Birthday Cake Waffle (The Diner of the Dead #8)



Sonja’s birthday has come around and Frank decided to do something special for her to help her relax. What was more relaxing than a relaxing weekend in the woods? Everything starts off well until Sonya is certain she witnessed a murder. There is nothing they can do, however, until the local sheriff arrives.

I kinda dislike how Frank doesn’t believe what Sonja saw. I get that there is nothing that they can do until the sheriff’s men arrive, but he didn’t have to be dismissive. I know that he still doesn’t know about her powers but I didn’t like how that scene was written. Them spending some time alone was nice, however, this book seems a little sporadic. This book series normally has a formula or at least an understandable plot to follow. This was a little too over the place than normal.

The mystery was pretty simple given there were only 2 suspects in my mind. Due to the fact that we never really get much information it was hard to narrow it down. The fact that Frank didn’t really ever give Sonja’s worries a second thought was annoying. Hunter added in a little more magic into this book with another cursed item, at least they didn’t pull because magic in this book… they pulled because of ghost, oh well.

Overall, I enjoyed this book and it was fun… though aspects were grinding.


A Donut hole Cozy Mystery 36 – 37


So I realized while I was doing some back-end work on the blog and I noticed that I missed books 36 – 39 for this series.


This book saw even more added stress to Heather due to a double homicide as well as the fair. Sadly Kate made multiple appearances in this book, and I still can’t see what she adds to the store. Geoff, though I found him useless, had some comedic relief. Kate just makes me annoyed the entire time she’s mentioned in the book.

The mystery itself was interesting and something new. However, it was also a little convoluted. Though the apparent dual was a nice touch, it was a little circular with everything. What I did really enjoy about the book is that we got a good back story to the victims as well as their families. This gave a little more depth to the characters in this book.

Overall an enjoyable read.


It’s weird that I’m happy that Heather got a talking to because of her manner of investigating, but that is the reality of life. This was a nice mystery and the murder made sense. It was a little more difficult to follow the logic with what was given as clues, but it was fairly logical. I enjoyed the characters that were brought into this story. I kind of want to know more information about the older woman who lives in the building.

I feel like the relationship between the main characters are not being developed as they should, though that might be because of the focus has shifted to the victims. I really want the character relationships to be expanded on even more. Now that Lilly is officially their child. I want to know more about her, and see her relationship with her parents grow.

Overall I did actually enjoy the book.

Passion Fruit Punch Murder + Pecan Nut Crunch Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #34 + 35)
Raspberry Coulis Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #38) + Creme Brulee Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #39)