Second Chance Boyfriend (One Week Girlfriend, #2)



After disappearing in the middle of the night, Fable has had it waiting for Drew to come back. She gets a new job with a better pay and begins to move on with her life. Drew on the other hand is working really hard on getting over his past. Certain the Fable has moved on by then he went out with his team mates to celebrate the birthday of one of the team members. Their paths cross and their plans go out when they are in the same room again.

This book is a direct continuation of the 1st book. I feel like they could have just been one book but I digress.

We get to see a more realistic relationship between Drew and Fable in this book. Though the stunt that Drew pulled at the end of the last book and the beginning of this book annoyed me a little, it’s understandable after what he’s been through. How quickly Fable forgives him is a little odd given her background. However, they do have their fights which stems from her inability to trust him for a while.

The small town is expanded in this novel to incorporate more characters who will eventually be featured in their own novels. I still love how imperfect the characters are and how realistic it makes them. It’s a nice quick read, but still a warning that it’s not for all audiences.

One Week Girlfriend (One Week Girlfriend #1)


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My Amazing Boyfriend -REVIEW-



My Amazing Boyfriend

I had such a fun time recaping this drama. If you want to read it there will be a link below. There is also going to be 2 podcasts that will be linked where my good friend, Natalia from Soju Nights, and I talk about what we thought of not only the drama series but also the finale.

The drama follows Tian Jing Zhi (Wu Qian) a famously unlucky actress, who has just broken up with her latest boyfriend. After the failed marriage proposal, she gets into a severe car accident with a truck transporting Xue Ling Qiao (Kim Tae Hwan). Due to her blood lose Ling Qiao is revived, and due her death being on the horizon, he saves her by feeding her his blood.¬†Throughout the drama series, Jing Zhi and Ling Qiao battle their feeling for eachother while trying to track down the person who drained Ling Qiao’s blood over a hundred years ago.

This show is campy, cute and hilarious. The special effects are ridiculously bad, and most of it is overacted. The writing is good for a campy rom-com, and the pacing is done right for a show that is this long. I will warn you about 2 small things. 1: if possible DO NOT watch the intro and end credit, all the major plot points are ruined during it. 2: The ending is not appropriate for the show, and it’s what i like to call a non-ending (which is a really really bad open ending). But all in all if you have 21 hours to kill on a 28 episode show, this is something worth investing the time.


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My Amazing Boyfriend Podcasts!


You’d think after 28 posts and a review on the way that I was over with My Amazing Boyfriend, but you’d be wrong. My friend and I got together and talked about everything and anything about this show. We discuss what we liked, what we disliked and where your opinions differed. Some of you might have noticed that I’ve added them to all to my reviews, but here is a post just for them!

Otaku Talks Drama : My Amazing Boyfriend Part 1
In this podcast Natalia and I discuss everything in the series up until episode 27. We discuss the tropes that are presents, the plot builders, special effects, and we give you our honest opinions. I’ll warn you it’s not all rose colour, there is some swearing, and we don’t hold back. So if you’re the person who doesn’t like their favorite show to be discussed in¬†a critical way, don’t listen. Over all it’s positive but even with shows we like, we all have gripes.

Otaku Talks Drama : My Amazing Boyfriend Part 2
In this podcast Natalia and I discuss everything in episode 28, and boy did we have a lot to discuss. As 2 women who have watched a lot of dramas, and have strong opinions, trust me when I say that we were not pleased. We tear into the finale and tell you our honest opinions about what we thought and why we thought what we did. And I’m sorry, I got a little scientific in the podcast.

If you do listen and enjoy them just give them a like on soundcloud. or just comment here I would love to hear your opinions one how you feel about the drama, and it’s wrap up.

