friend trope that we call know and love. Overall, I really enjoyed it and would suggest watching it.

Otaku Talks Movies – Be Crazy About Me