Crane Game Girls




So this anime has a weird premise, there is a cloud of asteroids that are heading towards earth and they only people who can save the world are 3 kids who want to become idols. So under the pretense of scouting them the crane organization tells them that they will help them become idols. However they train them to play crane games, under the pretense that all top idols are good at crane games… and they just go along with it. Oh and when they all manage to do the same ‘technique’ while playing the crane game at the same times it destroys or moves some asteroids… I must say this may be one of the weirder animes.


So this is another short anime, with no source material. The anime is also known as Bishōjo Yūgi Unit Crane Geeru or beautiful girls play unit crane games. There are only 13 episodes that each have a runtime of 7.5 minutes.

The anime follows a 3 girls, Mirai, Kyouko and Ayaka, who want to be idols. They get scouted by Gorialla with the promise to make them the worlds best idols. Though instead of training them to be idol, they train them on crane games. During this time there is a group of astroids are heading towards earth, and some how the crane games are linked to a weapon that when the 3 girls succeed an advance technique a beam changes the course of some of the asteroids.

Even after watching the entire season I still don’t get the anime. It’s weird and rediculous. The anime is produced by Kyotoma who also produced JK meshi, so the animation is the same, paper cut out, jerky animation. Though it’s not my style it’s an interesting anime.