My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 28 Recap -FINALE-



Quick recap. Thanks to Tian Jing Zhi (Wu Qian) getting into a car accident and her blood brings Xue Ling Qiao (Kim Tae Hwan) back from the dead. Li Yan Zhi (Fu Jia) and Ye Chen are looking into the mystery behind the dorman body but also the recent crimes around Jing Zhi. Chen figures out that Ling Qiao is the dormant body but promised Jing Zhi not to tell anyone. We find out that Shi Guang is Ling Qiao’s enemy and he’s using his blood to keep young. Ling Qiao left a laptop with Dong Dong to decrypt, while he and Jing Zhi go to the woods on a little vacation which is cut short because Xuan Xuan is kidnapped. Everyone figures out that Shi Guang is the one behind everything, and probably the person who kidnapped Xuan Xuan. Also both Yan Zhi and Xuan Xuan have found out that Ling Qiao is 500 years old. On to the last episode.

We’re back in the warehouse where Ling Qiao and Xuan Xuan are talking. Ling Qiao excuses himself for a second and runs away to the abductors, leaving Xuan Xuan speechless. Ling Qiao beats up the abductors once again and places them into a pile before returning to Xuan Xuan. He tells her that the police should be arriving soon. Xuan Xuan apologizes for ruining their farewell trip. He tells her, farewell trip or not, it’s important not to drag things on, because good things must come to an end. Xuan Xuan asks if they really can’t stay together.

Ling Qiao thinks back to their farewell trip when Jing Zhi asks the same thing, and came up with different ways that they could be together. She then tells him that it would be unfair to him, and it’s ok that they won’t be together. Ling Qiao asks if any fish are taking her bait, and she tells him that they aren’t and it’s like even the fish were laughing at her. Ling Qiao catches a fish and puts it in the jar before returning to his position reading and throws a rock. Jing Zhi is so happy that she caught a fish that she claims to want to try and cash a second one.

Yan Zhi and crew arrive and the abductors ask them what took them so long because they are terrified of Ling Qiao. Xuan Xuan hears them arrive and Ling Qiao her that he’ll leave first, and she asks if he’s not coming back with them. He tells her no, and says his goodbye. Ye Calls for Xuan Xuan and they hug each other after Chen makes sure she’s ok.

Screenshot 2016-05-26 20.17.24

On the way back, Chen and Xuan Xuan hold hands while she’s explained the plan. She suddenly understands that they meant to fall into the trap and Ling Qiao was to follow the abductors. Yan Zhi tells her that’s what they planed but they hadn’t expected her father to be swapped out. Chen is grateful that Ling Qiao has a higher vantage point then them. Xuan xuan jokes that Ling Qiao was actually more useful than both of them

They bring Xuan Xuan home and she tells her mother that she can stop crying. Xuan Xuan’s mother decides to go lie down to rest. When Xuan xuan comes down, she mentions that Jing Zhi is paying more attention to her lover than her friend because she’s already gone. They all find it really odd that Jing Zhi left before they arrive.

Ling Qiao arrives to Jing Zhi’s home to find her not there, which he pouts about a little because he came to say goodbye. Ling Qiao starts to clean the house, and cooks a meal while he waits for her to arrive. Once he plates the table he gets a call from Lai Bao telling him that if he wants to see Jing Zhi alive again he should come to his location alone.

Ling Qiao arrives to the location and Lai Bao tells him that he arrived quickly, but that’s what true love causes. Ling Qiao asks him where he’s storing Jing Zhi and he shows him a video feed of her, tied to a bed. Ling Qiao asks what he wants, and Lai Bao tells him that it’s obvious. He wants him to go into the freezer and only then he will call someone to release her. Though if it makes Ling Qiao happier he’d be willing to let him see her one more time. Ling Qiao takes a chair that’s leaning against the pillar and sits down. Lai Bao tells him that he guesses he doesn’t care about Jing Zhi’s life.

