I’ll be honest at first I didn’t know if I was going to like this show or not. However, I will admit that I really like it. Basically, you follow a guy called Eiji Hoshimiya who caused the great destruction 10 years before the beginning of the anime. There are entities who go around granting wishes for people but in turn, they turn the people into an entity called orders. Orders have their own unique abilities and they can control their abilities to fight people or enhance themselves. Eiji’s wish was to rule the world so he can control people within his territory.

The graphics are awesome, and I love the visual effects that are used to depict orders. I’m excited to watch the rest of this show.


Based on a manga series of the same name, this is a short, 10 episode, series that has a very anti-climactic ending. There are 7 volumes of the manga which I haven’t read, so I’m not sure if it’s better or more expanded in them.

The concept is awesome. There was a machine created that bridges the gap between the mental space and the real world, allowing you to have any wish granted. Eiji Hoshimiya wish was to control the world so that he could live peacefully with his sister Sena. However, due to his young age the power goes nuclear and wipes out a good portion of the world. He pretends that he knows nothing so that he can spend the rest of Sena’s days with her. This doesn’t stop assassins from trying to kill him. After you are granted a wish, you obtain and order. Your order has an avatar and power similar to what you had wished for, so naturally, Eiji’s is a bond dominator and he can make anyone in his territory follows his orders.

Like I said this is anti-climatic. I love the concept. I love the animation style, especially the avatar’s design. I just wish the ending was better. I feel like they were supposed to have 12 episodes but got cut short at 10 and had to cut something together. Other than the ending I really liked this anime.