Benedict Waffle (The Diner of the Dead #12)



After failing to have a proper Girls day, Alison and Sonja finally get away to a local haunted hotel. Much to Sonja’s chagrin, she agrees to go along with the slight fear that she might be thrown into an actual ghost hot spot. However, when a murder is committed during the haunted tour, things get even more dangerous. Now, Sonja gets caught up with another murder mystery and this was supposed to be a weekend away to relax.

We got to see Alison in a different light in this book. She isn’t as childish and she actually grows quite a bit on me in this book. She is very understanding about the circumstance and actually starts to understand why Sonja gets caught up in the murder investigations. Mind you both Alison and Frank don’t know about her ability to see ghosts yet, but I believe that if Alison grows a little more in this series than she would be able to understand and believe Sonja in the future. We got to see a little more about what Frank is thinking in this book in comparison to the other books. He does admit even though it’s too himself, that Sonja has helped in many murder investigations. I feel like he really believes in her, however, there are always protocols to follow.

I really enjoyed this mystery. They got to explore the history in a place that isn’t Haunted Falls. The history of the Hotel is very similar to a lot of real-life hotels in the world. It doesn’t seem completely out there that there were ghost stories hovering around the place. You have hotels in the world that have equally as many ghost stories, I can think of a few in this book. I enjoyed seeing Sonja work out the mystery and work more with Frank that opposing him. It was a nice change.

Overall, I actually really liked this book more than the past few books.