Ling Qiao tells him that he used his mother’s remains 100 years ago and now, 100 years later, he’s using the same tricks. Lai Bao asks if he remember everything, which Ling Qiao simply nods in response. Lai Bao tells him, him remembering does him no good since he loves Jing Zhi, and if Lai Bao dies, so will Jing Zhi. Ling Qiao tells him not to worry as he will do what he wants. Lai Bao tells him that he finds it funny that he gets brought back to like, and is willing to die for a mere woman, which he stresses that due to his money, and the time on his hands, he could have whichever woman he wants. Ling Qiao tells him that no matter how much time, money, or number of woman he has there will never be a replacement for Jing Zhi. He mentions that a rat who lives in the sewers like himself wouldn’t understand. Lai Bao tells him that the Lai Bao that he once knew and trusted him is gone, as he was killed by him 100+ years ago. Ling Qiao admits defeat and tells Lai Bao that he should live a better life in the future and remember that innocent people are of no threat to him. He simply walks into the freezer and lies down.

Screenshot 2016-05-26 20.30.18

Jing Zhi starts waking up and tries to free herself from her ropes but it just makes her chokes herself as there is a rope tied around her neck but that doesn’t stop her from trying.

Lai Bao calls in Professor Li once Ling Qiao enters in his stasis state. He tells the Professor to start withdrawing the blood. Li tells Lai Bao that he will become a dormant body again and once that occurs then he will remove his rubropinaland he will no longer have his ability to regenerate ever again. (I have so many issues with the science… if you want to hear me vent I’ll leave a link to my podcast talking about it at the end) Lai Bao asks if once it’s removed if the give him blood will he regenerate. Professor Li likens it to removing the plants roots and stopping it from being able to obtain water. Lai Bao tells him that he can used Ling Qiao’s blood to save his daughter so long as he transforms him. Professor Li tells him that though he will try that there is a probability that Lai Bao’s body will reject the rubrospinal and it won’t work. Lai Bao gets into Li’s space and tells him so there is a chance it won’t work, which Li confirms. Lai Bao tells him that he’s honest so he believes him, but he also believes that it’s not his time yet. So they start draining Ling Qiao’s blood.

Screenshot 2016-05-26 20.39.47

Someone goes to get Jing Zhi who is is feeling an odd sensation that she can’t describe. They pick her up as if she were a ragdoll. She has an internal monologue describing what she’s feeling as if the string that connects her to Ling Qiao has been cut and he’s fly free like a kite. They place her one the floor outside the freezer right before Lai Bao and professor Li leave. Lai Bao tells her that she can’t save Ling Qiao like last time, and it doesn’t matter how much blood she gives him, it won’t come back to life again, then they leave.

Screenshot 2016-05-26 21.01.09

Jing Zhi snaps out of her daze with a headache, and she stumbles to her feet. She leans against the freezer door and and see’s Ling Qiao. She runs into the freezer and sees an IV in Ling Qiao’s hand. She tries to wake him to no avail, before clicking that he currently has no blood. She doesn’t want to believe what Lai Bao told her about Ling Qiao being dead. She looks around for something to cut herself with, though there is nothing around. She picks up the IV pole and smashes the window with it and then picks up a piece of glass to cut her hand.She tries to feed him the blood that is dripping out of her hand, but that doesn’t work. So she cuts it again and opens his mouth and lets it drip in. (Come on Jing Zhi, we found out at the end of episode 4 that his enzymes don’t work in the cold.) Jing Zhi starts crying and telling him that he needs to wake up, because he always promised to save her, and he needs to take her away from this place. She cries out telling him that he can’t leave her alone.

Lai Bao asks professor Li how much longer it will take. Professor Li tells him that he’s going to prep the surgery to reduce his likelihood of rejection and should take about 20 minutes, maybe a little longer. Professor Li goes into the operating room alone. A little over an hour late, Lai bao asks the add to see what’s taking so long, and they find Professor Li missing. They run into the back to find that he had also drained out all of the blood. He flips out and starts screaming about killing him, and killing his daughter first. One of his bodyguards comes and tells him that the police have arrived and they need to get out of there.

Jing Zhi had fallen against Ling Qiao in the freezer, and in her dream she hears Ling Qiao telling her to bring him home. She wakes up and suddenly remember about how his enzymes don’t work in the cold. She tells him that she’ll take him home, and they need to get out of the cold. Though at these point she’s not only suffering from hypothermia but also blood lost from he still bleeding hand. She manages to pick him up and get him just outside the freezer, where she tells him that she has no more strength. She starts falling asleep again, with her bloodied hand still on his wrist.

