Don’t Talk Back To Your Vampire (Broken Heart #2)



Ever since the mass change in Broken Heart, turning 11 people into vampires, Eva has been trying to settle into her new life as the Vampire Librarian. When Lorcan, the vampire who killed her, shows up to deliver some bad news, she has to try to accept it. However, Eva quickly finds out that there was a reason for wanting them to move closer to the compound, and life isn’t so easy anymore.

This series is a cute, light urban fantasy where we get to live in the characters life for a few hours. Given the series, it doesn’t directly relate to the other books because the main characters change each book, it can be read out of series or alone.

The town of Broken Heart gets expanded a little bit in this book. We got to see how the town is changing into something that the vampires can use. We can see how the town will evolve over the next few books to accommodate the new occupants. Though we don’t really get to see much of Jessica and Patrick in this book, they were part of the book, and added to the scene they were in.

Also, even though Lorcan was the main focus of the last book, however, we never really got to know him. This book, Lorcan was the main character and we learned a lot about him. I enjoyed how Bardsley used snippets of Lorcan’s own writing to give him history and information about his past.

I really liked this book.

I’m the Vampire, That’s Why (Broken Heart #1)


I’m the Vampire, That’s Why (Broken Heart #1)



One second she’s taking out the garbage and the next she’s taking blood from Patrick’s femoral artery. From a single mother to a vampire in one night. Now Jessica is handed even more issues when it comes to her life… or after-life in her case. Welcome to the face life that Broken heart wasn’t ready for.

This was a fun little book and it took a slightly different spin on Vampires and their politics. It is also a romance book, as Jessica quickly realizes that Patrick is her soulmate thanks to her family ring. I swear I feel like a broken record, but no one jumps into bed that quickly, however, ancient faerie rings help.

The fact that Jessica is a mother is addressed in this book and isn’t glossed over like it would have been in other books.  They make a plan for the children as she is asleep all day and would have problems being a mother that way. Jessica is also depicted as a strong woman and even though her situation is not ideal, she is ready to face life. Even after reading so many books about vampires and the supernatural communities, it’s nice to find a book that looks at them in a slightly different way.

I enjoyed this books, and if you’re looking for a urban-fantasy romance book, this might be for you.