Blood, Body and Mind (Aaron’s Kiss Series #1)



I don’t tend to read these books much, but as you can see by the cover it is a racy women’s book. Now the reason I picked it up is because the concept was interesting, but I was sadly disappointed in the flow of the book.

Sara Temple is one of the Queen of Magic’s royal guards. After an explosion that claimed the life of the Queen’s unborn child, Sara takes the Queen to the human world to protect her. While working one day, a batch of rogue vampires come in with orders to kill Sara’s boss. While protecting them, she meets Aaron MacManus the vampire lord. He takes her in after the altercation to heal her wounds. Meanwhile, Aaron figures out that Sara is his mate and now he has to break that news to her.

I loved the concept of this book. I enjoyed the characters and all their flaws. I even like the plot structure and the direction that the story was going. I, however, couldn’t get over was the gaps, the odd pacing and the swings in the characters’ personality. The lack of consistency ground on my nerves a tad. These are all things that should have been caught in editing but I checked out that this book was published before the publishing house was opened, I doubt that a certified editor read this book. I do like the characters enough to try and read the next book in the series that was released after the publishing house. My hopes are high that the consistency will be there. This is such a good concept that I want this series to be good so bad.


Diabolik Lovers II: More, Blood



Yes, we’re talking about Diabolik Lovers again. Again, I’m also going to discuss how much I dislike it. First, however, I’m going to talk about the story first.

So this season introduces 4 more vampires. However, unlike the Sakamaki brothers, the Mukami brothers were turned into vampires and rather than being pure blood. They abduct Yui in order to get her blood in hopes that one of them will be awaken as Adam. Throughout the entire anime, we never find out why they are trying to become Adam or what powers that it would bring to the vampire. This anime closes off with the promise of a 3rd season.

I am not a fan of this anime. Though the characters are well fleshed out and the men all have different characteristics. However, no matter what house she lives in, she’s a captive and abused, both psychologically and physically. You can make your own decision but this isn’t the anime for me.

Diabolik Lovers
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