Screenshot 2016-05-26 21.19.35

As his body temperature rises Ling Qiao wakes up to see Jing Zhi leaning against the doorway. He looks down to their join, blood soaked, hands and he sits up. He tells Jing Zhi to not fall asleep and tries to wake her. Instead of waking however she slumps over against him. He kisses her forehead and tells her that she did good.

Screenshot 2016-05-26 21.20.58

He flashes back to before he came to get Jing Zhi and just after the phone call. Chen tells Yan zhi that he wants to contact Professor Li because he knows his personal email and knows he must be doing this against his will. Yan Zhi tells him that they have nothing to lose. ¬†Chen tells him that he;’ worried that his family in America is probably being threatened. Yan Zhi asks for Professor Li’s address and he’ll call his contact in the american police for some help. Xuan Xuan ask her mother what actually happens and she reveals that she got a phone call from Shi Guang telling her that if she gave Jing Zhi to him that he would release her. So she drugged Jing Zhi’s glass of water and some men came to pick her up. Ling Qiao gets the phone call and goes to leave to find Yan Zhi, Chen and Xuan Xuan on the doorstep. They are trying to figure out what to go next and Ling Qiao tells them that he’ll go to save Jing Zhi because Lai Bao’s¬†is his target. Chen tells him to not be reckless, because if he’s calling him out now that means that Professor Li has probably found a way to deal with him. Chen tells him that he’s already emailed the professor and is waiting for the response but he already made a promise in Ling Qiao’s name that if he helps them Ling Qiao will save his daughter with his blood. Ling Qiao tells him that he can’t wait for the response, he decides to go alone and Chen promises to text him when he gets the Professor’s response. Professor Li calls Chen after draining Ling Qiao blood and tells him that he didn’t remove his rubrospinal and he can still be revived. He tells him exactly where they are and where they can find Ling Qiao.

Calamari and backup arrive at the warehouse to find everyone had already vacated the premise and Professor Li hands himself over. Meanwhile, Yan Zhi, Crystal and another team investigates his other residence. While looking around, Yan Zhi tells them that he’s found blood on the back of the sofa, so this is a potential crime scene and they need to find the body.

Lai Bao goes to his boat to find his stash of blood, but finds his compartment empty. Ling Qiao calls to him and ask if this is what he’s looking for. Lai bao turns around shocked and Ling Qiao holds a flashlight on him. He tells Lai bao to take it, and throws the case over to the other couch. Lai Bao pauses for a second before grabbing the case and making a run for it, right off the boat and into the water.

Screenshot 2016-05-26 22.01.57

Lai Bao swims over to the dock and opens the case to find all of the blood drained from the vials, leaving him with no more blood. He starts screaming at Ling Qiao to give him his blood back. Ling Qiao pulls him out of the water and throws him to the ground.Lai Bao tells him to kill him because if he doesn’t he will just try and kill him, over and over again until he succeeds. Ling Qiao tells him that it’s a bad thing that he’s run out of time, and now it’s his turn to watch his blood slowly slip away. Lai Bao tells him that right now he’s Shi Guang so if he kills him he will never be able to be with Jing Zhi unless he turns her into something like him. Ling Qiao throws him and then follows up with a kick. Lai Bao starts telling him to kill him when he starts regressing back to being an old man. Ling Qiao walks away with his narration calling Lai Bao this 10 year tragedy. Ling Qiao slips in and visits Jing Zhi as she sleep. His narration is still rolling saying that he thought he had kept to his principles and respected the world. He disturbed the life cycles of many people without ¬†permission. Though he had saved Lai Bao to fulfill his promise to his mother, it lead to the slitting of his own throat. Years later, he save Jing Zhi, to whom he owes his life and his love but fundamentally he’s the one who started this cycle of events.

