Full Blast (Full #4)



After getting back to Beaumont, Jamie hasn’t heard anything from Max. After the excitement of the last time together, being back home seems a little slow. Between keeping her newspaper running, and working together with the police after some strange deaths. When Max comes back, she’s not sure how she is supposed to react or even what he wants from her. Between the murderers and Max’s playboy lifestyle, Jamie isn’t sure what to think or how to act.

I got into this book a lot quicker than the last one. I love the characters in this series and everything around them. The quirky personalities and relationship between all of them. Max has got it bad for Jamie even from the end of the last book. Jamie and Max work perfectly together, and they are just the sweetest.

This time, the murders were partly linked to the newspaper so they are pulling out the big guns. The changes in the town are fun, especially with the brownies. The dynamic between Jamie and Max change in this book throughout the investigation. They have their ups and downs but it works well for them.

I enjoyed the new side to Vera that we see in this book. She’s more fun than she has been in the previous book. She is still the mother figure but she has a lot more fun throughout this book.

I really loved this book and I’m sad that Max and Jaime’s focused store line has come to an end.

Full Speed (Full, #3)

Full Speed (Full, #3)



After everything that happened in Beaumont, Jamie leaves town with Max to start on a new adventure. Ok, really she’s just going to track down the person who shot up her news office and made multiple attempts on Max’s and her lives. However, she has to somehow try not to kill Max during this little trip together.

This book was a little harder to get into than the first 2 books, but I think that might have just been me. Before the book even begins Jamie and Max have a fight and we don’t find out what happened until later in the book. I don’t particularly like books that do that. Once we get over the hissy fit, I started to enjoy the book more. I like how that character plays off of each other and the banter between them is quite enjoyable.

The plot of this book is heavily based on the prior book. I don’t feel like you could have stopped reading the series after the second book as it didn’t have an end. However, this book does end nicely. I like the book in a series to be connected but not dependant on each other like these 2 books were.

I love the characters that were introduced into the universe and how much feistier Jamie got in this book. She was already an enjoyable character, and I feel like she became even more so throughout this book. Max is still egotistical but the reader can see his emotions, even though he can have trouble showing them at times.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. I did listen to the audiobook so I enjoyed Lorelei King’s voice as always. I don’t know if I’m a bigger fangirl of Lorelei King or of Janet Evanovich.

Full Tilt (Full #2)
Full Blast (Full #4)

Full Tilt (Full #2)



Jamie is the owner of the Beaumont gazette and she has her entire life figured out, or so she thought. When her silent partner shows ups one day and weird things started to happen, then she watches her entire plan fall to pieces. With her best friend’s husband getting death threats and her working in such close proximity to Max is making her think twice about her quiet life.

Ok… I am an Evanovich fangirl. I have been reading her books for years. I have fond memories of my father listening to this book. That being said, this is the first time that I’ve actually listened to the audiobook start to finish.

Though I enjoyed the character’s mismatched characteristics, I did find that they didn’t expand on all of the characters fully. Jamie and Bennie had a great introduction. Frankie, Deedee and the wrestlers were in the previous book so they didn’t need anything more. But some of the key players, like Philip and Lamar, were very flat. Heck, the bad guys had more story than those two.

The story was funny and light. It didn’t have a fluid line, but given the bad guy of the story, it would have been odder if it made complete logical sense.

The audiobook does have weird musical transitions, but Lorelei King was excellent as always. I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it for a light read.

Full House (Full #1)