Screenshot 2016-05-26 22.16.32

In The end Ling Qiao didn’t kill Lai Bao because revenge meant nothing to him anymore. Jing Zhi run down stairs that next morning to find Ling Qiao there. She runs and hugs him. His narration continues with how he wants Jing Zhi to live a short, quiet life, which is not something that he can give her. Which is his way of saying that he’s leaving her.

Screenshot 2016-05-26 22.22.47

We get a brief shot of really old Lai Bao in a hospital bed.

Jing Zhi comes home one day to find Ling Qiao is gone, however he left her his family jade plaque, and deeds to his villa. Ling Qiao wishes for her a peaceful existence. In the public eye Jing Zhi goes on a bunch of dates. Her parents are watching the news when she turns off the TV and tells them to stop, and that she’s fine. Her mother mentions that she can’t be fine because ever since she broke up with Ling Qiao she’s thinks she’s gone insane. Her father tells her that once Jing Zhi thinks it through she will get back together with yan Zhi. She tells them that Ling Qiao has left her with his family plaque and deeds to his villa and she kidnapped his pet so he’ll be back. Her parents are still worried and she run off to meet with Xuan Xuan and Chen for lunch.

Chen explains to them why the blood that Jing Zhi gave Ling Qiao didn’t work at first but worked as soon as he was outside of the freezer. He also mentions that Professor Li is very sorry about what he did, and Jing Zhi sarcastically tells him that now that he’s sorry he doesn’t have to stay in prison anymore. Xuan Xuan asks if she’s still mad at her mother because she’s also apologetic. Jing Zhi tells her that had he father been under duress he would have served Xuan Xuan up without a second thought. So that’s different. ¬†Xuan Xuan asks her if she should really be eating that much. Jing Zhi tells her that she wouldn’t understand but when someone breaks up they eat their feelings. Xuan Xuan tells her that rather than eating her feelings she’s eating like a pregnant woman.

Jing Zhi excuses herself to the bathroom. While she’s in there she cuts her hand on the corner of the shelf and it heals right away. Then we pan to Ling Qiao who places his hand over his heart. And…. THAT IT! The end Goodbye.

I kid I kid. I’m not happy about this ending. I go into great detail in my podcast but, after how good this show has been, this almost feels like a cop out ending. Had they ended it at the hug scene or even the scene with her parents I would have said it had a nice open ending. This ending some might like the ending (and please if you do leave a comment telling me why so that people get something other than my opinion on the matter), but personally it wasn’t for me. I’m going to write up a quick review like I always do for my dramas but this is the end of the spoiler filled portion of my blog. Thank you guys so much for reading my 1500 – 3000 word recaps. It’s been a pleasure. And I’ll see you in the next post. BYE!

My Amazing Boyfriend 27  Recap
My Amazing Boyfriend Review
Otaku Talks Drama: My Amazing Boyfriend Spoilercast Part 2 (My podcast where we cover Episode 28 only)


My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 27 Recap



Quick recap. Thanks to Tian Jing Zhi (Wu Qian) getting into a car accident and her blood brings Xue Ling Qiao (Kim Tae Hwan) back from the dead. Li Yan Zhi (Fu Jia) and Ye Chen are looking into the mystery behind the dorman body but also the recent crimes around Jing Zhi. Chen figures out that Ling Qiao is the dormant body but promised Jing Zhi not to tell anyone. We find out that Shi Guang is Ling Qiao’s enemy and he’s using his blood to keep young. Ling Qiao left a laptop with Dong Dong to decrypt, while he and Jing Zhi go to the woods on a little vacation which is cut short because Xuan Xuan is kidnapped. Everyone figures out that Shi Guang is the one behind everything, and probably the person who kidnapped Xuan Xuan.

Ling Qiao arrives back at the house while Yan Zhi and Chen are still there. He sits down and an awkward silence falls on the group of them. Jing Zhi breaks the silence and asks where Ling Qiao had gone. He glances over at Yan Zhi before telling them that he had gone to visit Shi Guang’s apartment, and stipulates that he’s gone into hiding. Chen asks Yan Zhi if he still doesn’t believe him and he doesn’t understand why he wants him to believe him so badly. Yan Zhi thanks Ling Qiao for saving him, and Ling Qiao simply nods. The awkward silence gets unbearable and Jing Zhi breaks it again. She tells the 2 men that since they are all her ex-boyfriends they should get along. She turns to Ling Qiao and tells him since he’s her most recent ex-boyfriend she likes him that most and they other 2 should stop treating him like a monster. Jing Zhi notices that Chen is leaning on Yan Zhi and tells him that he has Xuan Xuan and should quell any romantic feeling he has for Yan Zhi and this makes the two men spring apart.

Chen chastises Jing Zhi for making a joke at a time like this. She tells them that she’s not worried because Ling Qiao has promised to save Xuan Xuan already. Yan Zhi tells them that the abductors will probably call the next day to give them instructions and he will need Ling Qiao help. Ling Qiao tells him he’ll help him as much as he can. Jing Zhi is more scared of how Xuan Xuan is feeling, and is certain she’s scared.

Shi Guang shows up with wine and set the table in front of Xuan Xuan before removing her blindfold and untying her. He mentions that she doesn’t look surprised to see him. Xuan Xuan tells him that since she figured out his secret it wasn’t hard to guess that he was behind it. Shi Guang tells her that he’s always liked her arrogant attitude. Xuan Xuan questions him as to why he’s comes, and he promises to tell her after they have a drink. So Xuan Xuan gulps down the glass of wine. Shi Guang explains that the following day he will getting the ransom and they won’t be seeing each other anymore. Since they had a relationship he ¬†felt like he needed to say goodbye. He had planned everything differently, and how he would sacrifice himself to save her before taking the money with him to his new life. Sadly her friends discovered his secret and now he needs to change plans.

Screenshot 2016-05-26 14.42.26

He¬†reveals to her that though he is uncertain if it’s because he’s getting older or because he’s gotten so use to his current life, but¬†not being with people¬†leaves him feeling lonely. He tells her that he’s used many names over the years, that he’s forgotten most of them. He reveals however that the one that he can still remember because he’s used it the most since his mother gave it to him more than 100 years ago is Lai Bao.

Jing Zhi asks Ling Qiao if he remembers everything. He admits that he does, and though it’s not pleasant it’s better that he remembers rather than forget. Jing Zhi asks if Lai Bao was a bad kid growing up, and he admits that he wasn’t. He tells her how he gave the photo of Lai Bao and his mother to his mother who asked him a favour. She asks Ling Qiao to take care of Lai Bao after she dies; shortly there after he dies and they morn.

We hear his internal monologue that no matter who he meets, whether they are good or bad, they will always end up being a memory. As he places the photo of the son and mother pair in a box, with his jade plaque, Lai Bao storms in and crashes to the ground with a sever knife wound to his abdomen. Lai Bao’s mother’s words replay in his ears as he picks up a glass of water. He bites his tongue and drops some blood into the water before feeding it to Lai Bao. Lai Boa freaks out when he looks down and he is completely healed, and asks him what type of monster he is. Ling Qiao assures him that soon he will be leaving so he must remember to live well when he’s gone.

Screenshot 2016-05-26 15.00.46

Ling Qiao internal monologue kicked in again, saying that he would have made a different decision had he known that it would doom him to show pity to the boy. A while later Boss Sun, the man who ran the store, comes to see Ling Qiao to tell him the Lai Bao hasn’t shown up for work in a while and if he doesn’t show up the following day he will have to look for a replacement. He also mentions to Ling Qiao that there are rumors that Lai Bao has been returning home drunk almost every night. Ling Qiao goes looking for the boy because he still cares, and finds him drunk outside a bar.

Ling Qiao confronts Lai Bao and asks him when did he become a drunk, Lai Bao lashes out at him telling him it’s none of his business. Ling Qiao pushes him, and then kicks him, while telling him that he didn’t save his life so he can ruin it. Lai Bao cries to him and tells him that he believed him when he said there was nothing they could do to save his mother, but obviously there was. Ling Qiao tells him that he has his own principles to adhere to, like not messing with nature. Lai Bao blames it on the fact that he can’t die, and Ling Qiao tells him that it’s not always a good thing.

Ling Qiao starts begging Ling Qiao to turn him into the same thing that he is. He tells him that he will do anything he says just to be like him, and be able to live forever. Ling Qiao asks him what would he do if he asks him to kill someone. After a short pause Lai Bao says that he will do it. (Wrong Answer.) Ling Qiao pushes him to the ground and tells him that be can’t believe that would be his answer. He then tells him to leave his sights because if he sees him again he will kill him. Ling Qiao’s inner monologue tells us that ¬†after 100 years of living with humans that the greed of a human’s heart is still a sharp knife for him, and he really must learn to hide.

After an unspecified amount of time, a worker from the shop comes in search of Ling Qiao telling him that Lai Bao has turned crazy. He was muttering the night before say how he could bring his mother back and dug up her grave, and brought it to the docks. Ling Qiao runs to the doc and when he finds Lai Bao he asks him where his mother’s remains are. He points to in a cold storage and then lock him in there. Again with the internal monologue, that before he notices, Lai Bao’s heart was consumed with with desire. After a while Lai Bao comes in to talk with Ling Qiao. He mentions that he should be surprised that he knows his weakness but he tells him that he told him himself. He always wanted to take Ling Qiao to see the snow in his hometown but Ling Qiao would never go because he was scared of the cold. Lai Bao told him not to blame him after his death because he brought it on himself, and then he cuts his throat.

Screenshot 2016-05-26 15.18.12

Jing Zhi was shocked that Lai Bao returned Ling Qiao’s kindness by slitting his throat and mentioned that he shouldn’t have saved him. Ling Qiao tells her that the Lai bao that he first met, the Lai Bao that slit his throat, and the Lai Bao that she knows are all different people. Ling Qiao tells her that by living a certain way, changes who you are as a person. Jing Zhi agrees with him because had they not met Ling Qiao would still be a dormant body, and had he not fallen in love with her he would have left already. Ling Qiao reminds her that he has been lying in a coffin for ¬†years and he doesn’t knows Lai Bao has been up to.

Lai Bao asks if Xuan Xuan isn’t curious about his statement. He tells her that he’s not there to hurt her, just to talk, so she can ask whatever questions she wants. Xuan Xuan pours herself another glass of wine before chugging it. She asks if he has really been alive for 100 years. He confirms that he had, but he mentions that it’s no wonder that she’s confused since Jing Zhi never told her that he boyfriend has been alive for over 500. Xuan Xuan ask if they will never grow old, he shakes his head and tells her that Ling Qiao won’t because he’s selfish and narrow minded person so he won’t share the ability. Lai Bao tells her that he drains Ling Qiao’s blood 100 years ago and has been using it to stay young while Ling Qiao has been passed around museums. He mentions that the blood should have lasted him for 200 years but the lately he’s been needing it more and more. If he doesn’t take the blood right away be starts reverting back into an old man, and there are no symptoms before the occurrence. He’s been running out, so he wanted to get Ling Qiao out of storage to see if he could figure something out. He hadn’t planned on his his transport vehicle crashing into her unlucky girlfriend and reviving him. Xuan Xuan warns him that Jing Zhi is so unlucky that it throws people off guard a lot of the time.

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Xuan Xuan admits that she doesn’t understand something, if Lai Bao has lived such a long important life, Ling Qiao’s blood is losing it’s effectiveness, then it might be God’s way of warning him to stop. She admits that if she was him at this point she would just let it go. Lai Bar tells her that someone born with a silver spoon in her mouth wouldn’t understand. He asks her why did she get born with everything given to her while other children have to starve. He then asks why Ling Qiao gets to live forever while he has to die. Lai Bao tells her that his life has been hard trying to stay in the shadows living like a rat. She reminds him that he chose that life. She gets up and Lai Bao moves and she tells him to calm down because it’s not like she can hurt him.

She goes to get her purse and pulls out a deck of Tarot cards. She asks him again that he should be being reborn the following day, and he confirms it. She asks him if she could read his fortune. He tells her that he doesn’t believe in fortunes, he only believes in himself. She tells him that it couldn’t hurt, so be picks a card and tells her to take as much time as she likes to read it, because he leave. He tells her goodbye and it was a pleasure to meet her. She turns over the card and I couldn’t tell what the card was, it almost looked like birth but sometimes those hards can be misleading.

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Jing Zhi gets a call from Xuan Xuan’s mother asking her for some company the next day. Ling Qiao tells her to go and keep her company. Jing Zhi tells Ling Qao that she’ll leave the next day to him to get Xuan Xuan back, and she going to bed. As she gets to the door she stops and calls to him. She tells him that she’ll keep that bedroom for him forever and the goes inside.

Yan Zhi’s team is in place when Jing Zhi’s father gets the call. The abductor tells him to get into his car and drive and he will call him again later. The call was over to quickly to be traced. They prepare to follow Xuan Xuan’s father, his car, as well has his clothing had trackers being placed in them. They leave while Jing Zhi is taking care of Xuan Xuan’s mother.

Right as Yan Zhi gets out of the house Chen tells him that he wasn’t to go with him, and he tells him absolutely not because he’s not trained. Chen grabs him by his arm and gives him that look that tells Yan Zhi he’s going, and he caves telling him he can go in the communication van. The team goes out, and everyone follows the car, the police on the ground and Ling Qiao from the rooftops.

Xuan Xuan’s mother thanks Jing Zhi for being with her, and she tells her not to worry about it. Xuan Xuan’s mother tells her that she’ll go and get Jing Zhi a glass of water, though she protests her Godmother tells her that she needs to feel useful. While she walks away she looks and Jing Zhi sadly like she’s about to do something bad.

Xuan Xuan gets directed to go to an abandoned storefront and change clothes, which he did and when he switched clothes her remembered to take the tracker. Xuan Xuan’s father’s van suddenly turns left and speeds up, and their suddenly worried that they lose him since the car is get outside of their receiving range. When they finally turn they find that the van had stopped moving.

Chen tells Yan zhi that he believes they were tricked and Yan Zhi stops the car abruptly. Yan Zhi tells the communication van to track the tracker under the name monster in the woods. He also instructs someone to send someone to check the store where Xuan Xuan’s father entered, and is just coming to after being knocked out. They speed up and stop the truck to find another driver who turns out to just be a hired driver.

The driver from the van arrives and his boss tells him that he did a good job, and now they didn’t have to trade the hostage for the money. They tell them to check the money when the car door suddenly closes. They are all confused and don’t understand what happened. Ling Qiao calls to them from behind next to Xuan Xuan. He proceeds to beat them up nicely.

The communication van tells them that Monster in the forest tracking had stopped moving, and he tells them that that’s where the abductors are going to be.

When Ling Qiao comes back after beating up the bad guys, she hands him back her phone telling him that she called her mom and told her that she is fine. Jing Zhi was in the bathroom so she couldn’t talk with her. Ling Qiao mentions that she doesn’t seem surprised and asked if Jing Zhi had told her. Xuan Xuan tells him that it wasn’t Jing zhi but actually Shi Guang . She believes that he didn’t think that she would survive so he told her everything. She also mentions that after hearing his story that she can live without doubts. ¬†Xuan Xuan believes that Jing Zhi would bug him until he saved her. Ling Qiao agrees that Jing Zhi is really nice to her friends. Xuan Xuan asks Ling Qiao that if he’s lived for 500 years how can he put up with Jing Zhi’s nonsense. This simply triggers Ling Qiao into thinking about all the times that he had with Jing Zhi, and Xuan Xuan asks if he has duct tape at home.

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One more episode lets hope the finale is great.

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